dress like a woodland animal

Frankenshoes: Christian Louboutin Lion Paw Pumps

The Fashion Police are big Christian Louboutin fans. The man is like a God to us, seriously. But do we want our feet to look like lion paws? And to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege? We’re going to have to say “no” to that. What about you? These are from the Fall 2011 collection, so look out for them later this year if you really want to buy yourself a pair.

Minnie Mouse: coming to a high street near you

Missing your wolf ears now spring has rolled around? Wishing you could still wear your animal ear beanie this summer? If dressing up like an animal – or an escapee from the loony farm extra from Disneyland – is your thang, don’t worry. Topshop have the answer. Yup, for £18 you too can dress up as Minnie Mouse. Because dressing as a human is so boring… Black lace ears, £18 from Topshop.

Oh Deer: Jean Charles de Castelbajac Bambi court shoes

Everyone loves Bambi, don’t they? Does everyone want to WEAR Bambi, though, that’s the question? Well, on the plus side, at least  these Bambi court shoes will be the perfect accessory for this dress, which we showed you last week. On the minus side, though, finding the perfect shoes to match that dress isn’t necessarily a good thing, is it? Or maybe it is: these are, after all, fairly typical of the JC/DC sense of humour, and they’re designed to be worn by those who don’t take themselves too seriously. Does that excuse people sticking their feet into poor Bambi, though? If you think it does, click here to buy them for £520 at Selfridges.

Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag: for the “woodland animal” trend

Rabbits are totally the new black, readers. Not only are people keen to wear them on their heads, now they’re also able to carry their prostrate forms over their shoulders, thanks to this leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon (Don’t worry, no bunnies died to make this bag: lambs did.) We guess this will certainly cause people to do a double-take as you saunter casually by with what appears to be a skinned rabbit tucked under your arm, but does that idea appeal to you at all? If it does, just click here to buy it for $619…

What to Wear With Bunny Ears: the results!

Fashion Police Rabbit Challenge by Rudidoodles featuring enamel jewelry Rudi’s outfit Ever wondered how you’d actually go about wearing all of those woodland-animal-themed headresses that have been popping up in all our favourite stores for the past few weeks now? No, to be honest, we haven’t either. We HAVE, however, wondered how all of our readers would wear them, so on Friday afternoon we set you the challenge of creating an outfit based around a pair of bunny ears. What would you do, we wondered? Would you try to tone the ears down with something stylish but simple, or would you decide that if you’re going to be wearing rabbit ears, you may as well go all out with the…

Style Challenge: What to wear with bunny ears?

We were going to give you a Style Challenge this week based around a pair of antlers or something, because God knows, the woodland animal look is just all the rage right now, isn’t it? We’re not quite that cruel, though, so we’re going to ask you to style this bunny ear headband instead. Now, given the popularity of the “Dress Like a Woodland Animal” trend, as we’ve christened it, bunny ear accessories are even more popular than antlers at the moment (and there’s a sentence we never thought we’d type!), so we’re curious to see just how you’d actually wear these. Will you play them up? Dress them down How would you style a bunny ear headband, assuming you…