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YSL Tribute sandals in plastic

YSL’s Tribute sandals get some plastic surgery

What do you think of jelly shoes, Fashion Jurors? Because YSL think you’re going to be willing to pay $500 for them, and we need to know what you think about that. Of course, we’ve discussed jelly shoes before, in relation to Vivienne Westwood’s ongoing collaboration with Melissa. Those shoes always tend to split opinion right down the middle. Those of you who love them REALLY love them. (We count ourselves amongst this number.) And those of you who hate them practically seethe with loathing every time they’re mentioned. They’re THAT kind of shoes. The Lady Dragons, however, are not $500. They generally come in at around $150 – $180: still pretty expensive, sure, but not “these shoes or the rent”…

Extreme sheer: YSL stretch-chiffon halterneck bodysuit

We’re a-hoping and a-praying that this bodysuit will only ever be used for purpose: as an underpinning for a backless halterneck dress. But that little shred of doubt loiters in the back of our minds, knowing, as we do, that the Lady Gagas of this world have so little respect for fit-for-purpose fashion… Yves Saint Laurent certainly know how to relieve a fashionista of her hard-earned cash: this beauty will provide very little support a no coverage to speak of for the bargain price of £520. You’d have to wear your backless halterneck an awful lot this summer to justify that cost per spend! But yours from Net-a-Porter.

Lookin’ Fly: Yves Saint Laurent’s jacket with plastic cape

The black body, the transparent “wings”: sure, Yves Saint Laurent can claim to have drawn inspiration from “the 70s” for this piece, but we’re just seeing a great big FLY: perfect for Halloween, puzzling at any other time. The “wings” here are actually a plastic cape, which Colette points out will “protect” this “beautiful piece”. Isn’t that a bit like those people who buy a new couch and leave the plastic wrapper on it to protect it? We’re sure it does keep the fabric pristine, but it sure makes it look stupid. Speaking of looking stupid: this is $2,053. Click here to buy it.

Yves Saint Laurent Palais mohawk pumps: now with added mullet

Or mohawk, as YSL would have us believe. Either way, these are some hairy shoes – and not just because of the 6 inch heels. These shoes are the perfect example of the truth to be found in the proverb, “less is more”. On their own, they are sexy, classic black high heels with a funky curved platform and a cute almond toe. Yet, somehow, the application of a strip of goat fur to the back of the heel renders them ridiculous. Don’t you think? The phrase “business in the front, party in the back” has never seemed so apt. Yves Saint Laurent Palais mohawk suede pumps, £640 from Net-a-Porter.

Spotted! Maggie Gyllenhaal wears Yves Saint Laurent to fragrance launch

Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a pink strapless Yves Saint Laurent dress to the launch of Belle D’Opium, by the same designer. This seems like one of those perfect summer dresses that can be worn to both casual and dressier occasions, and it suits Gyllenhaal well. The sweetheart neckline and gathered fabric create a really flattering line. While we hear the perfume is a bit overbearing, this dress is chic and subtle. What do you think?

Case Closed: Alexa Chung wears YSL’s slashed bermuda shorts

Remember those $1,000 YSL Bermuda shorts we cautioned earlier this month? This is the leather version, as worn by Alexa Chung, who has allowed us to answer the question “Who on earth would wear these?” and to close the case on this mystery. They’re a little less confusing now we see them being worn, but still, rather Alexa’s bank account (Or YSL’s, as the case may be – this was a party to launch the label’s new fragrance, so the shorts may well have been a freebie) than ours, we say. What do you think of this look?

Yves Saint Laurent’s Bermuda shorts come with knee slits and huge price tag

It must be hard being a fashion designer sometimes. Seriously: you come up with something like a pair of Bermuda shorts. They’re cute. They’re functional. They’re pretty classic. They’re exactly the kind of thing women might want to wear at this time of year. You maybe even add a row of little bows, just to set them apart from all the rest. But something isn’t right. “No,” you think. “It’s just not EDGY enough. It’s not fashion forward. If I try to sell these as they are, people will laugh. They’ll think I’ve lost my spark. They’ll say I’m no longer relevant, and that will be like a knife to my heart! What to do?” Then it hits you: there’s…

Handbag of the Week: Yves Saint Laurent gold leather ‘Y-Mail’ clutch

It’s a little-known fact, but The Fashion Police have a bit of a weakness for Things That Look Like Envelopes. So, even although this bag isn’t new, when we spotted it on sale at Bluefly for $316, we knew we’d found our Handbag of the Week. Like it? It’s by Yves Saint Laurent (obviously) and you can buy it here.

Yves Saint Laurent proves that leather isn’t always sexy

One of the great unsolved myseries of the universe: how can something described as a “leather jumpsuit” be so completely and utterly unsexy? This one by Yves Saint Laurent is actually the anti-sexy AND it costs £2,543.  Buy it if you will – but be aware that one day the Village People may just arrive at your door and ask for their jumpuit back…

Yves Saint Laurent leather “trench coat” suspected of actually being a jumpsuit

“Trench leather jacket” said the product description. “Nothing wrong with that,” we thought (well, slightly awkward grammar aside). “OK, so it’s a bit Last Days of the Gestapo, but if you’re into that kind of thing…” Then we took a closer look, and you know, we think there’s some kind of cover up going on here: this so-called “trench jacket” has legs, you see, and last we checked, jackets didn’t generally have legs. Can you imagine how inconvenient it would be if they did? What would you wear underneath them? How would you get them on over a skirt or dress? No, we suspect this “trench jacket” of being a jumpsuit in disguise – and not a very good disguise…

Yves Saint Laurent’s Spiral Clutch: for those who love notebooks

The Fashion Police love notebooks: or all kinds of stationery, really. And we love handbags. So it would stand to reason that we would ALSO love a handbag that looks a bit like a spiral bound notebook. We kind of DON'T, though. Why is that, we wonder? Is it just because this reeks of "items pretending to be other items"? You all know how we feel about impostors, after all. We don't know. What do you think, readers? Do you love Yves Saint Laurent's Spiral Clutch? If you do, you can buy it at Saks for £395.

Daylight Robbery: Yves Saint Laurent’s $1,107 fine ribbed body suit

Look, Yves Saint Laurent, we're sure it's a really nice body suit and all. As body suits go, we mean. Obviously we're still not really on board with the whole "Body Suits Are Back!" thing that's going on in fashion at the moment – in fact, we're still struggling to get our heads around the 80s invasion, to be honest, and that's been going on for YEARS now .Sometimes when we go shopping, we think it actually IS the 80s. But we digress. Like we said, it's not that we doubt you've got a really good bodysuit there, and we're sure that if bodysuits were our thing, we'd consider yours to be THE BEST, a veritable King Amongst Bodysuits, if…

Style on Trial: Yves Saint Laurent Muller Tulip-Skirt Dress

There are tulip skirts, and then there are tulip skirts. Lately, what we’ve been seeing in the world of fashion is a whole lot of tulip skirts – skirts so wide you could camp out under them, and invite all your friends. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We say it all depends on the dress or skirt in question, and on this occasion, the dress in question is Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Muller’ dress, which will set you back a head-spinning $5,250. No, really. Price aside, though, we want to know what you think of this dress, and more particularly, that skirt, which seems to be just begging for the question, “Does my butt look big in this?”…

Emily Mortimer wears YSL to the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th anniversary

  Just after we posted about YSL's sequin jumpsuit, we spotted this picture of Emily Mortimer wearing the dress version to the Metropolitan Opera's 125th anniversary event last night. It's certainly an improvement on the jumpsuit (mind you, we'd say almost anything is an improvement on a jumpsuit), but something about this just isn't doing it for us. We're not sure if it's the dark colours or the high neck, but it just seems too old for Emily here: what do you think?

Daylight Robbery: Yves Saint Laurent’s £3,685 sequin jumpsuit

  This may prove controversial, but the Fashion Police would like to contend that NO item of clothing is worth £3,685 / $5,136. OK, maybe a wedding dress. Or an item of clothing you could actually live in. Or that would clean your apartment, do your laundry and look after you in your old age. Let's revise that statement slightly: no JUMPSUIT in the world is worth £3,685, and we don't care if every single one of those sequins was hand sewn by leprechauns. Solid gold leprechauns. Because, seriously, this isn't exactly the most versatile item of clothing in the world, is it? Or, indeed,the nicest. What do you think , readers? Is there an item of clothing you'd pay…

Style on Trial: Yves Saint Laurent cage boots

These boots probably won’t be new to most of you. We saw them on the catwalk a few short months ago, and now here they are, ready to buy for the not-exactly-bargain price of 1,100 euros. What would your feet have to do to make you want to throw them into a cage, though, we wonder? What could possibly be so bad that you’d want to see them behind bars? Or maybe you love these? Maybe you find them “quirky” and “creative” and … well, insert your word of choice here. Do you? What do you think of these Yves Saint Laurent boots? Fashion crime, or simply divine?

Yves Saint Laurent’s crepe “skirt pant” – Fashion Police not fooled

Yeah, OK, Yves St Laurent, nice try but you can call it a "skirt pant" all you want – we know a dropped crotch when we see one, and the day we find ourselves paying $2,450 for the privilege of wearing one is the day we finally achieve our modest ambition of having more money than sense. You, on the other hand, can purchase this item at Saks Fifth Avenue, should you wish to. "Skirt pant," indeed!

Yves St Laurent’s ‘Trooper’ pumps: under Fashion Police arrest

Let us just start off here by saying that there is a place for thick rubber soles in the world of footwear. But this isn’t it. No, these kind of soles belong on the type of boots you’d wear for serious hiking – although without the platform, obviously, because that would just be silly – or any other kind of expedition in which you expect to cross some really rough terrain. They don’t belong attached to a delicate little patent pump, which is why we had to take them into custody as soon as we found them, wandering the streets of Saks. And we hate to sound alarmist, but these aren’t the only YSL shoes to have this hideous sole…

Shoe Porn: The Yves St. Laurent Tribute pump

Not a new shoe, but YSL’s famous ‘Tribute’ platform hasn’t been featured here at The Fashion Police before, so we thought we’d better set that shocking state of affairs right by showing you a picture of them now. Pretty, no? Sure, that heel is just asking you to break your ankle on it, but we love the little curved peep toe and the high platform. What can we say, we’re short girls: we like the heels. $660 says we won’t be buying the real thing anytime soon, but the numerous high street copies say we might not have to wait too long to find something just like them in a much lower price bracket. What do you think of them?

Shoe Porn: Nude patent Mary Jane stilettos by Yves St Laurent

We’re still all about nude shoes at the moment. These ones by YSL have a high stiletto heel and platform to make them seriously leg-lengthening, and the pointed toe (which is apparently coming back into fashion, after a couple of years of round-toe dominance) will also help in the “length” department. These are $595, but you’re sure to be able to find a cheaper version on the high street – and if you do, we hope you’ll tell us about them… (Shoewawa rounds up more Mary Janes for you here)