Advert featuring a size 8 model banned for glamourising anorexia

      Is it offensive? Drop Dead Clothing’s “Anorexic” Model

      We seem to be spending a lot of time worrying about whether things are offensive or not lately, but the Advertising Standards Agency will keep banning fashion adverts, so here’s the latest conundrum for our readers to answer: Is this model glamorizing anorexia? The ASA thinks she is: they’ve banned adverts featuring her from appearing on Drop Dead Clothing’s website on the grounds that they’re socially irresponsible as the model is “too thin”. Their statement: “We considered that in combination with the stretched out pose and heavy eye make-up, the model looked underweight in the pictures. We noted that Drop Dead’s target market was young people.We considered that using a noticeably skinny model with visible hip, rib, collar and thigh bones, who wore…

      diane von furstenberg white dress

      Fashion News: Diane Von Furstenberg wants models to be carded at Fashion Week

      Don’t worry, it’s not another “size 0” controversy: this time it’s all about the models ages rather than their weights… CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg is calling for all models to be carded before being allowed to walk in shows at New York Fashion Week this September. The legal age limit in the US is 16, but last season DVF herself came under fire after “inadvertently” allowing a 15-year-old model to appear in her show, so her letter on the CFDA website is possibly partly designed to show that the designer is taking the issue seriously. “In our continuing quest to protect the models that we work with, we have updated the CFDA Health Initiative guidelines to recommend that models be…


      Thylane Loubry Blondeau: is a 10-year-old too young to model adult fashion?

      This is Thylane Loubry Blondeau. She’s ten years old, and she appeared in a deliberately-provocative editorial in French Vogue last December, which appeared to be intended to play with the idea of “dress up”, and perhaps to satirize the fashion industry’s obsession with youth. The images in question, however, have caused something of a stir, with some people arguing that, however knowingly it was done, the sexualization of ten year old girls in this way just isn’t cool. (We’ve no idea why this outrage is all happening NOW, when the photos in question were published several months ago, but for some reason it is…) Thylane herself now has a Tumblr dedicated to her  photos, (the owner recently changed the name…