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Leighton Meester in beaded platform shoes by Burberry Prorsum

Celebrity Style on Trial: Leighton Meester’s Burberry Prorsum beaded shoes

One of the nice things about being a celebrity (we’d imagine) is that you get to wear trends that are “hot off the runway”. Don’t laugh, these things are important to some people. Here, for instance, is Leighton Meester, dressed like a visitor from the future in a Marios Schwab Resort 2012 dress and Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 shoes. She is so, er, NEXT season, you guys! What do you think of this glimpse into the future of fashion, though? We’re particularly keen to hear what you think of the chunky, beaded shoes, because as soon as we opened the image, they were pretty much ALL we could look at, and we’re not sure whether that’s a good thing or a…

Leighton Meester at the premiere of The Roommate

[Image: PRPhotos.com] We never thought we’d say this, but… we don’t hate this incarnation of the bra dress, seen here on Leighton Meester at the premiere of The Roommate this weekend. Has The Little Girl With the Little Curl finally convinced us that there’s merit in the type of dress which has two distinct halves? Or… not? Up to you, readers, up to you…

Celebrity Style on Trial: Leighton Meester at the premiere of ‘Country Strong’

This Marc Jacobs dress has been winning huge amounts of praise this week from our fellow fashion bloggers, some of whom have been gushing over the wonder of it since it appeared on Leighton Meester at the premiere of ‘Country Strong’. This reaction has left us scratching our heads and wondering what we’re missing here, because… well, we don’t even really need to explain ourselves, do we? It’s a see-through skirt with a bad case of measles, and our fingers are just itching to rip it off and reveal what looks to be a reasonably nice dress underneath. Before we go ahead and decide that would be the right thing to do, however, we’re going to take a quick straw…

Best Dressed of the Day: Leighton Meester in Victoria Beckham Collection

This edition of BDOTD is a bit Cheaty McCheaterson of us, because Leighton Meester is actually on the Gossip Girl set, here, so this isn’t her own choice of outfit. It IS rather lovely, however, and given that so many celebrity outfits are selected by stylists even when they’re NOT on set, we think it still counts. The dress is by Victoria Beckham, and Leighton’s wearing it with zig-zag print platform shoes and a black clutch bag. What do you think?

Leighton Meester in a leather dress at Chanel Couture

Celebrity Fashion Moment of the Day: Leighton Meester in leather at Chanel Couture

This is technically a fashion moment of yesterday, but please don’t hold it against us: instead, just tell us what you think of Leighton Meester’s appearance at the Chanel Couture show wearing a leather, long-sleeved dress by – who else? – Chanel, and what look like Christian Louboutin peep toe boots. Our first thought: man, she must have been sweltering! Our second thought: It was possibly worth it, though: she looks fantastic. What do you think of Leighton’s look?

Red Carpet Watch: Fashion Police at the 2009 Emmys, Part 1

We have lots and lots of Emmys fashion to get through today, so we’re going to do this in two parts, kicking off with Kim & Kourteny Kardashian, above, who’ve obviously been taking notes on the whole “black vs white” theme that’s been running through fashion lately. Take a look under the jump for more Emmy Award arrivals, and don’t forget to tell us whose outfits you loved and loathed!

Red Carpet Watch: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 arrivals

We’ve already shown you what Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Music Video Awards last night, now here are some of the celebrities she was attempting to steal the limelight from.  Remember to tell us what you thought of these outfits – who was your favourite and least favourite? Above – Katy Perry, in a dress we could’ve sworn we’ve seen her in before…