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Style on Trial: Fergie in a silver mini dress

Fergie in a silver mini dress

The word “dress” in the title of this post is a little ambitious, because the actual “dress” part – i.e. the bit that isn’t see-through – wouldn’t necessarily get a pass if this was a game of “Dress or Top“.

If it’s not a dress, though, what is it? Is it a bird? Um, well, actually, now you come to mention it, it DOES have its fair share of feathers on the shoulders. Is it a plane? We doubt it. Is it…a crime of fashion? Only you can decide. Place your votes in the comments, folks: tell us if Fergie is innocent or guilty of the charge of committing crimes of fashion!

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Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Sandra Bullock in Marchesa

Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Oscars

Sandra Bullock is hotly tipped to win the Best Actress award tonight, and she seems to have prepared for the role by dressing as a silver version of the Oscar statuette in this Marchesa gown. Is she the best dressed, though, we wonder?

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When sequins go wrong: tulip shaped sequin ‘Gaga’ dresses

Well, folks, Christmas has been and gone, which means it’s time to take down those tired and tawdry old bits of tinsel and other past-their-best decorations: which, funnily, enough, is exactly what these sequined dresses remind us of. Why are they so wide? Is that a hoop under the skirt? Hmmm. Never mind the “no white after Labor Day” thing (Which always struck us as nonsense, anyway), we think we should implement a “No sequins after New Year” rule. Do we have your backing on this readers? Or do you think these could still have a place in your January wardrobe?

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Random Celebrity Fashion Moment of the Day: Katy Perry in a silver mini dress and Louboutins in Japan


They say you should never mix your metals, but when you’re Katy Perry, these so-called “rules” don’t apply. (And actually, we’re not so sure they apply to the rest of us, either.)

Here she is at the new H&M branch in Harajuku, Tokyo last night, helping promote the company’s new line of AIDS awareness clothes. We’ don’t think the silver dress is part of it, but hey, you never know. Would you buy it, if so, readers? What do you think of Katy’s shiny metallics here?


Dress of the Day: Silver sequin siren dress from Miss Selfridge

Sequin_dressSequins on dresses can go very, very wrong, but we think this dress from Miss Selfridge manages to get it right. At first glance it looks a little on the shapeless side, but once it’s on, we have a feeling it’ll cling to your body just enough to give it some shape without looking trashy. It also manages to look simple but glamorous, and could be a bit of a show-stopper with the right accessories. It’s £85 at Miss Selfridge.

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Crime of Fashion: Pluge foil dress by Lipsy


I’m probably setting myself up for some abuse by describing this dress as a Crime of Fashion, because I know there are some fans of the "shiny and overtly sexy" look out there. While we’re on the subject, though, y’all can stop emailing me telling me the reason I don’t like your dresses is because I’m "too fat to wear them". The reason I don’t like your dresses is because I’m too old to wear them – there’s an important distinction there. Oh, and because I don’t want to walk around looking like I’m about to be basted in tinfoil, thanks very much.

With that out of the way, let me just say that, as well as making you feel like you’re what’s for dinner (and possibly helping you shed a few pounds in sweat, especially if the club is hot), the fabric of this also reminds me of those foil blankets they wrap around trauma victims to stop them shivering. I’m not sure whether the dress will do that or not, but I do know I’d feel like a trauma victim if I tried to wear it. And would probably look like one, too. My main question now is: is it more horrible in the gold or in the silver?


Dress of the Day: Silver sequin dress from Debenhams

Sequindress Debenhams are describing this dress as "ivory", but it looks a lot like silver to us . Thoughts?

Whatever you want to call the colour, this would be a great party season dress – yes, we know there are a kazillion sequined dresses around at the moment, but the simple style of this one makes it stand out. Wear with black tights and high, high heels – or with anything else you like, really.

Buy: Silver sequined dress,£80.