bunny suit

Irregular Choice Thumper

Irregular Choice Thumper: crimes against bunnies

These Irregular Choice Thumper shoes will be available to buy in the UK in just a few short weeks. Do you want to walk on a rabbit, though, or do you think these bunnies should be set free? Let’s take a look at the evidence… Irregular Choice Thumper heels – available this March OK, Irregular Choice, we get it: you’re “quirky”. And also a little kerrrazy. Your the choice that is “irregular”, for people who love to be different, and ain’t nothing wrong with that. There’s a difference, though, between “quirky” and “looking like you’re stepping on an ickle pink bunny wabbit, OMG, who would do such a thing!” We know which of those WE think these Irregular Choice Thumper…

Bunny animal all-in-one

Adult Onesies: What’s Up Doc?

We know we’re fighting the good fight against adult onesies all on our lonesome here, and that as soon as this post goes live, we’ll start getting comments telling us it’s “NONE OF OUR BISNISS!” what people choose to wear at home, and that they’re “SO COMFY!”*, but we will continue to fight it. Because if there’s anything funnier than the idea of grown adults solemnly going about their business while dressed as Bugs Bunny, we’ve yet to see it. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe we won’t fight the growing wave of adult onesies. Sometimes we all need a good laugh, after all, don’t we? This one is from Topshop: click here to buy it. *The same argument is regularly made in…

Rabbit dress

Cute or Creepy? Daniel Pellilo Bunny t-shirt dress

We thought you all might need some cheering up after the trauma of this morning’s attack on a skirt, so we found you this ickle bunny wabbit dress to look at. Now, though, we’re just worried that we may have made things worse, because are those FANGS? Is that some kind of vampire rabbit? Will YOU be able to sleep tonight? Let’s see if we can bring this back into “cutesy and twee” territory, shall we? Is it working yet? OK, how ’bout now? No? Last attempt: imagine that this is your graduation gown, and everyone in your class has to wear one: We’d go to THAT school, that’s for sure… (Click here to buy it)  

Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag: for the “woodland animal” trend

Rabbits are totally the new black, readers. Not only are people keen to wear them on their heads, now they’re also able to carry their prostrate forms over their shoulders, thanks to this leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon (Don’t worry, no bunnies died to make this bag: lambs did.) We guess this will certainly cause people to do a double-take as you saunter casually by with what appears to be a skinned rabbit tucked under your arm, but does that idea appeal to you at all? If it does, just click here to buy it for $619…

What to Wear With Bunny Ears: the results!

Fashion Police Rabbit Challenge by Rudidoodles featuring enamel jewelry Rudi’s outfit Ever wondered how you’d actually go about wearing all of those woodland-animal-themed headresses that have been popping up in all our favourite stores for the past few weeks now? No, to be honest, we haven’t either. We HAVE, however, wondered how all of our readers would wear them, so on Friday afternoon we set you the challenge of creating an outfit based around a pair of bunny ears. What would you do, we wondered? Would you try to tone the ears down with something stylish but simple, or would you decide that if you’re going to be wearing rabbit ears, you may as well go all out with the…

Style Challenge: What to wear with bunny ears?

We were going to give you a Style Challenge this week based around a pair of antlers or something, because God knows, the woodland animal look is just all the rage right now, isn’t it? We’re not quite that cruel, though, so we’re going to ask you to style this bunny ear headband instead. Now, given the popularity of the “Dress Like a Woodland Animal” trend, as we’ve christened it, bunny ear accessories are even more popular than antlers at the moment (and there’s a sentence we never thought we’d type!), so we’re curious to see just how you’d actually wear these. Will you play them up? Dress them down How would you style a bunny ear headband, assuming you…

Dressing like a Toddler: Killah Sequin Bunny Sweat Top

Awww – lookit! An ickle bunny wabbit! Wiv sparkly bits! How cuuuuute! Cute on a four year old? Yes. Possibly even cute on a ten year old. A teenager might just pull this off with enough “innocent chic” aplomb, and worn with a dash of irony I can even see it cropping up in the lecture theatre… But we’re going to stick our necks on the line and say that if you’ve graduated? You most likely can’t pull this one off. Which is a shame, because you know we’re all about the stripes! So, will you be channelling your inner toddler this season? If so hop (yes, we went there) on over to Oli.co.uk where £40 will buy you a…

Daylight Robbery? Ms Fortuna Pearl Bunny Ears Headband

Bunny ears have been infiltrating the word of fashion for some time now, perhaps influenced by Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit, who knows? This isn’t the first rabbit ear headband we’ve noticed in our policing of the web, but it IS the most expensive: it’s £255 / £392, which seems like a helluva lot for a strictly novelty item, IS it “strictly novelty”, though? IS it Daylight Robbery? It’s up to you, but if you find in favour of the bunny, head over to Liberty where you can buy some ears of your own.

Dress Like a Toddler Trend claims further victims: Opening Ceremony’s Max Suit

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we don’t really get the whole “Dress Like a Toddler” trend, or why adults would want to dress up as ickle wickle bunny wabbits and the like  – even in the privacy of their own homes. When the adults in question are prepared to pay $610 for their onesies, we’re even more confused: and the fact that this one is sold out at Opening Ceremony conforms, that yes, there are people willing to do exactly that. The mind boggles.

Daylight Robbery: Emilio Pucci lapin earmuffs

Oh how the other half live, eh? Can you imagine a situation in which you suddenly realise you can’t live without a pair of bright purple designer earmuffs – and are willing to pay £220 for them – readers? We can’t, but then again, we can’t imagine a situation (other than a life or death one) in which we’d suddenly find it acceptable to wear a dead bunny on our heads either, so perhaps we’re not best placed to judge on this one. Seriously, though: £225 for a pair of purple earmuffs. Has the world gone mad? And can you imagine how the rabbit would have felt if it had only known it was dying for this?