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      Cheryl Cole in a pink Victoria Beckham dress at Pride of Britain

      Cheryl Cole wears Victoria Beckham, says she wants to be her

      So, “Cheryl Cole wears Victoria Beckham” has to be one of the strangest headlines we’ve ever typed, huh? Imagine if it was literally true, and Chezza was ACTUALLY wearing Vicky B on the red carpet! Now THAT would be a look worth talking about! Is this one, though? Well, Cheryl isn’t wearing Mrs Beckham herself, but she is wearing a long pink dress from the Victoria Beckham Spring 2011 collection. Fashion People are all excited about this, because Cheryl Cole has a somewhat “hot and cold” relationship with Victoria Beckham and her dresses, and having initially dismissed the designs as “too old”, she’s now been gushing to Grazia about how much she loves them, and how she wants to follow…


      Designer Vs High Street: Victoria Beckham Vs Closet

      Pictures of Freida Pinto looking gorgeous in a pale pink dress on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week had our officers sratching their heads for a second, and thinking, “Wait… is she wearing… Closet?” Of course, she wasn’t. Freida was, in fact, wearing a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which, like the rest of the Victoria Beckham line, is beautiful, but not exactly realistically priced for those of us who aren’t on celebrity salaries. Most of the dress collection, for instance, retails from £900 – £1,500, with some pieces costing more. Enter Closet, with their pink asymmetric neck dress, which… look, we’re not going to beat around the bush, here: it’s damn near identical, isn’t it? In fact, we…


      Designer Vs High Street: BCBG Vs Forever 21

      Our thanks to Thee at Bow-Bitten Blasphemy for pointing us in the direction of this “spot the difference” puzzle from Forever 21 and BCBG, both of whom have created pink, ruffled dresses, with large flower corsages at the bust. Sure, there are enough differences here to keep Forever 21 out of trouble, but there are also enough similarities between the two to cause a strong sense of deja vu. What do you think of them? Which one would you choose, assuming they’d wear either of them? [Great spot, Thee!]

      Kristen Stewart arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Runaways

      Kristen Stewart arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Runaways

      Photo Derek Ross/LFI She smiles! Yes, our favourite fashion Dementor, Kristen Stewart, has actually managed to muster up a small smile as she arrived at the premiere of her new movie, The Runaways, last night. It’s not a huge smile, granted, and she still looks far from comfortable, but the very fact that she’s not scowling is almost enough to distract us from the pink mesh dress she’s wearing. Good job, Kristen! Now let’s see you keep this up!