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Pencil dresses by Victoria Beckham and Diva Catwalk

As much as we love Victoria Beckham and her amazing dress collection, the fact that they’re: a) the price of a used car, and b) permanently sold out, anyway kind of puts the dampers on our hopes of ever owning one.

Luckily, though, there’s no shortage of other brands taking inspiration from Mrs Beckham, and one of our favourites right now is Diva Catwalk. Their Mayfair dress differs from Victoria Beckham’s colourblock pencil dress in a number of small ways, but none of them detract from the overall look, which is very similar.

Which do you prefer?

Diva Catwalk Mayfair dress, £99: click here to buy
Victoria Beckham colour block dress, $2295: click here to buy

Victoria Beckham dress copied by Rare

‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, now what have we ‘ere, then? Why, it looks like a case of Designer Dupes to us!

On the left, a navy and orange pencil dress, from Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2012 ready to wear collection: it cost $2,295, but the price is academic at this point, because it sold out as soon as it went on sale.

On the right, meanwhile… a navy and orange pencil dress, although this time by Rare, which is available at Topshop. This one is only £49, and was still available in most sizes at the time of writing, and can also be purchased at the Rare website, should it sell out at Topshop, which, let’s face it, it probably will.

Which do you prefer?

Victoria Beckham dresses at Net-a-Porter

It’s no secret that The Fashion Police are huge fans of Victoria Beckham’s dress collections: simple lines, striking silhouettes, stunning colours – there’s just a lot to like, basically. (Well, except for the price, of course. There is that.)

Some of VB’s latest collection is currently available exclusively at Net-a-Porter, and we let out little sighs of longing every time we look at the images. This is basically Dress Porn: we know we’ll never be able to afford to buy them, but it’s nice to just LOOK at them, isn’t it?

That said, someone obviously is buying these. Despite the fact that the prices start at around $1,600, and the most expensive pieces won’t give you much change out of $5,000 some of these are already sold out. It’s hard to imagine having THAT much money to spend on clothes, but if we did, we’d buy the purple and blue numbers on this page. Yeah, in our dreams…

Visit Net-a-Porter to see the rest of the collection.

Cheryl Cole in a pink Victoria Beckham dress at Pride of Britain

So, “Cheryl Cole wears Victoria Beckham” has to be one of the strangest headlines we’ve ever typed, huh? Imagine if it was literally true, and Chezza was ACTUALLY wearing Vicky B on the red carpet! Now THAT would be a look worth talking about!

Is this one, though? Well, Cheryl isn’t wearing Mrs Beckham herself, but she is wearing a long pink dress from the Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 collection. Fashion People are all excited about this, because Cheryl Cole has a somewhat “hot and cold” relationship with Victoria Beckham and her dresses, and having initially dismissed the designs as “too old”, she’s now been gushing to Grazia about how much she loves them, and how she wants to follow in Victoria’s perfectly-shod footsteps by becoming a fashion designer.

This is, of course, coming hot on the high heels of Cheryl’s shoe collection for Stylist Pick, and is actually a little surprising to us, because as much as we love Cheryl (and we’ll admit to having a bit of a soft spot for her), we’ve never particularly thought fashion was her “thing”, in the way it is Victoria Beckham’s, say. Say what you like about VB (we know you will!), but she has always had a distinctive style, and come across as being fairly fashion-obsessed, which isn’t something we’ve ever really thought about Cheryl.

Should Victoria be worried, do you think? Will we soon all be gushing over the Cheryl Cole Fall 2012 collection?

Victoria Beckham in pink mini dress and high heeled Christian Louboutin ankle boots

Aww! Looks like our “Golf Club Watch” is over before it even started: stand down, officers! We were looking forward to seeing how Victoria Beckham would cope with the sartorial challenge of being forced to wear flat shoes for New York Fashion Week this year, but here she is this weekend, in a pair of Christian Louboutin boots which are as high as ever.

We’re assuming Victoria got the go-ahead from her doctor for this (she’d been suffering from a slipped disc, hence the “flat shoes” rule), so good for her: we’d still have loved to see her in flats for a change, though!

As consolation, here is a totally gratuitous shot of baby Harper Seven: awww!

Victoria Beckham in oversized glasses carrying daughter Harper Seven

[Images: Fame Pictures]

Would Victoria Beckham look like a golf club in flat shoes? Be honest: we’ve all wondered, haven’t we?

We’re about to find out, though, because apparently Victoria has been “banned” from wearing high heels for the duration of New York Fashion Week. That’s not on Fashion Police orders, we hasten to add – we wouldn’t be that cruel – but on the orders of Victoria’s doctor, who says she risks aggravating a slipped disc she suffered following the birth of Harper Seven last month, if she doesn’t switch to flats for a little while at least.

Hopefully Victoria will comply with this advice: not just because she’d be an idiot to put fashion before health, of course, but because we’ll be fascinated to see how she copes without her usual stilts.

According to a vague, possibly fictional, “source”, Victoria’s main concern is that she will look “like a golf club” in flats, and she has drafted in Christian Louboutin to help make sure this doesn’t happen. We hope you’ll all join us on Golf Club Watch 2011, coming to a screen near you, this September…


Pictures of Freida Pinto looking gorgeous in a pale pink dress on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week had our officers sratching their heads for a second, and thinking, “Wait… is she wearing… Closet?”

Of course, she wasn’t. Freida was, in fact, wearing a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which, like the rest of the Victoria Beckham line, is beautiful, but not exactly realistically priced for those of us who aren’t on celebrity salaries. Most of the dress collection, for instance, retails from £900 – £1,500, with some pieces costing more.

Enter Closet, with their pink asymmetric neck dress, which… look, we’re not going to beat around the bush, here: it’s damn near identical, isn’t it? In fact, we can’t spot a single difference, other than the one on the price tag, which, while we’re on the subject, is £27 down from the original £45 at A|Wear.

So, what do you think, Fashion Jurors? Would you buy Victoria Beckham or Closet? Or would you buy neither?

In what has to be the best news of the week so far – and possibly the entire year – The Fashion Police hears that Victoria Beckham is to launch a budget dress collection next year.

Now, just before any of you start empting out your piggy banks and getting all excited about this, let us quickly clarify that what WE consider to be a “budget” dress and what Victoria Beckham considers to be a “budget” dress is considerably different, as you’d probably imagine. We’d call it a “budget” buy if it was under £50, for instance: and ideally, if it was under £30. When you’re Victoria Beckham, however, “budget” means it’s in the £350 – £550 range. Oh.

Still, that’s still a darn sight less expensive than what you’d usually pay for a Victoria Beckham dress: they normally retail for between £3,000 – £5,000, which is why you only ever see them on celebrities and not on the woman in line behind you at Tesco, say.

According to the designer, the dresses will also look a little different from her mainline collection, and will be “less tight, clingy and structured”. Victoria says she wants the dresses to appeal to “woman and girls of all different shapes and sizes”, which is welcome news indeed.

Look out for the launch of the new collection at London Fashion Week, as part of the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Before that, look out for the launch of the Beckham’s new daughter, who’s due on Monday, and will have one helluva closet to play dressup in when she’s a little older. (Did you ever used to try on your mother’s shoes when you were a little girl? Now imagine if your mother was Victoria Beckham…)

[Source | Image:]

Closet aren’t the first brand to “be inspired” by Victoria Beckhams’ Carmontelle peplum dress: they’re simply the most recent. Still, in the interests of policing the world of fashion, let the record reflect that the dress on the right of the image above looks very much like the one on the left, with one of the main differences being that you’ll only pay £30 for the copy (Click here to buy it from Dorothy Perkins), while the original would’ve set you back £2,095 – if, of course, it hadn’t been an almost-instant sell-out.

Closet’s dress has a shorter skirt and some different tailoring on the bodice: which do you prefer (if either)?

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 12: A model walks the runway at the Victoria Beckham Dresses Spring 2011 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at on September 12, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow, but for now we’re continuing our coverage of New York Fashion Week with a look at Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2011 dress collection. Victoria says she’s created these dresses with the “curvier” woman in mind, which is certainly a bit of a departure – not just for Vic, but for the fashion industry in general. She’s also added handbags to her line, previewing some of the new designs along with the dresses. This collection has already won a lot of praise, with some commentators saying it marks Beckham’s arrival as a “proper” designer. We think our readers should be the judge of that, though, so take a look under the jump and tell us what you think.

Photo by: KGC49/ 2010  8/4/10 Eva Longoria out and about. (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

This edition of BDOTD is a bit Cheaty McCheaterson of us, because Leighton Meester is actually on the Gossip Girl set, here, so this isn’t her own choice of outfit. It IS rather lovely, however, and given that so many celebrity outfits are selected by stylists even when they’re NOT on set, we think it still counts.

The dress is by Victoria Beckham, and Leighton’s wearing it with zig-zag print platform shoes and a black clutch bag. What do you think?


These two dresses aren’t exactly the same, but then, with a £2,000 price difference, you wouldn’t really expect them to be, would you?

The dress on the right is by Victoria Beckham, and is currently out of stock at Net-a-Porter, which just goes to show that, yes, there are people in the world who would pay that much for a dress.

The dress on the left, meanwhile, isn’t exactly “bargain basement” at £95, but as we said, it does represent a £2,000 saving on the original, so could be a slightly more realistic option for those of you looking to get the same look on a non-Beckham budget. It’s from French Connection.

Which would you choose, though, assuming you’d choose either? Would you save or splurge?

For more fashion you can’t live without visit the Appletiser Blog Awards; celebrating the best fashion, beauty and entertainment blogs.


We’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re going to wear thigh-high boots, you need to keep things reasonably demure on the top half, but Victoria Beckham cares nothing for such fashion “rules” – here she is in thigh high boots and a tiny little mini dress at the Bergdorf Goodman celebration of Fashion’s Night Out. There’s even some cleavage on show, too.

Does she get away with it? Up to you to decide, fashion jurors…


It's all been suspiciously quite on the Victoria Beckham fashion-front recently, so we were almost relived today to spot Mrs Beckham looking as dressed-up as ever as she left her hotel in London. It's not like Victoria to repeat an outfit, but we're sure we've seen her in this skirt before: this time, though, she paired it with a sheer black top (and white bra – have we taught her nothing?!), plus these rather amazing black patent heels.

We like it, but what do you think?


We must have missed the memo that said everyone had to wear Louis Vuitton to the 2009 Costume Institute Gala. It was probably lost in the post, along with our invitation.

Victoria Beckham certainly got the message, though. We like this Louis Vuitton dress (the shoes, not so much), but are withholding the Gold Star on this occasion because our fingers are just itching to snip off that train. Just us?


We loved Victoria's Beckham's two dress collections, but with the dresses front them selling for around £2,000 each, we knew we'd never actually buy one. Luckily it's ASOS to the rescue, with this bright red pencil dress, which looks rather similar to the dress Victoria wore back in February this year, which was one of her own designs.

Luckily the ASSO version comes without the hefty price tag. It's £38, and you can buy it here.


Remember Victoria Beckham's heart-embellished Marc Jacobs dress? It was pretty, but maybe just a little bit OTT for anyone who isn't also known as Posh Spice, which is why we think this top from ASOS is a much more wearable – not to mention affordable – version.

This is £34.50, and has a one-shoulder design, with pretty little hearts holding it up, a gently draped front and a nipped in waist. It's also long-enough to let you wear it with skinny jeans or leggings without flashing too much belly/crotch. We like.


We're pretty sure Victoria Beckham is angling for a position on the Force. How do we know this? Well, it's obvious, just look at her: first she dresses up as an undercover detective (right), and now here she is wearing a military-style coat and hat. (Yes, we know we're not strictly military, but we are fighting a war against fashion here…)

Well, Victoria, we can't deny that we've been fairly impressed with you recently, but the double-breasted coat is taking us back to the 80s, and that's not a destination we paid for. Also, the hat makes us think of Freddie Mercury, and not in a good way, so we've never include it as part of the police uniform – it would totally mess up up our hair.

Hmm. We'll keep your CV on file, and we happen to need a new recruit, we'll be in touch. Maybe.

* Not strictly true


 Even The Fashion Police were fooled this week when we spotted Victoria Beckham out and about in a selection of what looked like real fur coats. Apparently, though, Posh is firmly anti-fur, and these are all fakes, albeit super-expensive ones by the likes of Stella McCartney, which is presumably how Victoria managed to get through New York Fashion Week without being mobbed by PeTA. What do you think of her fakes, though? Does the fact that they look relatively real bother you, or is she making a style statement and nothing more?


 This season, Victoria Beckham is attending New York Fashion Week as a designer, rather than as simply a front-row celebrity, and trust us, we’re just as surprised as you probably are about that. Actually, though, we have a confession to make: we love almost everything about this collection of dresses, which Mrs Beckham is showing at the Waldorf Astoria, by appointment only. Sure, the simple, sheath-like shapes will be familiar to anyone who’s ever seen Victoria Beckham herself, but as with her last collection, we wouldn’t kick any of them out of the closet. Would you?

(More images under the jump, via, plus one of Victoria herself looking…interesting.)


Hot on the vertiginous heels of Madonna, and her stint as a model for Louis Vuitton, here are a couple of shots from Victoria Beckham’s campaign for Armani, due to hit billboards this Spring. Despite being ads for lingerie, not handbags, there’s still a lot less crotch than the Madonna campaign, you’ll be pleased to know, and we think Mrs Beckham looks pretty hot, all things considered. There’s one more after the jump – don’t forget to tell us what you think!


OK, so it’s not exactly the same outfit, because this dress is grey and the last one was black, but Victoria Beckham clearly likes this style a whole lot, because it’s the second time she’s been spotted wearing The Dress – the first time being at Heathrow Airport back in October.

Well, we don’t blame her. We loved this dress the first time she wore it, in black, and we love this grey version, too, so it looks like we’re going to have to get our detectives working round the clock to discover the identity of the designer. Unless, of course, any of our readers can help us out?

Victoria_beckham_heathrowWe know she has her critics out there in Fashion Land, but seriously, between the Audrey-Hepburn-esque crop, the chic little dress and the Chanel handbag, we think Victoria Beckham deserves a Gold Star for this outfit. And hey, this is totally what we’d wear to travel in if we had Vic’s money. Well, OK, maybe not. But we do appreciate her ongoing efforts to make travelling glamorous again…