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Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

The Mystery of the Foil Joggers, by KTZ

OK, here’s the deal: if anyone can give us a plausible-sounding reason why you’d want to buy a pair of see-through jogging pants (complete with visible pockets and label: classy), we will BUY the aforementioned jogging pants, as a gift from The Fashion Police to you.

Um, OK, not really. The ARE £130, after all, and we don’t really want to encourage this kind of thing.

We’d still love to hear your reasons, though…

(Click here to buy them)

Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Will jogging pants ever be stylish? These ones want to give it a go…

Leopard print jogging bottoms. For those who wish to “work” the jogging-pants-with-stilettos trend, and feel that regular jogging pants just aren’t fancy enough, perhaps?

For those who like to get their fashion on, even when they’re at the gym, or slobbing out in front of the TV?

For you?

If the answer to the last question was “yes”, click here to buy them at River Island. If the answer was “no”, however, perhaps Dorothy Perkins can interest you in their denim joggers?

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Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Gym Crimes: Adidas Select crop leggings

Ever wanted to know what is was like to wear silver foil on your legs?  Well now you can!  Adidas have produced a pair of crop leggings/jogging pants which are made entirely from aluminium foil.

Ok, so they’re not really made of aluminium foil, they’re made of cotton, but it will certainly look like you have encased your legs in foil if you should wear these pants.  Is that something you want to do though readers?  Perhaps you have always had a hankering to be able to see your face in your running attire?

Did we mention that these are £100?  If you have that sort of money to spend on leggings or sportswear, then you can go ahead and buy them at ASOS.

Would you wear these to the gym?

Crimes of Fashion, Jeans, Trousers/Pants

Blue acid wash denim jogger from Topman

You just know there’s a crime of fashion waiting to happen when you see the words ‘acid wash’ ‘denim’ and ‘jogger’ in the same sentence.  You would be correct to think that too, if the offender above is anything to go by.  As far as we can tell, these are some sort of mom jean-jogging bottom hybrid – for men.  That’s right, for men.  For is it Topman who are offering up these joggers, complete with elasticated waist, faux-fly and rear pockets.  They even have tapered legs – the trademark of all good joggers and mom jeans everywhere.

So gentlemen, what do you think?  Would you wear these pants?  Ladies, would you let your man wear these pants?

If so, you can buy them in the Topman sale where they have been reduced to £18.

Shoes, Style On Trial, Trousers/Pants

Style on Trial: Sweat pants with heels

Sweat pants with heels: you like?

Jogging pants with heels: you like?

As we noted (with no small amount of concern, we might add) earlier this month, the December issue of UK Vogue informs us that sweat pants are THE trousers to be seen in this season, and that every well-dressed woman will be wearing them – not with sneakers, though: with heels.

The image above, from, is the first evidence we’ve found of this “trend” in action, but far be it for us to doubt what Vogue tells us, so we wanted to ask you: what do you think of this look? It’s lounge wear-meets-office-wear, casual-meets-dressy, comfort-meets-formal, er, jogging pants meets stilettos, but do these contradictions make you jump for joy and yell “At last! Now I get to wear my old sweatpants ALL THE TIME and call it ‘fashion’!” or do you just give a small shudder and say, “Only if you paid me, and it would depend how much?”

We know what WE think, but what do you think, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury?