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Style On Trial

Rick Owens tulle insert jersey dress: for days when the wasp-waist look just isn’t extreme enough

The Fashion Police will confess to being more than a little perplexed by this particular case. Because the photo above is actually a bit misleading. This dress is not, as it appears, corseted to within an inch of  your spine its life, but held together with sheer panels to either side. Kind of flattering if you happen to be the exact same colour as your backdrop – not so much if you have even the slightest hint of a stomach roll when you sit down. Between the jersey and the sheer they’ve made darned sure there’s nowhere to hide…

And at the same time there’s something about the dress – it might be the cut combined with the length, we’re not sure – that’s a bit… mumsy? It just doesn’t seem to sit right.

What do you think? Could this be worn in a way that was actually quite flattering? Or would you too be just a little self-conscious in so revealing a cut?

Rick Owens tulle insert jersey dress, £258 from The Outnet.

Celebrity Fashion

Kelly Osbourne wears a little black dress to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event

kelly osbourne in a little black dress

By the time it gets this late on a Friday afternoon, the fashion blogger’s brain has started to turn to mush (yes, even more so than usual!), so we’re actually quite grateful to Kelly Osbourne for spelling out what she’s wearing in this photo: literally. It’s a little black dress, you see: and we know we’re right about that because it says so on the back!

Thanks, Kelly! What would be even more awesome would be if Luke Worrall’s suit had “Black Suit” written on the back. Or if harem pants had “Crime of Fashion” printed on them. Well, it would certainly make OUR job easier, anyway.

Little black dress aside, isn’t Kelly Osbourne looking amazing these days? You’ll find another photo under the jump if you’re wondering what this outfit looks like from the front…

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Celebrity Fashion

Katy Perry in a black studded mini dress

katy perry in black studded mini dress

She’s looking just a little more dressed up than most of us would for a day out and about in New York, but then again, if being followed around by photographers all day doesn’t give you an excuse to brush up, we don’t know what would!

Katy Perry is pictured here in a black studded mini dress, and she’s clearly paid some attention to detail too, because the studs are also picked up on her shoes, with the paler strip on the top of her sunglasses completing the look.

What do you think?

Dresses, Wardrobe Malfunctions

Daylight Robbery: Akris tulle inset dress

You can tell from the model’s expression in this picture that she is thinking, “OK, just keep still, one wrong move and the photographer is going to get flashed with something I really don’t want to flash”’.  She would be right too.

We just hope this dress comes with a plentiful supply of fashion tape to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.  Twist too far to the right or left and you’ll be flashing a whole lot more than you intended.  Perhaps you are supposed to wear something underneath it?  Saks Fifth Avenue seem to think this dress is acceptable styled in the way it is.  Clearly their stylists have not heard the ‘low cut or short length’ rule.  But they also think it is acceptable to charge $3,500 (£2,321) for half a dress.

Do you agree though?  Is this a clear case of Daylight Robbery, or is $3,500 a reasonable price to pay for a dress like this?  If you think it is, you can buy it here.