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Fashion for Fembots: Sonia Rykiel’s pink marabou-trim sheer mini

Ok, enough already with the underwear as outerwear trend. The Fashion Police have had their fill, and are afraid they’ll be forced to lay down a few basic ground rules for the sake of common decency. Such as: no more sheer. If we can see through it, it’s not suitable for public consumption. If it has a marabou trim, it’s unlikely to be suitable for the streets (excepting on those rare occasions when “street” meets “walking” and money exchanges hands…) And if it resembles nightwear even the teeniest bit, let’s be sensible and keep it in the bedroom, folks! Unless you actually want to resemble an Austen Powers fembot… in which case, fire away! (All puns 100% intended!) Sonia Rykiel…

From the ‘WTF?’ Files: Opening Ceremony Leg Band Mini Skirt

Hold it! There’s no point sliding your hand down your leg in an attempt to hide it, missy: we’ve already seen the leg band attached to your skirt. We don’t know WHY there’s a leg band attached to your skirt, of course: is the skirt in mourning for something? The fact that it has a freaking leg-band attached to it, perhaps? Or is it actually some kind of clever way to anchor the skirt in place and make sure it doesn’t creep crotch-wards? We’ll probably never know. Want one of your own, readers? Click here and cough up $210 to Opening Ceremony… 

Mark Fast’s knitted mini skirt helps us answer the question ‘How short is too short?’

Way back in 2008, we asked the question “How short is too short?” in relation to skirts. We got a variety of different answers to that, but personally we’d draw the line right at the point where the skirt in question could easily be mistaken for some kind of frilly halter-neck bra top. Or at the point where it’s suspended from your waist by a braided belt: What about you, readers? Would you wear this? If so, it’s £1,080 at Browns.

Ashley Tisdale in a fringed mini skirt Golden Globes after party

Golden Globes after party: Ashley Tisdale in a fringed mini skirt

From the waist up, it’s kinda like what your mother would wear to the Golden Globes. From the waist down, it’s… not. We can see what Ashley Tisdale was probably doing here: following a basic “if you’re going to wear a fringed mini skirt and leopard print shoes, wear something totally non-revealing on top.” It’s generally a sound rule to live by, but we feel a bit like her torso looks like it belongs on someone else here. What do you think?

What to Wear With a Sequined Skirt, Part 2

Tough girl. by Jean?! featuring Christian Louboutin shoes What would you wear with a sequined skirt? That’s what we asked you last week, and here’s how you answered us! Read on to see our second batch of results, and remember to tell us what you think of them!

What to Wear With a Sequined Skirt, Part 1

what to wear with a sequined miniskirt by Vecrutzi featuring Valentino shoes It’s time for Part 1 of our Style Challenge results, in which we take a look at the outfits you created outfits to wear with Rare’s sequined mini skirt. Enjoy, and look out for part two of the results, coming up tomorrow!

Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Sequined Skirt?

As we’ve noted several times now, this winter is going to have more than its fair share of sequins: they’ve been popping up on shoes, jackets, leggings, jumpsuits, you name it. They’ve also been appearing on skirts like the one above, whihc is by Rare, and so, for this Style Challenge, we’re asking you to show us what you’d wear with this skirt. Build an outfit around it using Polyvore and then post the link in the comments box: but before you do, read the Rules of the Game, which you’ll find below. Have fun!