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Back to the 80s with Betsey Johnson’s shoulderpad jacket

Crystal Carrington called, Betsey. She said she wants… actually, to be honest, she DIDN’T say she wants her jacket back. Nope, she said, “What are you thinking, woman? Not even I would wear this now!” Because it’s 2011, not 1983. Do you copy that, Betsey? (Still love you, though.) (Click here if you want to buy it and promise to be really careful not to knock people over in crowds.)

Betsey Johnson multi bang cotton lycra skins: say what?

When did we start calling leggings “skins”? Is that a thing now? Seriously? Is it a fashion victim thing, like “bang on trend” and “rocking”? Or does the word “skins” specifically refer to leggings that look like THIS: OK, let’s talk about this for a minute. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Or the “skins” in the room, rather. This is totally perplexing to us. Why would you want to have to tie your leggings to your legs? Under what strange set of circumstances would you look at a pair of leggings and think, “You know, I don’t think these are quite ugly enough. I wish they would wrap around the leg and tie at the ankle. We could…

Spot the Difference: Betsey Johnson Vs Bakers

You know what puzzles us most about this case, readers? The fact that, at $70, the Bakers shoes are: a) Not exactly “cheap”. b) Only $10 less than the sale price of the Betsey Johnson originals. We’re assuming there are enough points of difference for Bakers not to get in trouble over this, but there aren’t enough for it not to be blatantly obvious what they’re up to, hmm?

New York Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson Spring 2011 runway

Heavens to Betsey! The designer’s dead! OK, no she isn’t, it’s just Betsey Johnson being her usual, exhuberant self. Isn’t it great to see designers who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously? The Betsey show is always a frothy, candy-coloured concoction, and this season was no exception: take a look under the jump to see some of the designs. 

Wanted! ‘Unforgettable’ bikini by Betsey Johnson

Aww! Given the tiny window of opportunity in which we're actually able to wear bikinis, you'd think we'd have managed to get over our obsession with them by now, but apparently not, because this week sees us cooing over this adorable little yellow number by Betsey Johnson. It's available at Macy's, but Urban Outfitters also have a tankini version which we'd imagine may be a little too much like lingerie for some of you – take a look for yourself under the jump!

Haute Halloween: ‘devil’ sweater by Betsey Johnson

Planning to keep things low-key this Halloween? This yellow ‘Devil’ sweater from Betsey Johnson is just the thing for you, then: from the front, it’s a totally plain (albeit very yellow) longline sweater. Turn around, though, and it’ll be clear to all who see you that the devil’s got your back. And how much does it cost to carry Beelzebub on your back, we hear you ask? Why, a mere $305 from Betsey Johnson’s online store!

Spooky Skirts: Skull print high waist skirt by Betsey Johnson

Our apologies for the sudden deluge of bat/skull-inspired fashion on the site this month, but we are but the messengers – blame the designers who seem to think that because it’s October, we’re all going to want to rush out and start buying appropriately "scary" items of clothing. Skulls, of course, have been around for a long time now in fashion, and not just at this time of year, so perhaps we can let Betsey Johnson off the hook for jumping on the "spooky" bandwagon. Can we let her off the hook for creating a high-waisted, skull-print skirt, though? Well, that’s for you to decide: we’re not big enough fans of the print to want to wear this, and it’d…

Dress of the Day: Betsey Johnson cosy wool jersey dress

Many of Betsey Johnson’s dresses look like they’re strictly for playing dress-up in. We don’t mean that as a criticism. This one is different, though. This one looks like you could wear it almost anywhere, from the office to an evening out. The collar, cuffs and buttons are all very cute indeed, and we also love the fitted shape, complete with structured waist and little kick-pleats to the skirt. The top half of this dress has a very demure look, but it could be easily accessorized for a more “grown-up” look, too. Like it? It’s $375 and you can buy it direct from Betsey Johnson’s online boutique.

Sock boots from Betseyville by Betsey Johnson – boots pretending to be socks, pretending to be holiday sweaters

At first we thought they were Wellington boots. As wellies, we were prepared to allow them to live: you can afford to have a little fun with your rain boots, after all, can’t you? Maybe not $109 of "fun", but still: we would have let them live. They’re not Wellington boots, folks. No, here we have your basic "boots pretending to be socks" fashion crime. Imposters! That’s what they are! And, to add insult to injury, not only are these boots pretending to be socks, they’re pretending to be the kind of socks you wouldn’t actually wear in public, on account of how they were knitted to match the holiday sweater your granny made you last year. Admittedly, this is…

Betsey Johnson’s bright bow watch – love or hate?

When we’re getting dressed of a morning, we try to abide by one of The Fashion Police’s most important commandments: Thou Shalt Not Dress Like a Toddler (Unless, of course, Thou Art One).  Sometimes, however, there’s a very fine line between Toddler Attire and Grown Up Clothes, and we think this Betsey Johnson bow watch strays  mighty close to that line. This is the kind of thing your little sister would probably love – and which you’d secretly covet every time she wore it. Or would you? It’ll be way too childish for many of you, but if you think you could get away with it, and want to inject a bit of fun into your clock-watching, you can buy…

Swimwear Section: Floral print tankini by Betsey Johnson

We have a feeling this is one addition to the Swimwear Section that will divide opinions – largely because, at first glance, it doesn’t really look like swimwear at all, but more like some pretty lingerie or nightwear. That said, we still think this little Betsey Johnson tankini has a lot going for it, especially for those of you who don’t feel comfortable letting it all hang out in a bikini. The structured top should help create an hourglass style silhouette, and actually looks pretty enough to be worn as a top with jeans on the way home from the beach, too. As for the bottoms, well, if you don’t like this particular shape, there are a couple of other…

Dress of the Day: Betsey Johnson Burnout Stripe Organza Strapless Dress

The Fashion Police love Betsey Johnson. Sure, we may have to take her to task now and again over the odd fashion crime or two, but we ask you: who amongst us hasn’t committed crimes of fashion? Exactly. This dress is typical of that Betsey Johnson, grown-up-Disney-princess style, and we adore it. In fact, we can just imagine swishing around in that floaty skirt at the kind of event we just don’t get invited to. It’s $325, and also available in blue: get it here.

Dress of the Day: Polka dot sundress by Betsey Johnson

We’re still pretending it’s summer. Or even spring. And while we’re at it, we’re pretending we’d still like this Betsey Johnson dress even if it wasn’t covered in polka dots, but the truth is that The Fashion Police are suckers for spots, and they don’t really care who knows it. It’s the bright colour (Summer! Summer!) that really attracts us to this dress, then, and even allows us to overlook the v-shaped waistline, which would normally be too "80s bridesmaid" for our tastes, but which is almost obscured here by the full skirt and big dots. This dress is $275 from Betsey Johnson: if you’ve seen a dress you like better, don’t forget to email us a link to it,…

Betsey Johnson’s ‘Call Me, Betsey’ phone satchel. A bit OTT, maybe?

Betsey Johnson. Kind of a "love her or hate her" kind of designer, don’t you think? For The Fashion Police, though, it’s a little bit of both. Take this Betseyville Phone Satchel, for instance… The Case for the Defense: Fun! Quirky! Cute! Kitsch! Totally Betsey! The Case for the Prosecution: It’s like one of Barbie’s handbags. Or actually, scratch that: it’s more like one of Skipper’s handbags. Barbie would never carry a phone shaped satchel around with her. What do you think, Fashion Police Jurors?

Wear or Die: New York Fashion Week Edition

We’ve called this the "New York Fashion Week" edition of Wear or Die,but it would actually be more accurate to describe it as the "Bestsey Johnson edition" because it was Betsey, bless her, who brought both of these outfits to the New York runway earlier this week. Regular readers will already know the drill: you have to wear one of these outfits, in its entirety, or die. But what’s it going to be? Will you choose to wear the outfit on the left, comprising an 80s-style jumper (with gun print, no less!) worn with camel-toe inducing shiny leggings, or will you simply choose to dress up as Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, in the outfit on the right? The choice…

Dress of the Day: Washed denim strapless dress by Betsey Johnson

If you’d told me this morning that by the end of the day I’d not only have found a denim dress I didn’t hate, but would have made that denim dress Dress of the Day, I’d probably have laughed pretty hard. This Betsey Johnson dress may be denim, though, but it doesn’t really look like denim, and that’s the most important thing. In fact, let’s pretend it has no relation to denim at all, then we can just admire the cute little nautical style bow without worrying that we’d look like an extra from Dukes of Hazzard it we actually wore it… (Which we wouldn’t. Obviously.)

Betsey Johnson gets a little bit carried away…

Some of you are probably going to love these Betsey Johnson shoes. Others, meanwhile, will think they look like something Dame Barbara Cartland would have worn, if, of course, Dame Barbara Cartland had been in the habit of taking speed and dressing like Pink and Pretty Barbie. (Which she actually was, come to think of it. The Barbie bit, I mean: not the illegal drugs bit.) Which camp (with "camp" being the operative word here, methinks) are you in?

Crimes of eBay Fashion: Betsey Johnson floral jumpsuit

To my mind, any floral jumpsuit is a bad floral jumpsuit. What’s even worse, though, is this Betsey Johnson floral  jumpsuit from the 90s. It’s made of rayon, and I can’t imagine a single thing you could wear with it that would make it look good. Actually, scratch that – there’d be no way to wear anything  with it anyway, since this baby would be covering every single last inch of your body. $20 says this can be yours. Do I hear any offers? More crimes of fashion