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Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Paris Hilton dresses as Marilyn Monroe for new frangrance launch

No, we have no idea why, either. This wasn’t a costume party, as far as we can tell – it was the launch of Paris Hilton’s new fragrance, ‘Tease’ – but Paris apparently decided it was the perfect excuse to get dressed up as her idol, Marilyn Monroe. We’ve actually had nightmares in which we’re the only ones to turn up to a costume party actually in costume, but as this isn’t too far removed from how Paris dresses anyway, maybe she thought she could get away with it…

Paris Hilton's Louis Vuitton luggage collection

Paris Hilton really likes Louis Vuitton

  Hey, Paris! Where did you get all that… oh. Clearly not one for travelling light, here’s a quick snap Paris Hilton posted on her Twitter this week, showing her love of Louis. Good job she has a private jet to carry all that in. How the other half live!

Paris Hilton in Christian Louboutin Love Pumps

Spotted! Paris Hilton in Christian Louboutin’s ‘Love’ pumps – and a whole lot of sequins!

Shoeperwoman alerted us the existence of the flat version of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Love’ pumps back in November, and although we’re not normally keen on clothes and shoes with writing on them, we were fairly taken with the style. This is the heeled version, as worn by a very shiny looking Paris Hilton to the the Project A.L.S. 7th Annual Los Angeles Benefit this week, and we’d say more about them, but we’re too distracted by all those sequins. We’re more used to seeing baggy, sequined tops like this on the, er, more mature lady, shall we say, but Paris is presumably hoping that by pairing the sequined top with a pair of leggings, she can get away with it. Can…

Star Style On Trial: Paris Hilton – hottie or nottie?

Paris Hilton must surely have known what she was letting herself in for when she agreed to appear in a film called "The Hottie and the Nottie", no? (Why is Paris Hilton appearing in a film? What, she’s an actress now? Is it very wrong of us to want to see this film, just to find out how she gets on?) Our question, then, is the obvious one: is Paris a "hottie" or is she a "nottie" in this outfit? We’re going to say "nottie" on this one. It’s a nice dress, but it’s just too, too pink – and seriously, didn’t  Crystal Barbie have that exact necklace? As a general rule, any outfit that makes us want to use…

Paris Hilton is Most Stylist Internation Person, says MTV Hong Kong. Fashion Police beg to differ.

I don’t think there can be a woman among us who didn’t give a little involuntary wince of pain upon seeing Paris’s boobs in this photo. Seems like Paris was going for a kind of ‘Blonde Ambition era Madonna look here, and that’s a pretty risky thing to do at the very best of times, but here it’s just all gone horribly, horribly wrong, with Paris apparently just squeezing her way into a dress designed for a much shorter person, and then making a half-hearted attempt to protect her "modesty" with a bit of see-through chiffon. And that’s saying absolutely nothing of the "double boobs" effect created by the ill-fitting bodice of the dress. More evidence that money can’t buy…

Fashion Criminal: Paris Hilton in her animal print one-piece

I hate this trend for cutaway one pieces we’ve been seeing lately. I don’t know quite what it is about them that makes me hate them so much. I think it’s something to do with the way that although they provide more coverage than the average bikini, they still somehow manage to look a bit indecent, like the kind of thing a pole dancer would wear. When they’re covered in animal print and accessoried with a small dog in a matching bandanna – well, there really is no excuse, is there? Paris Hilton, please – when are you going to start that whole "dressing like a laydee" thing you promised us?

Paris Hilton wears her own face on her shirt

Now, I’m not sure about this. Is it a crime of fashion, do you think, to wear a picture of your own face on your shirt? What if the face (and shirt) in question belongs to Paris Hilton, who has clearly not started her "dress like a lady" regime quite yet? Is that a crime of fashion? Um, narcisistic, much? Come to think of it , if anyone wears a shirt with Paris Hilton’s mug plastered all over it, is it a crime of fashion then? I really think it could be, you know. What do you think?

Paris Hilton promises to stop committing crimes of fashion

As part of her whole "getting out of jail/turning over a new leaf/not doing drugs" things, Paris Hilton has apparently also  decided that it’s high time she stopped committing those crimes of fashion she’s  been known  for in the past. And good on her, I say – about time too. Paris obviously hasn’t put her new resolution into action quite yet – see her with her boobs out above, for instance – but she’s working on it. She’s even hired a stylist and everything, and says that she’ll be aiming for a "more ladylike" look in the future. Hey, maybe she’ll do a Britney and start copying Katie Holmes? (Not that we’ve seen any evidence of that, mind you, so…