So Long 2017: 6 Trends We Want to Say Goodbye To Before The New Year

2017 is coming to an end and it’s definitely been an interesting year for fashion! As always, there were some trends that we loved and some that made us raise an eyebrow. From jeans with plastic knees to corsets over t-shirts, there are definitely some trends that we’d like to see disappear. We took a look back at some of the biggest trends in fashion this year and we chose six of the worst fashion trends we want to say goodbye to before 2018. Check them out here: 1. Clear Plastic Clothing This is definitely one of the strangest fashion trends that happened this year. We first saw it when Topshop debuted their “Clear Knee Mom Jeans”, which are exactly…

Vanity Sizing in the Fashion Industry -Who are the worst offenders?

Breaking news from Planet Fashion this week as fashion retailers make an astonishing discovery: that women are not all the same shape! Gasp! Women, of course, as The Daily Mail’s headline suggests, have known this for years now – probably forever.  Lucky is the woman who is able to walk into a store and find garments that fit her perfectly. There is no such thing as the "perfect 10" – or, indeed, the "perfect 8, 12, 16, or 0".  It’s possible to be one size in one store and a totally different size in the store next door. It makes shopping pretty tricky sometimes, and at last some sectors of the fashion world seem to waking up to the fact…

Fashion Trends: Checks

Ooh, it’s all gone a bit Little House on the Prairie" around here, hasn’t it? We’re not quite sure how we feel about that, but what we are sure about is that there are a whole lot of checks around right now. They’re on dresses. They’re on shirts. They’re… well, OK, they’re mostly on dresses and shirts, but you’ll find your fair share of them on accessories and other items, too. Great if you’re into the Country and Western look, not so great if you’re not. Check out the product details below… broderie check dress; check shirt dress; check shirt; check western shirt; check shirt dress

Wanted! Navy buton bow top from Dorothy Perkins

Bows are back. The Fashion Police say, “Hallelujah and praise the Gods of Fashion, because we’re all about the bows.” Of course, to be perfectly honest, it’s not like bows have actually been anywhere, but the fashion powers-that-be have decreed them to be officially “back” for Spring, and Dororthy Perkins know it: it was love at first look between us and this navy bow top which is only £15, and will look fabulous in the summer worn with a pair of tailored shorts, or right now with dark denim jeans. It’s cheered us right up, in fact…

Fashion News: Valentino’s Last Stand

You find The Fashion Police in slightly weepy mood this morning, folks, in the wake of Valentino’s last ever couture show, at the Rodin Museum in Paris last night. The show ended with all of the models emerging in identical long dresses in Valentino’s signature red, while the great man himself took his last walk down the catwalk to rapturous applause. It gives us shivers just thinking about it. As for the clothes themselves, it gives us great pleasure to report that Valentino did himself proud (we expected no less), with chic tailoring, feminine florals, big bows, and everything else the label does so well. A truly gorgeous collection, and a fitting last stand. Happy retirement, V-Man. We’re missing you…

Wanted! Prada’s crystal heel slingback sandals

We couldn’t let you go off to bed (or wherever else you’re going) with the image of those camouflage Crocs and blinged-up diapers still burnt into your brain, so to soothe away the pain, here’s a little slice of loveliness, courtesy of Prada’s crystal heeled slingback sandals, which just go to show that not only do sparkly stiletto heels make your legs look better, they make everything better. All is well with the world once more.

Paris Hilton is Most Stylist Internation Person, says MTV Hong Kong. Fashion Police beg to differ.

I don’t think there can be a woman among us who didn’t give a little involuntary wince of pain upon seeing Paris’s boobs in this photo. Seems like Paris was going for a kind of ‘Blonde Ambition era Madonna look here, and that’s a pretty risky thing to do at the very best of times, but here it’s just all gone horribly, horribly wrong, with Paris apparently just squeezing her way into a dress designed for a much shorter person, and then making a half-hearted attempt to protect her "modesty" with a bit of see-through chiffon. And that’s saying absolutely nothing of the "double boobs" effect created by the ill-fitting bodice of the dress. More evidence that money can’t buy…

The Stiletto-Sneaker madness continues

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you might quite like these shoes, seduced by the old-skool style of the uppers and the luxe velvet fabric. As far as The Fashion Police are concerned, though, the stiletto-sneaker is a crime of fashion in all its many forms, and no amount of silky velvet will persuade us otherwise. Hybrids like this, you see, are just wrong as far as we’re concerend. The fact is that sneakers aren’t meant to have stiletto heels. It’s like seeing a car with feet, or a dog with the body of a fish. It’s almost unnatural, and while these ones are by far the worst example of the genre, we just can’t bring ourselves to…

2 Ways to Wear… Grey skinny jeans

A new feature for The Fashion Police… Each week we’ll be posting an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory, along with some different outfit suggestions. Join in by leaving us a comment with some suggestions of your own, or just enjoy our picks, it’s up to you! This week we’re kicking things off with an easy one – a pair of grey skinny jeans from River Island (£36.99). Now, I firmly believe everyone should have a pair of these – they’re so versatile, go with everything, and can be dressed up or down however you want. Look after the jump for our suggested outfits, or join in and suggest one of your own!

Wanted! Lurex pleat cardigans from Dorothy Perkins

A few months ago, Dorothy Perkins were selling one of these lurex pleat cardigans in silver. I picked it up, put it back down, picked it up again, stroked it, admired it, wondered what I’d wear with it, put it back down again… then walked out of the shop without buying it. By the time I’d realised that, no, I really couldn’t live without it any longer, of course, it had sold out. Isn’t that always the way of things? I’m going to try really hard not to make the same mistake again now that they have the same cardigan back in gold and blue. I love the vintage-look of it, and I know I want one of these, it’s…

Dress of the Day – the classic little black dress by Coast

You just can’t go wrong with a little black dress, can you? Dress it up with pearls and stilettos, dress it down with a cardi and flats; wear it to dinner, to parties – wear it to work if you want, and if it’s the right kind of little black dress. This ‘Annora’ black dress from Coast wouldn’t exactly be suitable for work, given that it’s made from Duchesss satin, but you will be able to wear it to just about every kind of formal occassion you can think of. This is one of those dresses that you’ll hold onto for years and will make you feel good every time you wear it. It’s the kind of dress everyone should…

Wanted! ‘Molly’ boots by Faith in black and brown

When I buy new winter boots I always tend to go for girly, delicate little things with pointed toes and spindly stiletto heels. This year, though? Well, this year I fancy something different – something more like these ‘Molly’ boots by Faith.  These are definitely not ‘delicate’, but I still think they’d look great worn over skinny jeans for a casual, laid back winter look. They’re £90 and come in brown and black. Which to choose, though, which to choose?

Wanted! Lin & Leo’s leather laptop bags

Wouldya lookit that! Now, y’all are probably thinking, "It’s just a standard handbag, what’s she on about?" but this, my friends, is no handbag – although I guess you could use it as one if you really wanted to. No, this is a laptop bag, and personally, I think it’s one of the prettiest laptop bags I ever did see. It almost makes me want to start carrying my laptop around with me, just so I could buy one. It’s by Lin & Leo, and unfortunately it’s not cheap – prices start from $119 – but  you do get to choose from some pretty colours. Love it.

On Trial: Leggings – love them or hate them?

OK. The debate on leggings has been raging for a couple of years now, with some people loving them and some people hating them, so I’m putting them up On Trial so that we can get a definitive answer. What do you think of leggings? Do you wear them? Would you wear them? Or do you think they should be consigned to fashion hell, forever. For myself, I’m on the fence on this one. I hated leggings unreservedly when they first started to make their comeback a couple of years ago. Last winter, though, I tentatively tried on a pair with a sweater dress and boots. To my surprise, I loved them. They were much more comfortable (not to mention…

The Fashion Police Love… retro style fashion from Mod Cloth

It’s no secret that I love me some retro. It’s also no secret that real retro clothes can be hard to find – and can sometimes smell funny when you do manage to track them down.  Enter Mod Cloth,  with its retro style and modern fabrics. Sadly, the red  ‘Twiggy’ dress on the right of this picture is now sold out (no, it wasn’t me, I didn’t buy them all) but the other two pieces are still available, and plenty more besides. Lots and lots of fun stuff at this site for those of you who like retro fashion and they ship internationally. Love it.

Crime of Fashion – split toe socks

If there’s one fashion "law" that we at The Fashion Police believe in almost more than any other, it’s that socks with sandals are all kinds of wrong. The only thing worse than socks with sandals, in fact, would be socks with flip flops, but no one would be stupid enough to try that now, would they? Oh no, wait. They would. These are split-toe socks, you see. They’re designed especially for people who want to wear flip flops with their socks underneath – mad people, in other words. Big in Japan, but will they take off in the West, we wonder?

Fashion Criminal: Lily Allen

And that, right there, is why I’ve always maintained that trainers should only ever be worn at the gym. And yes, I know that "trainers with a vintage style dress" is Lily Allen’s "thing". And yes, I’m willing to concede that, with the right accessories, this dress could almost be cute. The trainers, though, are not the right accessories. They make the whole outfit look frumpy, and make Lily here look like a worn down mother of five – all she needs is to swap the bag for a tatty old Tesco carried and the look will be complete. Go on, Lily, ditch the trainers – you know it makes sense.

If you go down to the woods today… beware of Prada’s teddy bear style coats

Fashion Police officer Annie posted this picture up on our Facebook Group recently, and when I saw it I had to a double take, because you know what? I have a teddy bear who looks exactly like this coat. Prada done skinned my teddy bear! They’ve killed Ted and turned him into high fashion! The hell? What’s even more worrying than the coat, though (once I’d checked that it wasn’t actually my bear, obviously) is the socks this model is wearing with it. Are those pop socks? Nude, knee-high pop socks? Has the whole world gone mad?!

Neiman Marcus give Victoria Beckham a $5 million spending limit because she is special

Oh, to be Victoria Beckham, with her wardrobe filled with Roland Mouret and Christian Louboutin (not the designers themselves, you understand. Just their clothes. If she had Roland and Christian in her closet… that would be weird) and, most particularly, her Neiman Marcus store card, with it’s $5 million spending limit. Yes, I think I could manage pretty comfortably with that, don’t you? Having spent almost $15,000 in one spending spree at Barney’s last week, though, I reckon Neiman Marcus are onto a good thing. Who, me? Jealous? No way… [via Allie is Wired]

Dress of the Day: Michael Kors’ gold tweed sheath dress

It’s those bateau necklines  again, folks – dontchya just love them? I love them – but of course, you knew that – and what I love even more is the fact that dresses with actual waistlines are slowly but surely staging a comeback. I got so excited last winter when I realised that 60s fashion was going to be the "in" thing (I love me some retro, for sure), but then it turned out to be all tent-like sack dresses and empire lines, meaning that I was forced to spend the entire season in jeans again. Now, however, the waistlines are back in town. This gold tweed dress by Michael Kors has a real "Mrs Robinson" feel about it. It’s…