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In the Trenches: The Fashion Police’s Top 5 Trench Coats

You may be experiencing some gorgeous Spring weather right now, but here at Fashion Police HQ, April showers don’t give way to May flowers. In fact, they usually don’t give way at all. That’s not the only reason we love trench coats, though. They’re a style staple, but they’re also available in more than enough different styles and prints to keep things interesting. Here are just a few of our current favourites, in no particular order: Ringspun polka dot trench coat, £40, TK Maxx The asymmetric collar and polka print help breathe new life into an old classic. ASOS green trench coat, £55 A bright colour makes everything better. Gryphon skirt trench, $425 Business in front, party at the back….

The Emperor’s New… Fendi Trench Coat

Look, we’re not saying it’s not pretty, in a flimsy, gauzy kinda way. Organza generally is pretty. But it’s $1,375. For a more-or-less INVISIBLE COAT. Once again, readers, the emperor, he is bare. BARE, we say. And the fashion victims, they are $1,375 worse off. And wearing a coat that no one can see. Oh fashion, how you make us laugh! (Click here to buy it)

Burberry Prorsum’s studded trench jacket

Even the classic trench coat can’t escape the shower of spikes that’s been raining down fashion items everywhere for the past few seasons: We doubt you’ll get many hugs when you’re wearing this. As well as the spikes, this jacket has been fashioned-up with thick leather cuffs and a belt. It’s a world away from the trench coats our grannies used to wear, that’s for sure, but what do you think about it? Much-needed revamp of an old classic, or a great way to create a lot of fuss on the way through airport security? (Click here to buy it)

Bless: Half the trench coat, five times the price

Ladies and gentlemen, fashion label Bless is proud to present their latest creation: the HALF TRENCH! (Or, actually, maybe that should be the One-Third Trench? Hmmm.) We don’t know about you, but when we pay over $500 for a coat, we don’t want it to cover more than our shoulders and arms. Any more is just a waste really, isn’t it? Isn’t it? (Click here to buy it)

Two Trends Collide: Tulle hem trench coat from Topshop

Ah, the meeting of tulle and trench! Can it ever really work? Can a functional garment be created from the marriage of prom dress and overcoat? Well, Topshop have given it their best shot, creating this tulle hem trench coat, which probably won’t be a whole lot of use in the rain, but will allow you to waft around the streets on your way to work/school feeling a bit like you’re at a cocktail party, albeit one where no one’s bothered to actually remove their outerwear. What do you think of this idea, readers? Does it seem like something you’d wear? If so, it’s £80 at Topshop.

High Street Vs Designer: Clear trench coats by Topshop and D&G

We’re in two minds about the clear trench coat. On the one hand, we can see the practicality of such an item. How many times have you planned a great outfit, only to have to cover it up with a coat when it suddenly starts raining, after all? At least if the coat is see-through, you still get to show off your outfit, and that could be a good thing indeed. On the other hand, there’s something just a little bit “emperor’s new clothes” about the whole idea, and that makes us think that if we did suddenly decide we were in urgent need of transparent outerwear, we probably wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on solving…

Get £10 off at New Look when you spend £50 or more

Feeling in need of a little post-Christmas pick-me-up? We don’t blame you. Luckily shopping is a guaranteed quick-fix for the winter blues, and you can turn £40 into £50 at New Look right now: they’re offering £10 off on orders of £50 or more: just enter code LOVE50 at checkout to claim it. We’d buy this spotty trench coat, which is down to £30, and would still leave us another £20 to spend to claim the discount. Time to head to the shoe department, we think… Click here to shop!

Revenge of the Shoulderpads: Dolce & Gabbana’s puff sleeve trenchcoat

We’ve had to put up with a lot from shoulder pads this year. They’ve been on everything from dresses to jackets to shirts: in fact, chances are that if it covers your shoulders, it’s probably had a pair of giant foam pads inserted into it at some point this year. We think this Dolce & Gabbana trench coat is one of the more amusing shoulder-pad pieces of the year, though: not just because the thought of paying £1,850 for something we’d have trouble fitting through doorways in makes us snicker slightly, but because it looks like the Incredible Hulk is about to come busting out of it at any second. In fact, we’re pretty sure that if the Hulk shopped…

Yves Saint Laurent leather “trench coat” suspected of actually being a jumpsuit

“Trench leather jacket” said the product description. “Nothing wrong with that,” we thought (well, slightly awkward grammar aside). “OK, so it’s a bit Last Days of the Gestapo, but if you’re into that kind of thing…” Then we took a closer look, and you know, we think there’s some kind of cover up going on here: this so-called “trench jacket” has legs, you see, and last we checked, jackets didn’t generally have legs. Can you imagine how inconvenient it would be if they did? What would you wear underneath them? How would you get them on over a skirt or dress? No, we suspect this “trench jacket” of being a jumpsuit in disguise – and not a very good disguise…

Coat Corner: Oli Fusion By Maria Grachvogel Trench coat

It won’t get you through the worst of winter without some serious layering underneath, but for these early Autumn days (and for those of you who live in a warmer climate), a classic trench coat is one of things you’ll wear with everything and keep forever – not to mention the fact that this style has been crazily popular for most of this year already. Our current favourite trench is Topshop’s full skirted version, but as it’s sold out in all but a couple of sizes, this one from Oli is coming a close second. The colour and shape are classic, but the puffed, cuffed sleeves bring it up to date, and the fabric has a soft sheen to it…

Fashion Trends: Trench coats (as seen on Sienna Miller, Coleen McLoughlin and everyone else this season….)

Rare is the item of clothing that can unite Sienna Miller and Coleen McLoughlin in a common sense of style. One such item of clothing has done it, though, and that one item of clothing is none other than the humble trench coat (actually, we suspect Ugg boots could probably do it too, but this article is about trench coats, so let’s just forget about the Uggs for now) which, you’ll be surprised to know, are making a comeback for Spring ’08 – and we say "surprised" because we didn’t even know trench coats had gone anywhere. Trench coats one of those all-time style classics, and as ably demonstrated by Sienna and Coleen here, all you need to do is…

Hot or Not: The Cropped Trench Coat

While I was searching for trench coats for our Victoria Beckham feature, this caught my eye. And not in a good way. My first reaction: it looks like the outerwear section of the half-suit. My second reaction, though, was a little more tempered. I mean, I like cropped things in heneral. Why not a cropped trench coat? Well, why indeed. The Fashion Police are on the fence with this one, people, so I turn it over to you. The cropped trenchcoat? Is it hot, or is it not? You decide…