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Taking style tips from Pat Butcher: Tory Burch Allison blouse

There are elements of 80’s fashion we’re on side with bringing back. Body suits can be oddly practical. Ruffles can look fun and frivolous. Even leggings didn’t turn out as horrific as anticipated, once the intial camel-toe over-exposure had passed. But there are items in every era that should stay buried in the past, never to resurface. Anything from the wardrobe of Brit soap EastendersPat Butcher or Brit comedy Only Fools and Horses‘ Marlene falls into this category.

This self-confessed “cross between a jacket and a blouse” could have come straight from either character’s wardrobe.

It’s shapeless. It’s brown. It has ugly buttons.

It does have that tribal thing going on, which could work in its favour… but not enough to make it worth €269,00. Not on an officer’s salary, anyway!

But maybe you’re lucky enough not to have encountered this look last time around, and can see a fresh way to wear it? If so, you can pick one up at my theresa.

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