Leighton Meester in beaded platform shoes by Burberry Prorsum

Celebrity Style on Trial: Leighton Meester’s Burberry Prorsum beaded shoes

One of the nice things about being a celebrity (we’d imagine) is that you get to wear trends that are “hot off the runway”. Don’t laugh, these things are important to some people. Here, for instance, is Leighton Meester, dressed like a visitor from the future in a Marios Schwab Resort 2012 dress and Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 shoes. She is so, er, NEXT season, you guys! What do you think of this glimpse into the future of fashion, though? We’re particularly keen to hear what you think of the chunky, beaded shoes, because as soon as we opened the image, they were pretty much ALL we could look at, and we’re not sure whether that’s a good thing or a…

Anna Wintour arrives at the Burberry Prorsum SS 2012 show

Fashion Police at Burberry Prorsum S/S 2012: celebrities in leather trousers

Is anyone else uncomfortably reminded of the awkward hug between Draco Malfoy and Voldemort in Harry Potter? Because we are. But moving on… The Burberry Prorsum SS 2012 show at London Fashion Week this year was notable for one thing. Well, actually, it was notable for quite a few things, really, but there’s only one we’re choosing to focus on: EVERYONE WAS WEARING THE SAME TROUSERS. (Except Anna, obviously. AS IF Anna would wear trousers. Pah!) The trousers in question are black, skinny leather trousers, presumably by Burberry Prorsum, and worn by every single person in our gallery. This could be a sign that leather trousers are coming back to the forefront of fashion once more (not that they’ve been anywhere, mind…

The Emperor’s New… Burberry Prorsum patent leather trimmed cape

  Well, it’s defininitley cute, we’ll give it that. And probably quite practical, especially taking into consideration the amount of rain we’ve had here at Fashion Police HQ over the last couple of weeks. Is it £795 / $1315 worth of cute and practical, though? Oh, hell to the no! Or not for those of us on a police officer’s salary, anyway, because we’re pretty sure that if we give it a few weeks, we’ll be able to pick up something similar at Topshop/H&M/insert other retailer anyway. What about you, though? Would you pay £1315 for a plastic cape, even if it DOES have the Burberry Prorsum label attached to it?

Fashion Police at the Burberry Serpentine Gallery Summer Party: Portia Freeman

If Alexa Chung was ready for the office at the Burberry Serpentine Gallery summer party, it looked like Portia Freeman was more or less ready for the beach, in what looks a lot like a swimsuit n’ sarong combo. Just get rid of the heels and she could be strolling along the sand in no time! Now, there are two schools of thought about this type of look. One is the “if ya got it, flaunt it” argument, which basically states that if you have great legs (and she does) and you feel like flaunting them in a body suit with very little else, why you go, girl! Do it! Just grab the curtain off the shower and sling it…

Fashion Police at the Burberry Summer Party: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is here for her interview, readers. She’s interviewing for the junior accounts executive position, and as you can see, she’s dressed in a very office appropriate manner: neat little suit, prim, high-collared blouse, shoes which aren’t quite “sensible” – or at least, not in the heel department, anyway – but which somehow manage to create the illusion that they are. Excellent work, Miss Chung! Now, if you could just start out by bringing us some coffee and donuts, that’s a good girl… So, yes, an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in any reasonably conservative office in the country. Except Alexa Chung isn’t clocking in for her 9-5, she’s arriving at the Burberry Serpentine Gallery Summer Party….

Scary Shoes: Burberry Prorsum 130MM patent pointed toe pumps

OK, what’s with all of the scary shoes lately? Did the fashion world implement some ruling that all footwear must now look like a predator from Silent Hill? Did we miss that memo? These Burberry Prorsum numbers look like they could do some serious damage if they put their mind (or rather, their toes) to it. More than that, though, they just scare us, for some indefinable reason. Did the Fashion Police once find themselves on the wrong end of an extremely pointed toe as children, in an incident they’ve now blocked from memory? Who knows. If you just know that you love these and want to buy them, however, you can click here to do it – they’re £582 at…

The Good, The Bad and the Confusing: Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung at Burberry Prorsum

THE GOOD: Kate Bosworth On paper, it wouldn’t work. On Kate Bosworth, it somehow does. THE BAD Rachel Bilson OK, so “bad” is maybe a bit strong, and we get that it’s freezing right now, but this still looks like Lord Vader’s puffa jacket. Which means that Rachel Bilson has gone over to the Dark Side. Another good one lost! THE JUST PLAIN CONFUSING: Alexa Chung She seems like a nice girl, but you’re never going to make us understand why Alexa Chung is the fashion icon she is to so many people. You’re welcome to try, of course, but we very much doubt you’ll succeed… [Images: PRPhotos.com]

Burberry Prorsum’s studded trench jacket

Even the classic trench coat can’t escape the shower of spikes that’s been raining down fashion items everywhere for the past few seasons: We doubt you’ll get many hugs when you’re wearing this. As well as the spikes, this jacket has been fashioned-up with thick leather cuffs and a belt. It’s a world away from the trench coats our grannies used to wear, that’s for sure, but what do you think about it? Much-needed revamp of an old classic, or a great way to create a lot of fuss on the way through airport security? (Click here to buy it)

Kate Hudson arrives at Burberry

Kate Hudson arrives at the Burberry show in a green sequined mini dress

This is the kind of thing we mean when we talk about the difference a dose of confidence can make to your clothes. This dress is so short it could actually qualify as a top, and we really hope she didn’t try to bend down in it, but there’s no doubt that Kate Hudson absolutely owns this look, and seems to be defying anyone not to like it on her. Do you like it on her, though? Tell us!

What They Wore: Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 Celebrity Arrivals

The Fash Pack have already moved onto Milan, but as London Fashion Week draws to a close, here’s a quick look at what everyone was wearing to one of the most celebrity-heavy shows:  Burberry’s S/S 10 collection, with current poster girl Emma Watson (above) just one of the attendees. Who else was there? Take a look under the jump to find out…

Kate Bosworth in Burberry Prorsum’s feathered dress

This Burberry Prorsum feathered dress has really been around the houses… It featured in UK Vogue’s Diary of a Dress this month, and has been seen on the likes of Agyness Deyn and Jessica de Rothschild, as well as appearing in fashion spreads just about everywhere. Now here’s Kate Bosworth with both the dress and it’s maker, Christopher Bailey , turning up at an event to honour Donatella Versace in NYC last night. What do you think of it, though, readers? Is this really the “It” dress of the season, as the widespread coverage would seem to suggest?

Handbag of the Week: Belted leather tote by Burberry

It’s simple. It’s stylish. It has that lovely, slightly slouchy look we like so much. It’s more or less everything we think a handbag should be… except for “cheap”, obviously. Oh well, you can’t have everything. If you happen to have a spare $1,195 lying around, however, you can have Burberry’s belted leather tote. Lucky you!

Style on Trial: Ostrich feather dress by Burberry Prorsum

We may have mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it, let us say again upfront that The Fashion Police are no fans of feathers – unless, of course, they’re still attached to their original owners. In fact, when they’re used like this, on clothes, we actually find them downright creepy. It was no surprise to us, then, to find that this ostrich feather dress by Burberry Prorsum had been relegated to the "sale" section of Net-a-Porter – although, when we say "sale" we mean "it’ll still cost you £1288". Then we say, "Who on earth would pay that much to look like Big Bird’s less colourful cousin? WHO?" We’re prepared to admit, though, that our feather phobia…

Burberry’s new Warrior handbag costs £13,000 – and it’s not even particularly nice.

Fashion fans, meet the bag currently being described as the next ‘It’ bag. It’s the Burberry Warrior, and the version shown above, in gold alligator skin (you know, from gold alligators?) is priced at a trifling £13,000  (Which is more than I used to earn in a year in my first job as a newspaper journalist). Despite the high price tag, there’s already a waiting list, according to The Telegraph ,who say the bag "may well be the ultimate in arm-candy". The question is: why? Why is this bag so special? Could it be… the price tag? I’m certainly not convinced it’s the design, which, although inoffensive enough, isn’t worth selling the car for, as far as I can see….

Fashion Fraud Squad: Topshop do Burberry

Yes, it’s another "designer inspired" shoe, folks, and for once in a way, the culprit isn’t Steve Madden, but Topshop. Their studded crossover platform bears more than a passing resemblace to Burberry Prorsum’s black leather studded platform, on the right of the picture. The price difference: £65 for the Topshop versions, £495 for Burberry.

Wanted! Burberry Prorsum’s wide collared trenchcoat

I think I’ve probably said this before, but I tend to judge fashion labels on two main things – their dresses and their outerwear. If a label makes good dresses and jackets, I’ll probably like them, which is why I love Burberry Prorsum. It’s a world away from the ubiquitous checks that are now seen on every market stall and every tackily-dressed teenager’s back round here, and this coat is the perfect example of Prorsum’s loveliness. Of course, some of you will think the over sized collar is just way too much,  but I love me  some oversized  stuff every now and then, and I reckon these wide lapels plus the belted waist will equal a tiny looking waist for…