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Crimes of Fashion, Outerwear

Fashion for the well-dressed penguin

penguin suit

The Fashion Police have a lot of love for Norma Kamali. She makes amazing, retro-inspired swimwear… and also fluffy penguin suits.

Well, even penguins need their designer fashion fix, don’t they?

(Aside: we’d like to award this model a special medal for bravery in the face of fashion crimes. She’s been forced to endure so many indignities this year already, all in the name of fashion… Model, we salute we!)

Crimes of Fashion, Outerwear

Back to the 80s with Betsey Johnson’s shoulderpad jacket

Crystal Carrington called, Betsey. She said she wants… actually, to be honest, she DIDN’T say she wants her jacket back. Nope, she said, “What are you thinking, woman? Not even I would wear this now!” Because it’s 2011, not 1983. Do you copy that, Betsey?

(Still love you, though.)

(Click here if you want to buy it and promise to be really careful not to knock people over in crowds.)