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      How to stay stylish in the winter

      [Dunnes Stores] As we observed last week, winter presents all kinds of problems when it comes to getting dressed AND staying stylish, and all too often we end up putting warmth before fashion (as we should, of course) and stumbling through the season looking like we’re contestants in some strange kind of Supermarket Sweep gameshow, the aim being to pile on as many items of clothing as we can, in the shortest time possible. People, it doesn’t have to be this way. There ARE ways to stay stylish in cold weather. Here are just a few of them…   [Accessorize] 1. Wrap up Now, before you go sighing loudly and closing down the browser, berating us for telling you things…

      Kate Middleton makes sheer hosiery popular again

      Kate Middleton causes sales of sheer hosiery to “skyrocket”. Do you wear sheer tights?

      As the nation’s obsession with Kate Middleton continues, the latest news from brands desperate to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Duchess of Cambridge, is that Kate is responsible for a huge rise in the sale of sheer hosiery. Selfridges is reporting a 40″ increase in sales of sheer tights since this time last year, while TightsPlease are doing even better, with a 90″ increase in sales of their “Kate Middleton style” nude tights. (Tightsplease) For Kate Middleton herself, of course, shiny, sheer tights have absolutely nothing to do with fashion: they’re purely a matter of royal protocol, which dictates that female members of the royal family should always wear hosiery, and closed-toe shoes. (Kate slipped up on…

      Pamela Mann ski pants

      Tights Are Not Pants: Pamela Mann “ski pants”

      We don’t know who Pamela Mann (or Tights Please for that matter) are trying to kid by labelling these as ski pants, but we can clearly see that they are tights.  And if you refer back to the Fashion Police rules, you will recall that leggings are not pants and tights are not leggings.  Meaning that tights cannot possibly be pants. However, that is not what we are debating here, valid point though it is.  The ‘on trial’ in question is the style of tights which are not quite footless, not quite footed: the ski pant tights that hook neatly under your foot.  What do you think of these readers?  Are they the answer to wearing sandals with tights?  Do…


      Ask The Fashion Police: Are stockings with sandals a crime of fashion?

      From our Formspring page: Q. Is it acceptable to wear stockings with the seam line when wearing open toe shoes (or even peep toe for that matter) if you can’t find seamless stockings? Or should I risk letting my legs look pale and not so perfect? A. We get this question fairly often, so let’s address it once and for all… Although we call ourselves The Fashion Police, you might be surprised to know that in “real” life there are actually very few things that we’d consider an absolute “no”. Sheer stocking with sandals, however, is one of those things: particularly if the stockings in question are flesh-coloured, and the toe seam is highly visible.  Toe seams aren’t designed to…


      Under Fashion Police Arrest: Black thigh high boot/sandals from Miss Selfridge

      It’s almost like these boots were TRYING to get themselves arrested, isn’t it? So far, we’ve got them on two separate counts: 1. Being peep toe boots: and peep-toe THIGH boots at that. (Because when it’s cold enough for thigh boots, it’s still too warm for closed toes, apparently!) 2. Trying to pass themselves off as sandals. We also considered nailing them on a charge of “trying to create the appearance of strappy sandals worn with tights“, but they plead for leniency on the grounds that “everyone else is doing it, m’lud!” They do have a point there, and we’re not totally against sandals with opaque tights, so we’re leaving that one for now, but we could be persuaded to…

      Sock Horror! Toe footsies – to be worn with strappy sandals

        One of the questions we're asked most often is "Is it OK to wear tights with opem-toed sandals?" Well, according to Transparemze, the answer to that would be a definite "yes", because they've designed these Toe Footsies with the intention that people  would do exactly that – wear them with strappy sandals. Yes.  As for The Fashion Police, we've always fallen firmly on the "no tights with strappy sandals" side of the line, and the image above has done nothing to change our minds on that issue. No siree. What about you, though, readers? Is this a true case of "Sock Horror!" or would you wear 'em? 


      Can you wear tights / stockings with open toed shoes?

      Can you wear tights with open toed shoes? Socks with sandals at Bertie Donna writes… Hi There- Is it ever acceptable to wear hose with opened toed shoes? Thanks   We get this question a lot, and it comes in many different forms: Can you wear hose with sandals? Can you wear socks with peep toes? Is it OK to wear tights with strappy sandals? Can I wear stockings with open shoes? and so on and so forth. It seems a lot of you are worrying about whether or not it’s permissible to wear your sandals, peep toes and other open shoes with anything other than bare feet. So: IS IT? The short answer: It totally depends on the type…

      Fashion Crimes of Winter – a list

      When it comes to fashion seasons, we’re inclined to think summer is the worst for flushing out the fashion criminals. Too-short shorts, underwear-as-outerwear, Crocs – they all seem to be more prevalent than usual during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean winter is a fashion crime-free zone. Far from it, in fact. Here’s a short, and totally subjective list of what we consider to be the worst fashion crimes commonly spotted in winter. Feel free to add to it… 1. Holiday themed clothing and accessories Yes, we know you’re looking forward to Christmas. So are we. Christmas is fun! But holiday sweaters, novelty socks and Christmas tree earrings? Not so much, really.  The first two belong on children and…

      “Tights with sandals” fashion crime spotted at Calvin Klein

      Peeptoes and opaques we like. And opaque tights with not-too-strappy-sandals we can just about handle. But sheer tights with strappy sandals? We hate. Especially when, as in the picture above,from Calvin’s Klein’s Fall 2008 catwalk, the tights have reinforced toes which are clearly visible below the straps, and which are just a little bit twisted. In our book, toe seams on sheer tights should be covered at all times – and actually, we’re not so keen on the tights-under-trousers look, either: in fact, when the tights are sheer ones, it makes us squirm to see them worn under pants, and even more so when they’re worn under jeans. (Yes, some people do this. We’ve seen them.) Of course, these could…

      Fashion Trends: Floral Dresses

      Just in case you haven’t noticed, fashion has been having a bit of a floral moment recently. This is jhust fine by us: florals are something of a summer staple, but they can also look good at this time of year with tights, boots, and a cardi over the top to keep the chill off your arms. Once the weather heats up, ditch the accessories and wear them with flip flops/sandals and a slouchy leather bag. Product details for the dresses above are shown below. Click on over the jump for some more fantastic florals. Lopez tea dress, £45, Monsoon; pink flower print dress, £35, Topshop; print tea dress, £50, Oli