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Daylight Robbery? Masion Michel Yoko embellished cat ears headband

Masion Michel Yoko embellished cat ears headband

This is a headband.

With cutesy cat ears on it.

It’s covered in beads and glitter, NOT in priceless diamonds and stardust, and yet… it’s £660.

Six. Hundred. And. Sixty. Pounds. Which is MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Would YOU pay $1,000 for a headband? Or do you agree that, whatever your opinion on grown adults wearing cat ear headbands outside of a costume party, this is a clear case of Daylight Robbery?

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Crimes of Fashion

Antler headband from Topshop: the madness continues

So, you weren’t keen on the wolf ears, huh?

Well, we can’t say we blame you. In fact, we agreed with pretty much every comment on that post.

Maybe Topshop can interest you in this Antler headband instead, though?

No? Sure? Hey, where’d everybody go?!

(What’s most bizarre to us about this one is that it’s £80. EIGHTY POUNDS. That’s about $120. And OK, if it was cheap, we can see someone buying it as a joke item, or for a costume party – Halloween is, after all, just around the corner. An £80 price tag, however, suggests something you’d be planning to wear more than just once, and as more than just a novelty, “haha, lookit me, I’m totally wearing antlers you guys!” kinda thing. In conclusion: HUH?!)

Click here to buy it, but before you do, PLEASE drop us a comment to tell us how and why you plan to wear it: we’re genuinely interested!