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Would you pay $100 for an Old Navy sweater

J Crew and Old Navy polka dot sweaters

You’ve probably seen an image much like the one above on a whole lot of fashion blogs by now, haven’t you?

The story is a simple one: J Crew make an awesome, polka dot cashmere sweater. But it’s cashmere, and, well, it’s J Crew (which is charging the same prices as some designer brands we could mention these days…), so it’s pretty expensive: $268, to be precise. Ouch.

Enter Old Navy. They make their own dupe of the coveted polka dot sweater. It isn’t cashmere, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s not $268, either: in fact, it’s a much more reasonable $25. Yay! They make it a few different colours. It’s downright adorable. So it sells out. Boo!

Enter eBay:

Old Navy polka dot sweater

Where that Old Navy sweater can be yours for the bargain price of… $100.

Will it sell at that price? Well, maybe not. But the evidence suggests that yes, there ARE people willing to pay these kinds of prices for Old Navy, and get into bidding wars over something that was, at one point, reduced to $18:

old navy polka dot sweater on ebay

Obviously what people choose to spend their money on is their business: understood. But we’re fascinated by this OMGMUSTHAVEITATANYPRICE attitude that seems to have swept the world of fashion over the last few years. We saw it happen last year with Zara and their tulip dresses (not to mention the infamous asymmetric pumps: £60 in store, often spotted on eBay for £200 and more – and actually SELLING at that price, too), and now it seems it’s the turn of Old Navy and its polka dot sweaters to be the most wanted items of the moment, with some people determined to get their hands on one, even if it means parting with close to $100.

What do you think? Would you pay $100 for an Old Navy sweater?

Fashion Trends, Trousers/Pants

Style on Trial: Bright pants – J Crew Café Capri

Bright pants by J Crew

If you’re not loving the current trend for bright pants, we can only hope that you’ve made arrangements to move to somewhere without internet access and/or fashion victims for the foreseeable future. These things are EVERYWHERE. Red pants, blue pants, yellow, purple and green pants. It really doesn’t matter what colour they are: what matters is that they’re BRIGHT.

J Crew’s Café Capri trousers are just one example of the bright pant trend, and we think they’re a pretty good one: they’re tailored, they’re slim-cut, they hit, as the name  suggests, right at the ankle, allowing them to be worn with a great pair of shoes without hiding them.

What do you think of them, though, that’s what we want to know? Do you love them, hate them, just not care? Tell us!

(These particular pants are £103 at J Crew, but if that sounds like a bit too much, don’t despair: we’ve spotted similar looks at most of the usual high street stores – check out ASOS and Topshop for starters…)

Fashion News

Fashion News: J Crew offers flat-rate shipping to the UK

More good news for UK-based fashion fans: hot on the pleather heels of the announcement that Primark is to start selling online, TFP is pleased to hear that American-based J Crew is now offering flat-rate shipping for the not-too-hideously expensive price of £9.95 per order.

International shipping has long been a bug-bear of ours: don’t you just hate it when you find something you love from a brand based in another country, and then discover that shipping to your location is either not available at all, or will cost you almost as much as the order itself? We do, so it’s good to know that another US brand has become a little more accessible to us, although one word of warning: the shipping may only be £9.95, but be aware that you may be charged import duties on international orders! (And you probably will if you have anything like our luck…)