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high-heeled Ugg boots

Frankenshoes: Ugg boots meet ankle boots

An Ugg-style boot, stuffed inside a platform ankle boot. Now we really HAVE seen it all, huh? We’re going to guess the main excuse for these will be “But they’re SO! COSY!” Yeah, yeah. They may well be “cosy”, but we actually think we’d prefer ACTUAL Ugg boots – and that’s saying something. They may ALSO be ugly, but at least they’re not pretending to be anything other than what they are, you know? Still, if you were wondering what a high-heeled Ugg would look like, at least you now have your answer. Er, no one was actually wondering about that, were they? [Buy them]  

Bidal Ugg boots

Would you wear…Ugg boots to your wedding?

Brides: Would you wear Ugg boots to your wedding?  Actually, scratch that question: let’s open it out to the floor. Everyone: would you wear Ugg boots to ANY wedding? Ugg Australia think you should. Their ‘I Do’ wedding collection (and no, we’re not making this up) is, in their own words, ” sure to turn heads and stand out in a crowd whether walking down the aisle, during pre-wedding pampering, or as luxurious gifts for the wedding party.” (our bold) Now, we know the cult of the casual has taken over our culture these days, with everyone thinking only about being “so comfy!” and scoffing at the very idea of dressing up for ANYTHING. We still have nightmares about the “trend”…

Ugg boots with faux fur covers

CovFurs: make your Uggs even uglier!

So, you all hate Ugg boots, right? We know you do, because, well, you’ve told us. Repeatedly. What if Uggs had awesome, faux-fur covers to go over the legs, though? Ones in a fetching selection of animal print, say. Would THAT make you like them more? Er, no, we didn’t think so. If you are feeling tempted by this idea, however, we bring the good news that it already exists: they’re called CovFurs, they’ll set you back $40, and they’re not just designed to work with Uggs: we’re guessing almost any boot you feel would benefit from a zebra or cheetah print covering (to name but two) would work here. Click here to take a look.

Ugg Boots with attached socks

Impostor Alert! Ugg boots with attached socks

Straw poll, jurors: these Ugg Boots are pretending to be socks (which, according to the Fashion Police Rule Book, makes them Footwear Impostors.). Does this make them better or worse than the regular old Ugg boots: you know, the ones we all love to hate? We think it makes them look worse. At least regular Uggs book like boots, albeit ugly ones. Wear the thigh-highs on the left of the image above, though, and you’ll look like you’re wandering around in nothing but a pair of thick socks. That’s not good. What do you think: are they guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion? (Click here to buy them at Saks if you think they’re innocent.)

UGG Australia Leona wedge boots

UGG-ly Boots: UGG Australia Leona wedge boot

This poor boot is having an identity crisis and doesn’t know what it wants to be.  Is it a faux-leather wedge boot?  Is it a padded snow boot?  Is it a cardi-knit UGG boot?  Clearly UGG couldn’t make up their mind and went for a bit of each all in the one boot.  Or perhaps the pages of the design brief got stuck together and this was the result.  So what do you do when a design goes so very wrong?  Bin it and start over?  No, you retail it for £200 and hope someone buys it. Are you the person that would buy it though? If so, you can find these boots at

Ugg Boots Pretending to Be Socks: Argyle knitted boots by Ugg Australia

Well, we’ve seen it all now. We thought the boots-pretending-to-be-shoes  (and socks) situation was as bad as it was ever going to get, but once Ugg enter the equation, you know you’re up against a fashion criminal to be reckoned with. Ugg do, of course, have many prior convictions, but even they had yet to experiment with the “look, it’s a sock, whoops, no, it’s a boot!” thing, so these Argyle knitted boots came as a bit of a shock to us when we uncovered them this morning. These aren’t actually pretending to be shoes, of course, so you may well feel we should  let them off on a technicality, but those Argyle legs are definitely reminiscent of thick, winter…

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia

Brace yourselves, readers: Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon has announced that her brand is collaborate with Ugg Australia on a limited edition of Ugg boots. Or Ugg-Choos as we suppose we’ll have to call them. No, we’re not making this up. Actually, it’s not a total departure for Jimmy Choo: the brand collaborated with Hunter boots last year, as well as creating their line for H&M, but Ugg boots are such a “love or loathe” (or in some cases, “loathe or loathe even more”) style that we’re sure this news will raise a few eyebrows. The boots will retail for between £495 and £695, and will be available from October this year. What will the love child of Ugg and…

Knitted Ugg boots return for Winter 2009

Because Ugg boots just weren’t ugly enough the way they were, apparently. Now, The Fashion Police are unashamed Ugg apologists. We see them as purely practical footwear, which come in handy for walking the dog in the winter, but which we’d no more wear as “fashion” items than we’d go out in public in our pyjamas. These, though. These are just bed socks with soles, aren’t they? These were reported by Rock Hyrax, who reckoned the stripey ones were probably the worst. We’d have to agree with that, but if you disagree, and want to buy yourself some, you’ll find some more information here.

Thigh-high Ugg-style boots from Australia Luxe Collective

It was really only a matter of time before this happened, wasn’t it? It’s almost winter, which means we can expect to see lots of Ugg and Ugg-style boots around. And this winter is all about the thigh high, so, hey, why not make Ugg-style thigh highs? Why not indeed. These boots are by Australia Luxe Collective, and are £280. The top section is not sheepskin, and folds down to knee-height, so you get two styles for the price of one. Whether those are two styles that you’d actually want to wear, of course, is entirely up to you. Australia Luxe Collective slouch sheepskin thigh high boots, £280

Ugg’s Fluff Momma boots – for those days when you just want to dress like a furry monster

Some people take their style inspiration from the golden days of cinema – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall… Others take their inspiration from more modern celebrity style icons, like Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese. Some people, though? Some people just like to dress like huge, furry monsters. Blue ones. These are the people who take their style inspiration from Sesame Street, and seriously, there is no helping them. For these people, there is the Ugg Fluff Momma boot. There’s also a one-way ticket to The Fashion Police jail, of course, but hey, at least your feet will be warm while you’re in there! Report Crimes of Fashion!

Cheap Ugg boot alternatives on sale at ASOS

Folks, I have a shocking confession to make: I am considering buying a pair of Ugg boots for winter. Yes, I know we’ve talked about this before. I know most of you think “Ugg” is short for “ugly”, and there was a time when I would have agreed with you, wholeheartedly. Like I’ve said before, though, the world of fashion is fickle, and I think repeated exposure to Uggs has taken the edge of their ugliness and made me start to quite like them. (No, Britney, that doesn’t mean that repeated exposure to your ass will make it acceptable) . Sort of like what happened with me and skinny jeans, really. Anyway, I know most of you will want to…