The “effect” effect: Karen Millen’s denim effect t-shirt

That’s right boys and girls, this is not just a denim jacket over a t-shirt – oh no. It is a bona fide cotton t-shirt with “denim effect”! It’s true, we tell you: this is simply a plain white t-shirt with a denim jacket printed on it! You’d never believe it, eh?! What exactly is with the “effect” effect? Why make something denim effect when it would be so much easier, not to mention more profitable, to just sell a plain white t-shirt independently to a cropped, short-sleeved denim jacket? I mean, here in Britain, at least, we could use the layers… Denim effect t-shirt: £65 from Karen Millen.

Style on trial: Karen Millen animal print t-shirts

The jury is truly out on the subject of these t-shirts. On the one hand, styled well, maybe with a blazer and some great accessories, they could look kinda funky. Yet, we still feel that particular look would work better with a classic, clean white tee. And something about these particular prints screams market chic at us – they certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the set of Brit soap Eastenders, perhaps peeking out from under a pink velour hoody… What do you think? Could this t-shirt work for you? How would you style it? Both the zebra print and leopard print t-shirt are available from Karen Millen for £49.95 each.

Shoulder pads: dangerous as well as ugly

Camilla and Marc’s Grand Prince t-shirt: now that’s what we call shoulder pads

There’s good news and there’s bad news, readers. The good news: Wearing shoulder pads inside your clothes is, like, SO last season, seriously. The bad news: This season you’ll be expected to wear them outside your clothes instead. If they can be covered in studs too, well, so much the better. Convinced? This is £77.52 and available now for pre-order at My Catwalk.

Holey clothes! LnA Ripped V Tee

On the plus side, this only costs £24.11, which isn’t TOO extortionate. (Although it WAS £40. Yes.) On the minus side, however: £24?! For something that looks like THIS? And people are willingly going out and spending money on a brand-new-but-looks-old pre-ripped t-shirt? So they can look, like, really cool and edgy and be all, “Oh, hai, I totally just pulled this out of the dumpster this morning! No, of course I didn’t go and buy a brand, spanking new t-shirt that looks like I’ve had it for ever? Do I look stupid?” Umm, well, you DID ask… Would you pay for a t-shirt that looks like this, readers? Your answers to this are important: we have a bunch of…