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Style Trial: Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Liz and Dick’ L.A. premiere

Lindsay Lohan at the 'Liz and Dick' L.A. premiere

It’s far from the first time Lindsay Lohan has gone up on trial, so we figured she wouldn’t mind a quick Style Trial here at The Fashion Police. In fact, it might even make for a refreshing change, who knows?

With the obvious jokes out of the way, we’re going to risk ridicule by going ahead and admitting we think Li-Lo looks pretty darn good here. We’re thrilled (Well, as thrilled as you can be when you’re talking about something that has no actual relevance to your life at all, obviously…) to see her hair back to its natural red: or close to its natural red, anyway – it’s been so long since we saw Lindsay’s real colour we’ve forgotten what it was. We reckon this is much more flattering on her than the harsh, and somewhat ageing, blonde, and while there is a bit of an “out in my nightie” thing going on with the dress, we also have to appreciate the attempt at Old Hollywood glamour. Well, the “young Hollywood” thing wasn’t exactly working for her, was it?

What do you think? Are you as pleasantly surprised as we are by this look from Lindsay, or   is it simply that we’ve seen so many bad looks from her now that anything looks good in comparison?

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Lindsay Lohan wears polka dots and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes to court

Lindsay Lohan wears a polka dot dress to court

We stopped caring about Lindsay Lohan’s career (professional criminal now, isn’t she?) and criminal activities at around about the same time she started spending more time in court than most lawyers do. Since then, we’ve left it up to the REAL police to deal with LiLo, and they’re welcome to her.

We would, however, just like to note that we thought she did a fairly respectable job of dressing herself for her most recent court appearance. We’re not sure Chanel (handbag) or Giuseppe Zanotti (shoes) would agree with that – it must be the kiss of death to have LiLo spotted in your clothes these days – but this is a thousand times better than the strange “black blush” episode of last week, so credit where credit’s due. The real police may be preparing to welcome her back into their cells, where we’re sure she’s starting to feel right at home, but we’d give Lindsay a Get of Jail Free card for the outfit, at least.

What do you think?

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Lindsay Lohan to add handbags to 6126 line

The Fashion Police station pretty much has a revolving door for Lindsay Lohan, and her leggings line cum clothing collection 6126. The next file we’re going to have to open? One specifically for handbags. LaLohan revealed her love for handbags and plans to add them to her line in WWD this week.

“I’ve always loved handbags; they are the most important accessory to me,” said Lohan, creative director for 6126. “The right bag can take any outfit to the next level, giving it that finishing touch and really making it complete.”

The Blaze bag, previewed above, features black and nude snake-embossed leather with napa trim and interlaced corset gusset detail. The pieces will range in price from $165 to $395 and be sold in department stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s and boutiques. There will be 12 total styles in three groups – Starlette, Glam-A-Go Go and Kitten With a Whip. Yeah, we’re already kind of rolling our eyes.

What do you think? Is the sketch promising or is this just going to lengthen Lindsay’s rap sheet?

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Fashion Police at Perez Hilton’s Carn-Evil 32nd Birthday Party

Leona Lewis at Perez Hilton's birthday party

Don’t panic! Leona Lewis hasn’t totally lost the fashion plot here: Perez Hilton’s 32nd birthday party did have a Carn-Evil theme (make of that what you will), and Leona is simply dressing the part. We think Katy Perry came in fancy dress too, although it’s sometimes hard to tell with Katy, hmm?

This looks like it was a pretty fun night, fashion wise. Take a look at the gallery below for more outfit shots!

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Lindsay Lohan in a hooded dress at the Golden Globes after party

Lindsay Lohan in hooded dress at the Golden Globes after party

Lindsay Lohan had found the perfect cure for bad hair days

After the party comes the after party, and after the Golden Globes came… Lindsay Lohan in this unusual hooded dress, which makes her look a bit like either:

a) She’s in fancy dress as Rihanna

b) Lindsay is the hooded spectre of doom, and her appearance here is some kind of warning to us all. We must re-check the Fashion Bible and find out if there’s a passage saying, “When the hooded spectre of Lindsay Lohan shalt appear at the Golden Globes, Crocs and harem pants shall be in fashion forever more!” or some such thing.

While we’re doing that, feel free to tell us what you think of Lindsay’s outfit here!

P.S – for more Golden Globes after party looks, visit our Celebrity Spy section!

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Lindsay Lohan heads for a nipple slip in a revealling onepiece

Lindsay Lohan in a revealling swimsuit

We have no idea how people can ever feel comfortable in swimsuits like this. Even with liberal amounts of tit tape, we’d still be afraid to bend over, turn round, or, you know, move at all in case the girls broke loose. Then again, we’re not Lindsay Lohan, and we’re not into topless sunbathing: if you are, you may well find a suit like this perfectly acceptable, especially if you’re on someone’s yacht in the Caribbean, with only the long-range lenses of the paparazzi to worry you.  We still don’t think it looks comfortable, though…

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What Celebrities Wear to the Airport: Lindsay Lohan in a low-cut jumpsuit

90907M9_LOHAN_B-GR_05Ooh, Lindsay! It can get quite nippy in the air, you know – you’ll catch your death in that thing!

As regular readers may recall, The Fashion Police are always fascinated by the outfits celebrities choose to wear to the airport. Take Lindsay Lohan, for instance, pictured here at LAX in a jumpsuit that leaves very little to the imagination – and that’s not something we find ourselves saying very often in relation to jumpsuits. Still, at least she’s obeyed the “cleavage OR legs” rule here, keeping the rest of her body under wraps in baggy black material. We hope she at least brought along a pashmina for the plane!

Lindsay’s sister Ali, meanwhile, is pictured just behind her, wearing a floral print mini dress and gladiator sandals.

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Case Closed: Lindsay Lohan in knee-high gladiator sandals/cut-out boots


As Shoeperwoman has already noted, "gladiator sandals" may be the wrong way to describe these boots, but we're not quite sure what the RIGHT way is. What we do know is that they're exactly the kind of footwear we've had a file open on for quite some time now, as we've struggled to answer the question: who on earth would wear them?

Now, at least, we can close that case and give you the answer: it's Lindsay Lohan.

Do you think she's wearing them well, though?

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Case Closed: Lindsay Lohan in baggy, patterned jumpsuit


Who's been buying all those baggy, patterned jumpsuits, we wondered? You know, the ones with the elastic around the ankles, for an extra-baggy effect?

And today the answer came to us: it's Lindsay Lohan! Who we actually thought was wearing a maxi dress, until we took a closer look at those ankles. Still, at least she looks comfortable, no? And it's certainly a change from the leggings-as-pants look.

One more under the jump… and if you just can't get enough of jumpsuits right now, look out for this week's Wear or Die, coming up later today. Don't say we didn't warn you…

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Lindsay Lohan’s leggings and ankle gloves now available at Shop Intuition. Yes, “ankle gloves”…


We first brought you images of Lindsay Lohan’s new leggings line back in May. Since then, we’re sorry to say we still haven’t worked out what the knee pads are for. And we don’t think we want to know. If you have a use for that kind of thing, however, the leggings are now available to buy at Shop Intuition, with prices ranging from $99 – $132. Now, clearly we haven’t seen the leggings in question, so we don’t know what the quality is like, but those kind of prices seem almost like crimes of fashion themselves, don’t you think? How much do you usually pay for leggings? We know we get ours from H&M for less than £5, so we’d be interested to know in what way the zips, knee-pads and "glimmer" justify these kinds of prices from La Lohan.

To be completely honest, though, the leggings are the least of The Fashion Police’s worries right now. No, we have a much bigger bone to pick with LiLo over the ankle gloves:


Now, we don’t know. Maybe you young ‘uns will find something wonderful about these: something that will make you want to pay $42 for them. All we can say is that something about them made us instinctively recoil in horror and wonder how it was that Lindsay managed to escape from the Fashion Police jail for long enough to create these?

You can shop from Lindsay’s ‘6126’ line here. Will you?

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Lindsay Lohan really wasn’t joking about that leggings line….


OK, we admit it: we totally thought Lindsay Lohan was joking when she said she was going to design a range of leggings. Honestly, we didn’t think anyone could love leggings that much – not even Lindsay – but it seems we were wrong, for here’s LiLo on Robertson Boulevard this weekend, complete with a "bevvy" of leggings-clad lovelies, all modeling her new line, 6126. The name, incidentally, is another homage to Marilyn Monroe, who was born on 6/1/26. We’re not sure how Marilyn would feel about having leggings named after her, but at least it’s better than Lindsay’s last tribute to Monroe

We would really like to know what the knee-pads are for, though. Anyone?

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Lindsay Lohan swaps leggings for skinny jeans and high tops


We’re not quite sure which of Lindsay Lohan’s recent fashion crimes is the most serious. Is it the crotch-revealing leggings, worn everywhere, with everything, or is it the skinny jeans with high top sneakers crime, shown above? It’s a tough call, and if these two choices came up in a Wear or Die, well, we just don’t know which way we might jump. We’ve spoken out before about the wearing of skinny jeans and sneakers and we’re sad to say that this picture of LiLo does little (and by that we mean "nothing") to change our opinion on this very serious matter. But is it an improvement on the omnipresent leggings, we wonder?

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Lindsay Lohan to design leggings?

Lindsaylohan We haven’t seen this for ourselves, but according to Just Jared, Lindsay Lohan has told Life & Style Magazine that she’s all set to design her own line of… wait for it… leggings.

Well, it was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it? After all, every other celebrity worth their oversized sunnies has been bringing out their own clothing lines recently, and if LiLo was going to try her hand at designing we just know she’d strain the old brain for a few hours before thinking, "Hey, I know what I could design! Leggings! Yes, I’ll totally design my own leggings! Then I can continue to love in them, even when every other store in the world finally stops stocking them. Yes!"

Lindsay told the magazine: “It will be a while before it comes out, but I’m going to do it. I love leggings.” (No way! Really?!) They’ll have designs. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns.”

We’re warming the Fashion Police handcuffs as you read this…

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Lindsay Lohan is still on the leggings


Lindsay Lohan may well have managed to kick the various substances she went into rehab to rid herself of, but leggings are proving to be a much harder habit to break. Either that or she just really, really likes showing us her crotch.

Lilo: we know you love your leggings, and we’re happy for you, we really are. This has to be the longest relationship you’ve ever had, after all: it’s just a shame you’re choosing to have it so publicly, and with leggings, of all things. That’s not to say you can’t wear leggings of course, because you can. But please, for the love of God, Lindsay, could you just start wearing something over the top of them? Leggings + long top = a fundamental rule of fashion, and if you persist in flouting that rule like this then we’re afraid we’re going to have to send you to Fashion Rehab…

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Star Style Wars: Lindsay Lohan V. Joss Stone in Herve Leger


Joss Stone has been surprising everyone at New York Fashion Week by not being quite the Fashion Criminal we’re used to seeing. Yesterday she surprised us all once again by showing up to the Max Azria show in this vintage Herve Leger dress. Our old friend Lindsay Lohan wore a very similar Leger dress last year, but what we want to know is: who wore it best? Joss? LiLo? Neither? Who wins the Star Style Wars this time?

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Oops! Lindsay Lohan flashes her knickers again

Lindsay lohan flashes knickers

Over the weekend, my mother was standing in line in the Ikea rest room when a woman emerged from a cubicle with her very short skirt tucked into her knickers. You know how many people stepped forward to tell the unfortunate woman about her mistake? None. Well, none until my mother stepped up to the plate… Everyone else just stood there and sniggered while the girl dried her hands and prepared to exit the bathroom, with her knickers on full view.

Looks like a similar kind of thing happened to poor old Lindsay Lohan here. Hopefully someone told her about it before she went too much further, although, it has to be said that in Lindsay’s case, her habit of wearing "dresses" that are actually just tops isn’t really helping her here, is it?

Lindsay Lohan works in a morgue, channels Madonna in lace leggings

Lindsay lohan

Oh my God, is that…? Are those…? They are, you know. They’re white lace leggings. That are knee length. So, really, they’re cycling shorts, aren’t they? Lace cycling shorts.

Far more disturbing than the news that Lindsay Lohan is to spend time in a morgue as part of her rehabilitation after her DUI arrest last year is the fact that she apparently thought this was an appropriate outfit choice for a casting call. Unless, of course, it’s for a movie in which Lindsay will play Like-a-Virgin-era Madonna, in which case I guess this does actually work pretty well. I think on the whole I preferred the ubiquitous black leggings, though…

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Lindsay Lohan works in a morgue, channels Madonna in lace leggings

Lindsay lohan

Oh my God, is that…? Are those…? They are, you know. They’re white lace leggings. That are knee length. So, really, they’re cycling shorts, aren’t they? Lace cycling shorts.

Far more disturbing than the news that Lindsay Lohan is to spend time in a morgue as part of her rehabilitation after her DUI arrest last year is the fact that she apparently thought this was an appropriate outfit choice for a casting call. Unless, of course, it’s for a movie in which Lindsay will play Like-a-Virgin-era Madonna, in which case I guess this does actually work pretty well. I think on the whole I preferred the ubiquitous black leggings, though…

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Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t seem to own any pants…


OK, Lindsay. Now, we know you love your leggings. As it happens, we quite like leggings too – underneath other items of clothes. You’ve mostly been wearing yours loud and proud, with nothing between you and your modesty except some think lycra and a camel toe. So, in a way, it was a relief to see you swap leggings for tights today. Until, of course, we realised that you were wearing the tights in the same way you wear your leggings – with nothing over them but a cardigan.

Lindsay, this has to stop. Sure, it can be nice to have a "signature style", and we do admire people who take risks with their clothes, but we’re talking about the kind of risks that get you noticed – not the kind that might get you arrested for being out in the street with NO PANTS.

You see, the thing is, Lindsay, people are starting to talk. They’re starting to say that you don’t actually own any pants – or even any skirts or dresses – and that from now on it’s just going to be all leggings/tights, all the time.

Prove them wrong, Lindsay, won’t you? Do it for us?

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