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Crotch-baring clothing: Rick Owens Asymmetric leather skirt

Rick Owens asymmetric leather skirt

Ok, so call us traditional, but we tend to associate skirts with – at the very least – crotch coverage. Increasingly in recent years the mini has indeed become micro, and the micro has all but disappeared into belt territory… but in order to charge skirt prices, most designers at least pretend that their skirts do, in fact, skim the thigh top at least.

Not so Rick Owens. Who clearly feels that as long as there is enough fabric in the skirt overall, the exact distribution of coverage doesn’t really matter!

In order to wear this out in public (and maintain your modesty) you’ll need to splash out on an undergarment of some description: for example, the £545 cashmere sweater with which Rick Owen’s matched the item on the catwalk. And which, to The Fashion Police at least, more closely resembles a dress than a sweater…

We’re a little confused by what exactly defines “skirt” and “dress” these days.

If all this makes more sense to you, you can pick up the Rick Owens Asymmetric leather skirt for £625 from Net-a-Porter.


Shirts & Tops, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Asymmetric striped cotton shirt by Vivienne Westwood

Quite a few of you have commented recently about how much you HATE “the one-shouldered thing”. We would take it as read that you’ll ALSO hate this one-shouldered shirt from Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label , but just to be sure, let’s put it up on trial: after all, it’s a shirt, not a dress, and who knows, maybe you’ll find it refreshingly quirky, rather than just plain odd.

Need to see what it looks like on before you can make up your mind? Voila!

So, what’s the verdict? Guilty or innocent?

Dresses, Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Roksanda Ilincic asymmetric ruffle dress


We absolutely love this dress. To look at, that is. (And possibly to touch. We don't know why, but it somehow looks like it would feel nice, no?) It really is a work of art, no? You can tell a whole lot of work has gone into creating those giant ruffles, and that's presumably one of the factors that justify the £2,205 price tag.

As for wearing it, though – well, that's a whole other matter altogether, and and we're tempted to think that we'd both look and feel like a flower with this on: and we don't mean that in a good way, unfortunately. We'd really love to see someone try it, though – and by "someone" we mean "someone other than a model". Models don't count.

What do you think, though? Do you love the look of this, or do you think it would make for a very expensive crime of fashion? Tell us!

Outerwear, Wanted!

Wanted! Black stripe asymmetric jacket from Miss Selfridge


  The Fashion Police are all about jackets right now. This has worked out quite well for us, actually, because there are a lot of jackets around to love at the moment: leather biker jackets, slouchy tuxedo jackets, trenches (OK, so they tend to be coats rather than jackets, but still…) and now this asymmetric fitted jacket from Miss Selfridge,which is £45, but has a hint of the Vivienne Westwood about it that we appreciate.

We love the sharp tailoring on this, and the fact that the flared hip area helps make the waist look smaller. The asymmetric design, meanwhile, makes it that little bit unusual, and it’s the kind of design that’ll look equally good worn over a dress/with a skirt, or thrown on casually with jeans.

Fashion Police commendation for Miss Selfridge, please!


Dress of the Day: Kirsty Doyle Aubergine Asymmetric Silk Jersey Dress


  Kirsty Doyle was the winner of the 2006 Project Catwalk, and if this dress is anything to go by, we'd say she's one to watch. The aubergine colour is less severe than black, and that huge ruffle detail on the shoulder is anything but severe! The dress is slinky and sexy, with a bit of "look at me!" detailing, which we think is everything an evening dress should be. It's £380 at My-Wardrobe if you think so too.


Dress of the Day: Aqua Couture Asymmetric Bow Button Dress

Bow_dress_purple If you thought (or, indeed, hoped) the trend for bows on everything was drawing to a close, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but: it’s not.

No, the bows are still around, and they’re out in force for the Christmas party season, which will be good news for some of you and not so great for others.

We like this purple asymmetric bow dress by Aqua Couture, which is also available in red. This is one that looks better when you watch the video of it on the ASOS website than it does in this picture, so we’d recommend doing that if you think you might like it but aren’t totally convinced.

If, on the other hand, you are totally convinced, you can proceed straight to the checkout, where it’ll cost you £75.

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Asymmetrical one shoulder dress: hands up if you want to flash your underwear!

Underwear Created in the same mold as Norma Kamali’s ‘Modern Sculpture dress, this is another item of clothing that falls into the “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen” category.

Sure, it might be nice to be the centre of attention in this dress, with all eyes upon you as you strut your stuff on the dance floor, every man in the house praying that you’ll wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care, but ask yourself this: do you really want to spend the evening with one arm glued to your side, terrified that an ill-considered arm lift could result in the entire room seeing your undies?

Of course, if you really don’t care, then you can buy it here, and wave your hands in the air with abandon.