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High Street Shopping: Miss Selfridge lace prom dresses

Miss Selfridge lace prom dresses

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We weren’t sure which of these two dresses to show you, so we’re spoiling you by featuring them both…

These are a little more expensive than most of the pieces you tend to find in Miss Selfridge (they’re £135 and £85 respectively), but they’re also a little more special, with their mix of tulle, lace and floral appliqué, for a very delicate, pretty look. These have obviously been released with the Christmas party season in mind, but will work all year round, as long as you can find an occasion special enough to wear them!


High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt

Miss Selfridge tapesty print skatet skirt

Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt, £35

For today’s High Street Shopping Pick, we don’t just bring you something pretty to look at: we also bring you a whole new word to learn, for this, you see, is not a “skater skirt”, but a “skatet” skirt. We’re going to assume that refers to an ickle tiny wee version of a skater skirt, but it could also simply be a typo on the Miss Selfridge website. We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that we rather like this. Tapestry print can look a little old fashioned on the wrong item, but the short hem and lantern shape keeps this modern, and it’ll look good with opaque tights now, or with bare legs when the weather finally starts to warm up again. What we’d really like though? To see this on a model, so we can work out exactly what kind of length we’re talking about here. We’ve possibly been spoiled by the likes of ASOS and Shopbop, who not only show the item on a model but also tell you the model’s height: it’s not foolproof, but it can really help when you’re trying to work out whether to order something or not.

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Crimes of Fashion, Dresses

Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Miss Selfridge Harness dress

miss selfridge harness dress

At first we weren’t sure whether this was a Stuck Together Clothes Crime, or another case of the Clothes Slasher in action.

Now we that we’ve had time to examine the evidence, however (a bit too much time, if we’re completely honest: it’s like looking at a car crash, isn’t it?), we can confidently say that what we’re dealing with here is a dress-attached-to-a-harness-attached-to-a-boob-tube.

Which is… yeah.

Of course, we have to admit to a degree of bias where this garment is concerned, because we HATE harnesses. Yes, we’re aware that they’re edgy and unexpected. We’re really struggling to give a damn, though.

Anyway, enough about us: what say you to this example of STC (Stuck Together Clothes), jurors? Crime or fine?

(Click here to buy it.)

Fashion Trends

GALLERY: Winter Fashion 2011- Miss Selfridge A/W 2011 Lookbook

Take a look at our gallery of this winter’s offerings from Miss Selfridge, featuring our old favourites: colour-blocking, 70s-style, and some very bright tights…

Things We Learned About 2001 Winter Fashion From the Miss Selfridge A/W 2011 Lookbook:

1. The midi skirt may be on the way out.

Sure, there are a few skirts here which are knee-length or lower, and if you want midis, well, some of the other retailers we’ve previewed recently will be more than happy to oblige with that. But at Miss Selfridge, hemlines are much, much shorter, with a selection of mini skirts and dresses, and some items that look suspiciously like tops to TFP, but which are being worn as dresses anyway, as if the good people at Miss S are sticking two fingers up at the rest of the fashion world and saying, “Screw, you, fashion: if you want to persist with this ‘midi’ nonsense, we’re going to make our models wear tops and tights: see what you make of THAT!”

2. Colourblocking is giving way to monoblocking

While the other brands we’ve looked at so far this winter have gone for a “every colour we can find, all worn at the same time” approach, Miss S have, once again, gone their own way on this one, and are using an approach we’re going to refer to as “monoblocking”. You know, like in the driveways? This involves wearing just one colour, or different shades of one colour. The colour in question can be anything, as long as it’s BRIGHT. So, in the image above, for instance, we have a bright yellow “dress” worn with bright yellow tights, a bright yellow headband and… is that a CAPE? Because that looks like a cape to us. Are capes going to big in winter 2011? Will we be able to stand it if they are. (*makes note to put a detective on this asap* ). Similarly, we have a tomato red dress worn with tomato red tights, and a pink dress worn with pinkish/purple tights and red shoes. OK, so that one is more like the colourblocking we know and love, but still.

3. 70s style, blah, blah, blah

You know the drill with this by now, don’t you? The 70s will be big in winter 2011. And there’s not a thing any of us can do about it.

We’ve provided more items from Miss Selfridges Winter 2011 Lookbook in the  gallery below, some of which are already available to buy – click here to do it.

What do you think of these looks, though? Are you ready to monoblock your closet?

Fashion Police

Dress of the Day: Orange skater dress from Miss Selfridge

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Orange skater dress
£42, Miss Selfridge
(Click here to buy it)

The Argument for the Defence:

This dress is the perfect colour for summer: the bright orange is very much “on trend” right now, and makes a nice change from all of the other traditionally “summer” colours. What’s more, the flared skirt, nipped-in waist and short sleeves will make this dress flattering to many figures, and really easy to wear: no straps to slide down or hitch up, a shape that’s easy to move in, a single colour that you can throw on a pair of shoes with and be done.

The Argument for the Prosecution:

Are you blind? Because WE are, now that we’ve seen this dress. Look, orange just doesn’t look good on anyone. OK, maybe three people, max, and we can’t name any of them. Also, we hate it when people say “on trend”. Stop it.

What do YOU think: is the dress innocent or guilty?



Questionable crotches: Miss Selfridge charcoal crochet belt trouser

Ok, just for once let’s skip over the impracticalities of a crochet belt, the thigh-widening pockets and the elasticated ankles, and cut straight to the “crotch” of the matter (*groan* – pun entirely intended!). Because we’re just wonderin’, who exactly looks at a pair of trousers like these and thinks “Oh, yeah, the ‘wet myself’ look – I’m all about that this season!”

If loss of bladder control is your thing, you can pick these up from Miss Selfridge for £35.00.


Shants: Alive and well at Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge animal wide leg trousersWe were rather hoping that the shants trend had gone off and died a horrible death, as we had not been unfortunate enough to clap eyes on any examples of it recently.  Sadly, that has not proved to be the case and Miss Selfridge are attempting to revive the look for the new season, with this rather garish pair.  They are 100% polyester so we can’t begin to imagine the static cling that will be in store for your legs if you succumb and buy a pair.

What do you think?  Are leopard print shants the one thing missing from your spring wardrobe that will make all the difference next season?  If so, you can buy these here for £45.


Handbag of the Week: Miss Selfridge tapestry overnight bag

Tapestry bags are one of this winter’s big accessories trend, and our favourite so far is this one from Miss Selfridge, which retails for £39.

Billed as an “overnight bag”, this isn’t too large to be used for day-to-day carrying duties, particularly if, like us, you tend to cart your whole life around in your handbag.

Of course, if you don’t like this one, there are plenty of other tapestry bags available on the high street right now, so there’s no shortage of choice. What do you think of this look, though?

Dresses, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Miss Selfridge cream stitchy frill hem dress

Miss Selfridge cream stitchy frill hem dressWe would like to take this dress to task on a number of points.  Firstly, it has no underneath layer so what you see here is what you get: a crocheted dress, full of holes.  And it would most definitely be a case of ‘what you see’ because if you wear this dress as it is shown here, everyone will most definitely be able to see, well, everything.

Secondly, why is it stitchy?  Why are Miss Selfridge making up words?  Our spell check objects most vehemently to a ‘y’ being added to the end of stitch.

Thirdly, does it even look cream to you?  It doesn’t to us.  It looks beige, or light taupe, but definitely not cream.  That could just be our computer screen though.

It’s a style we’ve been seeing rather a lot of lately, though, so we’re prepared to give it a second chance: but only if our readers allow it. So, what do you think: Yay or Nay?

P.S. If you like this dress (and you promise to wear something underneath it), you can buy it for £49 here.

Style On Trial, Trousers/Pants

Style on Trial: Snake print leggings from Topshop

Hey, everyone! Want your legs to look like a couple of reptiles! Topshop is here to help you do just that, with their snake-print leggings, £22.

On the plus side, you know all those people who have phobias about snakes? Just think of the fun you can have with them. On the minus side, however: well, to be honest, it’s pretty much ALL a minus side as far as we’re concerned, and we say that as people who don’t even have a particular problem with snakes: just with these leggings.

What about you, though? Yay or Nay to the snake-print leggings?

(Click here to buy them)

Shirts & Tops, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Barbie print at Miss Selfridge

T shirts with cartoon characters on the front were very popular last summer and there are still a few around this year.  Miss Selfridge are taking this a step further and have no fewer than six different t shirts and tanks (and a pair of socks) available featuring the inimitable Barbie.  Is this a step too far though readers?  A step too far in the direction of dressing like a toddler?  Or do you think that Barbie rocks and the perfect way to pay your respect to her is by wearing a top with her image adorning it?

If you agree with the latter, the Barbie t shirts are available from Miss Selfridge from £18 (£3 for the socks).