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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, makes an Orla Kiely coat sell out

Kate Middleton in an Orla Kiely coat

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Angel of Death to All Clothes, has been at it again: wearing clothes, and then prompting a complete shopping frenzy, as people all rush to buy exactly the same thing and look exactly like her. Clothes must shiver when they see her coming, no?

This time, Kate’s purchase sounded the death-knell for this brown Orla Kiely coat, which, according to the brand, sold out within minutes of the the Duchess’s appearance at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford. For those who’re interested, Kate paired her coat with brown  suede Aquatalia ankle boots, which she has – gasp! – been seen in before. We’ve no idea what she wore under the coat, though: whatever it was, it is presumably still available: for now…

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wears Jesire & Prada to the National Portrait Gallery

Duchess of Cambridge in a grey dress by Jesire

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has once again sent the world spinning on its axis by – wait for it – wearing clothes. In public. And not just any clothes, either: on her first solo engagement as a member of the Royal Family, The Duchess proved that she is down with the people by turning up to the National Portrait Gallery in London wearing a grey, 50s-style coat dress by high street brand Jesiré. (Aside: We at The Fashion Police almost always wear clothes from the high street. When do we get OUR medal, we wonder?)

Now, before you go getting too excited and muttering about how accessible she is, this dress is unavailable to us commoners as Jesiré is no longer in business. “Why is Kate Middleton wearing Jesire – a brand that is defunct?” wonders Grazia, which has valiantly tried to track down the dress in question, but to no avail. And why IS the Duchess wearing a dress by a brand which is defunct? Well, probably so the rest of us can’t just instantly copy her, like we always do, we’d imagine. Well, would YOU want everyone in the UK looking like clones of you? We thought not.

As for the shoes, they’re by Prada, and our sidekick, Shoeperwoman has the deets. Now, who wants to be first to say that Kate is “appropriate but dull”, as always happens on these  posts?

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Kate Middelton wears Zara, has higher hemline than usual

Kate Middleton in a Zara dress

The Fashion Police would respectfully like to ask The Duchess of Cambridge to please stop buying her clothes in Zara: we’re convinced she’s at least one of the reasons their clothes are currently selling for astronomical prices on eBay, and we’d quite like that to stop now, thanks very much. This dress, for instance, is already sold out, but whether that’s because of the Kate Effect or not, we will never know.

With that said, here’s Kate Middelton, always appropriate, causing a few raised eyebrows in royal circles: not because her dress is from the high street (everyone’s used to that by now, presumably) but because it’s has – SHOCKHORROR – a higher hemline than usual.

The Duchess is known for her usually conservative clothing choices, which tend to include skirts and dresses which hit either on the knee or just above. This one, worn to watch Garry Barlow in concert, is mid-thigh length, but given that Kate seems to have the ability to make almost anything look conservative, we probably wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out to us.

What do you think of this latest outfit?

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What Kate Bought: Kate Middleton shops at Topshop

Kate Middleton shops at Topshop

This week, certain sectors of the UK media were absolutely astonished by the news that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has been spotted doing a bit of shopping at her local Topshop, in Kensington.

Honestly, we’re mostly just amazed by the amazement. If she’s anything like any other British girl – and, small matter of being married to a Prince aside, the evidence so far would seem to suggest that she IS – Kate probably grew up shopping at Topshop, just like the rest of us did. Why would she stop now, just because she’s suddenly filthy rich. If YOU were rich, would you walk past Topshop on your way home, without so much as a glance? We wouldn’t. Sure, it would be great to be able to hit up the designer boutiques any time you wanted, but clothes are clothes, and we’re pleased to see that Kate apparently isn’t a clothes snob, because that’s the first stop on the fasttrack to Fashion Victim Central, as we all know.

Anyway, during her “spree” – if three items can be called that – the Duchess bought a teal pencil skirt (£38), and velvet trim boucle jacket (£65), and a pair of earrings. We have no idea how much the earrings cost, but probably around £10? Who knows.

Only the jacket was still available on the Topshop website at the time of writing, and we’d imagine that will sell out soon, the fashion world being what it is. (What it is = lots of women all desperate to wear exactly the same thing as each other, and as the Duchess of Cambridge.) You may still be able to find the items in question in-store, though, should you want to. Do you?

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Style Stealer: Kate Middleton’s green Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress

Green Diane Von Furstenberg 'Maja' dress, as seen on Kate Middleton

Attention Kate Middleton fans, Royal watchers and people who are just a bit bored, and are reading this simply to pass the time: we interrupt our Emmys/Fashion Week coverage to bring you the news you’ve probably not been waiting for, which is that the Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress, as worn by Kate Middelton, is now available for us commoners to buy.

The dress, which is so loved by the Duchess of Cambridge that she’s now worn it twice (a move guaranteed to rock fashion victims to their very core) is available for £375 at Net-a-Porter, and $398 at Shopbop.

What do you think of it, though?

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Vivienne Westwood hates Kate Middleton’s eyeliner

Vivienne Westwood, flame-haired fashion designer, has had a quick pop at Kate Middleton, Duchess, high-street shopper, this week, for having “a problem” with makeup.

“I think she’s got a problem with eye make-up,” said Westwood. “The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.”

Westwood also thinks The Duchess of Cambridge is “ordinary”, and should take steps to be “extraordinary,” a bit like Dame Viv herself, presumably.

‘It seems to me, that her image is “ordinary woman”. Therefore, High Street shopper. And I just think that she should be an extraordinary woman, wherever she gets her clothes from.”

Oh, come on, Viv! Since when was “high street shopper” an insult? It’s where most women shop, after all: we can’t all afford Westwood (Although, we must admit, we’d like to: she is one of our own fashion icons.). And some would argue that it’s her very “ordinariness” which forms a large part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s appeal: we like the fact that she shops in the same places as us, and wears her clothes more than once before discarding them. Maybe we also like the fact that she does her own makeup, and continues with the lower-eyelid line, regardless of what people say about it?

Kate Middleton, of course, isn’t about to lower herself by responding to such barbs, but if she did have something to say on the subject of People Who Apply Makeup Badly, we’d imagine her response might possibly include the words “pot”, “kettle” and “black”.

Vivienne Westwood: more extraordinary than you

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kate Middleton criticised for her habit of applying liner to her lower lids, though: does Viv have a point, do you think, or is Kate fine the way she is?


Kate Middleton: likes eyeliner

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Kate Middleton doesn’t buy new clothes for a wedding: do you?

Now, we don’t know about you, but when a wedding invitation drops through the door of the Fashion Police HQ, we’ve generally started the hunt for something to wear before we’ve even posted our RSVP.

This is partly because we’re shopaholics, of course: but for us there’s something about a wedding that seems to demand a new outfit (or at least part of one), especially if the wedding in question involves roughly the same group of people that were at the last eleventy-one weddings we attended: and let’s face it, it normally does.

Not so with Kate Middleton, however.

Last weekend, the Duchess of Cambridge was in Edinburgh, along with the rest of the Royal Family, to attend the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall. Did she buy a new outfit for the occasion? Pshaw! Not our frugal Duchess. Instead of rushing out to Coast, like the rest of us, Kate did a little something fashion bloggers like to call “shopping your own closet” and the rest of us like to call “wearing your clothes”.

First came the “remixing” of the green Diane Von Furstenberg dress Kate wore on her trip to Canada last month:

(Aside: Doesn’t she look particularly drop-dread-gorgeous here? We want to cut off her hair and attach it to our own heads.)

For the wedding itself, meanwhile, the Duchess “remixed” the gold dress coat she wore to the last Royal Wedding she attended: that of Laura Parker-Bowles and Harry Lopes.

Kate also wore the LK Bennett pumps which are rarely off her feet, and which the owners of LK Bennett must surely thank the Lord for every night before they go to bed.

Theories abound as to why the Duchess of Cambridge decided to wear more or less the same outfit to two Royal weddings. They can basically be summed up as:

a) She’s just not that into fashion. And, indeed, why should she be? Marrying the future King does not, after all, come with the condition that one must instantly turn into a clothes horse (although that seems to have happened anyway in this case, with everything Kate wears selling out instantly.).

b) She likes to be frugal and can’t see the point in spending money on clothes she’ll only wear once. Or twice. (“Frugal”, is obviously a comparative term here: most of us probably don’t consider the act of buying designer clothes and then wearing them twice to be particularly thrifty, but then, she is the Duchess of Cambridge, she’s hardly going to be shopping in Primark, is she?) If this is the case, we applaud her: we’ve always hated this idea that it’s a major crime of fashion to – OMG! – be seen in the same thing twice, when actually, that’s the way most people live their lives. Who can afford to buy a brand new outfit for every single day of the year, after all?

Regardless of Kate’s reasons for wearing the same wedding outfit twice, we find it quite endearing:it’s nice to finally find a celebrity who doesn’t feel under pressure to constantly parade brand new clothes, and who’s happy to wear the same thing twice – it’s what most of the rest of us do, after all!

What we want to know, though, is whether you’d do the same thing?

Would you wear the same thing to two different weddings?

Sock Horror!

Kate Middleton causes sales of sheer hosiery to “skyrocket”. Do you wear sheer tights?

As the nation’s obsession with Kate Middleton continues, the latest news from brands desperate to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Duchess of Cambridge, is that Kate is responsible for a huge rise in the sale of sheer hosiery.

Selfridges is reporting a 40″ increase in sales of sheer tights since this time last year, while TightsPlease are doing even better, with a 90″ increase in sales of their “Kate Middleton style” nude tights.


For Kate Middleton herself, of course, shiny, sheer tights have absolutely nothing to do with fashion: they’re purely a matter of royal protocol, which dictates that female members of the royal family should always wear hosiery, and closed-toe shoes. (Kate slipped up on that one, by the way, when she wore a pair of LK Bennett sandals to a polo match last week in California. Don’t worry, Kate, we won’t tell…) It’s always possible that Kate would chose to always wear tights anyway, regardless of that fact, but it has to be noted here that she is operating under a very different set of “rules” from most of us.

Sheer tights and the Kate Middleton effect

As for the rest of us, however, it would probably be fair to say that until the so-called Kate Middleton effect took hold, sheer hosiery, especially of the “nude” variety, had rather fallen out of fashion. In fact, unless you have an occupation with a dress code which forbids bare legs, or are a lady of a certain age, for whom the very idea of bare legs goes against a lifetime of fashion teaching, it’s entirely possible that you don’t even own a pair of nude tights. Opaque tights, yes: in fact, over the past few years, opaque tights have stopped being simply undergarments, and started being fashion items in their own right, with brands constantly bringing out new colours and patterns. You may even own some fishnets, or lace tights, or tights in some other fabric or style.

But the sheer, shiny nylons of the 70s and 80s? We’re going to take a guess that they probably haven’t had much of a role in your fashion life, at least not within the past few years, when it’s been pretty much a case of bare legs or opaques, with nothing in between. Memories of the American Tan of the 80s have made sheer hosiery seem dated and fussy to some generations of women – and, of course, the fact that sheer tights tend to ladder easily and aren’t always the most comfortable things in the world to wear don’t help much either.

Sheer hosiery makes a comeback, nothing new under the sun

Of course, there was a time when bare legs were seen as a serious fashion faux pas. That time wasn’t even particularly long ago: in fact, any time we write about the issue of tights with sandals, we can guarantee we’ll get a selection of comments from women who were raised to believe that a lady never goes bare-legged, and who can’t imagine deviating from that rule, especially in the workplace. So if, indeed, sheer hosiery is making a comeback, it’s just one more example of fashion coming full-circle.

Do you wear sheer hosiery?

Never mind Kate Middleton, though: we want to hear about you, the woman on the street. Or on the internet, rather. What’s your take on sheer tights? Do you wear them? Would you wear them? Are you starting to see them as “fashion” item now that they’ve been given the royal seal of approval -albeit as a matter of protocol – or will you be sticking to your trusty opaques or nothing at all, and letting the royals keep all the sheer tights for themselves?

In other words: what do you think of sheer hosiery?

(Bracing ourselves for the usual male-generated nylon-fetish comments on this one…)

P.S. If you’re particularly interested in Kate’s style, take a look at our Kate Middleton pictures site, The Duchess!


Peacocks to sell Kate Middleton-inspired wedding dress for £60

Would you buy your wedding dress from Peacocks?

That’s not a question we ever thought we’d find ourselves asking, because the brand is best known for their low-budget fashion pieces (and their recent collaboration with Pearl Lowe) than for dressing brides-to-be, but the recent wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William has apparently inspired the chain to make their first ever wedding gown.

The dress, shown above, is a limited edition, and will go on sale on August 7th, priced at £60. Loosely based on the dress worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge, it’s one of many wedding gowns to be inspired by the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen original, and possibly one of the cheapest.

What do you think?

[Image: Fame]

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Fashion Police Roundup: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Reiss’s ‘Shola’ dress

Now, we don’t normally feature Queen Elizabeth II here at The Fashion Police, but we just had to take issue with today’s Daily Mail, which criticises Michelle Obama for wearing a dress which they claim was too similar to the monarch’s at their meeting this week. This is news to us, because, of course, Michelle Obama’s dress is not even remotely similar to the Queen’s:

See? Not even a little bit similar.

“It’s never a good idea to dress like an 85-year-old,” says The Mail. Two things about that:

1. It is if you’re an 85-year-old.

2. Michelle Obama isn’t dressed like one. Or like the Queen, for that matter. Sheesh!

(Her oufit is by Barbara Tfank, by the way. We don’t know who the Queen’s is by.)

The Mail, is, however, pleased with Kate Middleton, who has returned from her honeymoon and who is continuing with her custom of wearing high street fashion. To meet the Obamas, Kate wore Reiss’ beige ‘Shola’ dress, which is “only” £175:

The Reiss website crashed this afternoon under the weight of the traffic it received from people scrambling to buy this dress – or so it’s claimed, anyway. The dress was still in stock in sizes 8 and 10 at the time of writing, so either they had a huge amount of stock, or the Kate Effect isn’t quite as strong as the media would like us to think.

We think Kate looks as elegant as ever here, but what do you think? Want to buy the dress? You can click here to get it if so – but only if you wear size 8 or 10…

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Royal Wedding Fashion: Kate Middleton’s second dress of the day

It may have been a fairytale wedding, but as far as The Fashion Police are concerned, the real fairytale would be getting to wear two custom-made Alexander McQueen dresses in one day.

That was the fate of Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as we should probably now be calling her: Kate’s simple ivory gown for the evening reception (a more “intimate” affair for just 300 people) was also designed by Sarah Burton, who can probably expect to rise to even greater prominence as a designer in her own right after the coup of designing not one, but two royal wedding dresses.

We think Sarah did a great job. Like the first dress Kate wore yesterday, this is simple and stylish, and while it will probably draw criticism from some for being too plain, or too predictable, we don’t think your wedding day is the right time to be making adventurous fashion statements or experimenting with radically new looks, so we reckon Kate pitched it just right. Once again, the cut and fit of this dress is perfect, and she couldn’t look lovelier. We’re welling up…

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Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton wears Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton

We’re sure those of you who are interested in the Royal Wedding will already have seen The Dress, but we couldn’t resist putting down the Pimms and cake for a few minutes to bring you a couple of photos.

Kate Middleton’s dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and featured a 2m 70cm train and lace applique sleeves.

Our verdict? Absolutely perfect. The dress fit her to perfection and we loved the understated elegance, which was reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress: simple and timeless, and very true to Kate’s existing style. She looked absolutely beautiful, as did her sister, Pippa, as Chief Bridesmaid:

Continue Reading

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Royal Wedding: Are you desperate to steal Kate Middleton’s style?

So, it’s the Royal Wedding next Friday. While the Fashion Police are viewing the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton purely as an opportunity for a day off, however, if the many, many fashion PRs who communicate with us every day are to be believed (And just to be clear: they’re not), the rest of the country – and perhaps the world – view Kate Middleton as the greatest! style icon! ever! and are just desperate to “steal her style”.


If this is true, then colour us amazed. Don’t get us wrong: we like Kate. She’s a beautiful girl, and she seems like a nice person, from what we can gather, anyway. But a style icon? No. While she’s unfailingly elegant, as befits someone who’s about to become a member of the Royal family, we can’t help finding Ms Middleton’s style a little… dull.  (And this is distinct from the kind of “safe” dressing that made Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O icons. You could call that kind of timeless elegance “boring”, but we’d beg to differ: it’s not that we think everyone has to be “edgy” – heaven forbid! It’s just that we’ve never really looked at Kate Middleton and thought, “Must have that dress NOW!”)

Of course, we should probably add here that we don’t blame Kate herself for any of this. Adventurous dressing and being married to the future king don’t really go hand in hand, after all, and just because she’s marrying a prince, it doesn’t necessarily follow that Kate is remotely interested in fashion – or that she should be. Our surprise isn’t that Kate dresses the way she does, because she always seems appropriate for the occasion/her position: it’s that the fashion industry seems to want us to regard her as the next great fashion icon.

Interested in fashion or not, she is about to become one of the most photographed women in the world, and the media are already declaring her to be the best dressed woman of the decade, while trying desperately to convince us that you all want to dress exactly like her. Do you? We’ve put together a little Kate Middleton gallery to help you decide…

(P.S. We’d love it if this discussion could remain free of any weight-related attacks or body snarking: remember, criticise clothes, not people!)

[All images: Fame]