Rabbit dress

Cute or Creepy? Daniel Pellilo Bunny t-shirt dress

We thought you all might need some cheering up after the trauma of this morning’s attack on a skirt, so we found you this ickle bunny wabbit dress to look at. Now, though, we’re just worried that we may have made things worse, because are those FANGS? Is that some kind of vampire rabbit? Will YOU be able to sleep tonight? Let’s see if we can bring this back into “cutesy and twee” territory, shall we? Is it working yet? OK, how ’bout now? No? Last attempt: imagine that this is your graduation gown, and everyone in your class has to wear one: We’d go to THAT school, that’s for sure… (Click here to buy it)  

Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag: for the “woodland animal” trend

Rabbits are totally the new black, readers. Not only are people keen to wear them on their heads, now they’re also able to carry their prostrate forms over their shoulders, thanks to this leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon (Don’t worry, no bunnies died to make this bag: lambs did.) We guess this will certainly cause people to do a double-take as you saunter casually by with what appears to be a skinned rabbit tucked under your arm, but does that idea appeal to you at all? If it does, just click here to buy it for $619…