pink dress


      Designer Vs High Street: Victoria Beckham Vs Closet

      Pictures of Freida Pinto looking gorgeous in a pale pink dress on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week had our officers sratching their heads for a second, and thinking, “Wait… is she wearing… Closet?” Of course, she wasn’t. Freida was, in fact, wearing a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection,…


      Designer Vs High Street: BCBG Vs Forever 21

      Our thanks to Thee at Bow-Bitten Blasphemy for pointing us in the direction of this “spot the difference” puzzle from Forever 21 and BCBG, both of whom have created pink, ruffled dresses, with large flower corsages at the bust. Sure, there are enough differences here to keep Forever 21 out…