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Fashion Police Glossary

Fashion Police Glossary: the Shacket(t)

debenhams navy dual shackett jacket

Rocha John Rocha Navy dual shackett jacket, £65 at Debenhams

Nope, not a “sheer jacket”, as per the usual pattern of Fashion Police terminology, but a jacket that shares elements in common with a shirt. A shirt-jacket. A shacket, see?

Shacket: A cross between a shirt and a jacket, similar to the apparel of a builder’s.

With us so far? Because this is where things began to get confusing over at Fashion Police HQ…

River Island’s brown (really?) chiffon (perhaps…) flower (so that’s what they are!) shackett (hmmph): £39.99, available here, and also in white.

Ignoring everything that’s wrong with the description of this piece (not to mention the spelling of “shackett”) can anyone inform us which parts of it resemble a shirt? It all looks suspiciously jacket-shaped to us…

The shacket got its first foothold in 2009, championed by Topman as the must-buy season update from their AW09 menswear collection. Its crossover into womenswear doesn’t yet seem to have taken a firm grip, with many designers and stores prefering to stick to the far less confusing “lightweight jacket” and “heavyweight shirt” rather than throw yet another dubious fash-pack term into the already heady mix.

The Fashion Police insist that the term “shacket” be allowed to fade back into the ether, and that all sh— affix compound words be run past them in the future.

Fashion Police Glossary

What are Jeggings? – a.k.a. jean leggings


Things are getting out of hand in the world of “words invented by fashion writers”, aren’t they? We’ve had “shants” (“sheer pants”, to the uninitiated), “shresses” (sheer dresses) and, of course “treggings” (a cross between trousers and leggings), and now the good folks at* have been at it again, using the terms “jegging” to denote a cross between leggings and jeans.

Why yes, that IS the same thing as “denim leggings”, now you mention it, and actually, they’re not a kick in the ass off a little something we at The Fashion Police like to call “skinny jeans”, either. We have no particular beef with the leggings themselves: we learned to accept leggings a while ago, and as we say, these are too close to skinny jeans for us to have serious issues with them, but we would like to call a halt to the coining of stupid names that’s been going on in fashion-land for a while now.

Seriously, why do denim leggings need to be referred to as “jeggings”? And while we’re on the subject, why are “jeggings” (shudder) singled out for special attention? Where will it all end? Will we be forced to start referring to black leggings as “bleggings”, red ones as “reggings” and those shiny, latex ones that’ve been everywhere lately as “sheggings”? We think that’s the way it’s going, and let us be the first to stick our heads above the parapet and say WE REFUSE. We will call them “leggings” and we don’t care who corrects us. Who’s with us?

* Note: the example was the first we happened to come across of the use of “jegging” but for all we know, they may not be the only ones…