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      Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl’s Western look

      OK, so it’s not exactly “Western”. We don’t expect many cowgirls wore Ralph Lauren, for instance, but given that our experience of cowgirls is strictly limited to spaghetti Westerns, we’re willing to be proved wrong on that one. Regardless, though, Katherine Heigl’s outfit is rather different from the usual star stylings which pass through The Fashion Police’s holding area, and what we want to know is this: is it refreshingly different, or do you just want to send her back to the old West and be done with it? In other words: guilty or innocent? Which is it?

      Katherine Heigl attends the 13th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

      Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl in stripes at the 13th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

      OK, everyone, quieten down: the new governess is here and Miss Heigl will send you all to bed with a bowl of gruel if you don’t start behaving! Of course, we jest: sort of. There is something about Katherine Heigl’s dress and pearls here – not to mention the severe hairdo – that makes her look like she’s just arrived at the home of her dashing new employer, the Earl of Fashionwood, a poor, penniless governess destined to work her fingers to the bone looking after the Earl’s troubled young “charges”, until one day the house is burned down by the madwoman in the attic, and the Earl’s dastardly secret is revealed. Or perhaps we’ve been reading too much historical…

      KAtherine Heigl in Las Vegas

      Spotted! Katherine Heigl with dark hair and see-through Christian Louboutin boots

      We didn’t recognise Katherine Heigl at first here: we’re so used to seeing her as a blonde that this brunette ‘do totally threw us off the scent! Katherine was attending the WB Films ShoWest 2010 Luncheon in Las Vegas at the weekend, wearing a simple black dress with a pair of statement boots by Christian Louboutin. This is the second celebrity sighting of a pair of Louboutin’s new season mesh knee-highs (we showed you a slightly different style of these on Friday): they certainly seem to have found some degree of popularity in celebrity circles, although they’ve so far failed to win any favour with The Fashion Police. What about you, though, readers? What do you think of Katherine Heigl’s boots?

      Style Stealer: Katherine Heigl’s Diane Von Fursyenberg dress from the 2008 Hot in Hollywood event

      We loved Katherine Heigl’s Diane Von Furstenberg dress at the 2008 Hot in Hollywood event, but knew we’d never be able to afford it, so when we discovered this lookalike at Additions Direct, we were mighty pleased with ourselves. The top of this dress is a different colour from Katherine’s of course, but as this dress is only £39, we think we could probably live with that. Get it here, if you love it too.

      Fashion Police at The 2008 Oscars: Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway

      We’re only three dresses in, but does anyone else have ‘Lady in Red’ stuck in their head already? Red seemsto have been the colour of choice at this year’s Oscars, which is a little bit of a shame given the clashy shade of the red carpet. Katherine Heigl ,in Escada, and Anne Hathaway, in Marchesa, both went for red, one-shouldered gowns, but we reckon Katherine was the style winner in this particular Red Carpet Battle. Her dress is super-flattering to her figure, while Anne’s just kind of hangs there limply, with the rose embellishment making her look a little like a Miss World contestant. Your thoughts?

      27 Dresses Premiere – Katherine Heigl

      The ’27 Dresses’ premiere last night was a surprisingly good night for celebrity fashion: I dunno, maybe the word "dresses" in the film’s title inspired folks to dress well, who knows? One of my favourite red carpet looks of the night was newlywed Katherine Heigl, who was stunning in this sparkly grey prom dress, with matching peep toe shoes. Grey wouldn’t be the first colour most people would go for when picking a red carpet outfit (although I guess this is more silver than grey), but doesn’t she wear it well?

      Katherine Heigl works the wide-leg pants look

      Well, it was a fairly close-run thing, but the majority of you said you liked the current trend for wide legged pants , so, just for you, here’s Katherine Heigl in a pair of wide leg jeans. While there’s a lot to like about this outfit – I love the shawl-necked knit and clinched-in waist, and I think she’s pulling off the "wide leg" look well – I still take issue with the length of the pants here. They’re so long she looks like she’s been chopped off at the ankle, and doesn’t have any feet, and while it may just be the angle of the photo, I think I’d prefer to see some shoes (preferably point-toed ones) poking out…

      Fashion Police at the Emmys – Katherine Heigl, Debra Messing and Christina Aguilera in white

      Lots of red and other jewel tones at this years Emmys, but there was also a fair sprinkling of white dresses, and, of all of them, I think Debra Messing wore this look best, breaking up the white with the bands of black around this Ralph Lauren dress. Katherine Heigl in Zac Posen and Christina Aguilera in Valentino also went for the ever-so-slightly bridal look. Of the three dresses shown here, I like Christina’s least (possibly because white satin always strikes fear into my beating heart), but I guess a girl has to hide that baby bump somehow, and empire line is the traditional way to do it…