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Fashion Police Top Five: Ugly Jeans

The Fashion Police jail is just crammed full of ugly items of clothing, some of which our new readers may never get to see, they’re buried so deep in our archives (Which, you could argue, is where they truly belong).

Today, though, we’re taking some of them out and letting them have a quick stroll around the exercise yard before locking them back up again. And we’re starting off with our ugly jeans section.

Now jeans, as we’ve mentioned before, are one of those items which can be either very, very good, or very, very bad, with every little room for middle ground. So jeans are either perfectly unobjectionable, or as ugly as sin. Here, in no particular order, are five of the pairs of jeans our readers found ugly as sin…

5. The Jeans For When You Just Can’t Decide

We all have our fat days, don’t we? What we didn’t really realise until we found these jeans, though, is that some of us have”Fat Leg” Days. And yes, that’s “leg” in the singular, because these jeans are designed for those of you who have one fat leg and one thin leg. It’s good to know that fashion doesn’t discriminate, isn’t it?

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Crimes of Fashion

The Top Five Ugliest Items of September 2010

1. KTZ frilly leggings

Well, readers, it’s October. A new month, a new season, and we’ve no doubt there’ll be lots of new fashion crimes for us to arrest. Before we get on with that, though, we thought we’d take a moment to open the doors of our jail and have a look at the very ugliest items of the month just gone.

In first place, and a possible contender for the Ugliest Item of the YEAR, never mind the month, it has to be those frilly KTZ leggings. When our officers found these, they stopped in their tracks and just stared at the screen for a few minutes, scarcely able to believe their eyes. We’re lucky we weren’t blinded, in fact. Will we ever find anything this ugly ever again? Probably.

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