kylie minogue

Fashion Police at The 2011 Billboard Music Awards

It’s the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, everyone! And it’s Rihanna! In a white suit! Now, we guess you could argue that this white trouser suit is a little more Miami Vice than “red carpet”.  Or “white floor”, as the case may be here. We think Rihanna looks amazing here, though. She looks good, she knows she looks good, and she looks good in an “I’m not even really trying here,” kinda way. Either that or she’s just thinking, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not wearing Nicki Minaj’s outfit…”. Well, we’re ALL glad we’re not wearing Nicki Minaj’s outfit, aren’t we? “Look at how completely kooky and kerrazzy I am, everyone!” Yeah. Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, wore a SHRESS. No, we’re not making this up:

Naomi Campbell Elle Style Awards

Fashion Police at the Elle Style Awards

Not just an awards ceremony, but an awards ceremony for STYLE, these images are from last night’s Elle Style Awards, in London. Our favorite fashion dementor, Kristen Stewart, picked up the Woman of the Year Award, but barely managed to crack a smile at that piece of news, so we’re thinking no more awards for Kristen, who is also grounded until she can improve her attitude, young lady! Alexa Chung, meanwhile, managed to break out of the short skirt/ankle boots rut she’s been in for a while, but stopped short of combing her hair, Agyness Deyn took recession fashion a little too far by apparently cutting up an old carpet and sticking it to her dress, and the Olsen Twins…

Kylie Minogue Single Man premiere

Kylie Minogue attends ‘A Single Man’ premiere in Paris

A relaxed-looking Kylie Minogue attended the premiere of ‘A Single Man’ in Paris this week, looking a little bit more casual than she usually does for these kind of events: the dress and shoes are very cute, but the long cardi does dress the outfit down a little. What do you think of this look?

Kylie Minogue at Dior fashion show

Kylie Minogue arrives at the Dior show in Paris

Kylie Minogue always manages to look adorable, no matter what she wears. Even although we’re currently having to repress the urge to run up to her and start fiddling with the tie on her jacket to make it sit better, we still think she looks… well, adorable, really, arriving at the Dior show in Paris this week. What do you think?

Spotted! Kylie Minogue on stage in thigh high Christian Louboutin boots

Aha! A late entry for our What to Wear With Thigh High Boots challenge! Oh, OK, it’s not: it’s Kylie Minogue rehearsing for her US tour in the kind of outfit you can really only get away with if you’re on stage. Or if you’re Lady Gaga. Actually, given that it is a stage outfit, and therefore not subject to the usual rules of dressing, we think Kylie gets away with it too: she wears a couple of different pairs of Christian Louboutin’s thigh boots in the show – take a look under the jump to see the other pair.  

Celebrity Fashion Roundup: Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Heather Graham

Christina Aguilera was photographed for the first time since giving birth to her son, signing copies of her new DVD at Best Buy and wearing lace-trimmed leggings and.. oh, who cares what she’s wearing – lookit those boobs! Kylie Minogue dressed up in a feathered dress to launch her new soft furnishings range, which includes sequined pillows. We’re not sure what surprises us most – he feathered dress or the fact that Kylie apparently sleeps on sequins… And Heather Graham – well, what was she thinking when she chose this outfit for New York Fashion Week, that’s what we’d like to know…