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Amy Winehouse wears ballet pumps to court

What Amy Winehouse pleads guilty to assault, but not to commiting crimes of fashion

Amy Winehouse has been in trouble with the real-life police this week, but The Fashion Police aren’t letting her off scot-free, either: Amy, we know you love your ballet pumps (and your new boobs), but do you really think this was an appropriate outfit to wear to court? Amy was in court pleading guilty to assaulting someone at the pantomime this Christmas. We swear to God, we couldn’t make this up. She was given a two-year conditional discharge, and was ordered to pay a fine for damages. Was she guilty of crimes of fashion, too, though? What do you think?

Amy Winehouse wears Vivienne Westwood Anglomania to answer assualt charges

Amy Winehouse is in court this week (again), answering charges of assault over claims she hit a fan at the End Of Summer Ball in Berkley Square last year. Still, on the plus side, that is an AWESOME suit she's wearing, isn't it? It's from Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania label, and we've had our beady eyes on the jacket for quite some time, which just goes to show that you can be in trouble with the law without necessarily incurring the wrath of The Fashion Police. And that even Amy Winehouse can scrub up good when she needs to. Buy the jacket for $1,115 and the skirt for $540, both from Net-a-Porter.

Dress of the Day: floral print bandeau dress from New Look

  This isn't a dress that everyone would be able to pull off – or would even want to – but inspired by Amy Winehouse's recent court appearance (her outfit, that is, not her assault charges) we think it could be a rather cute little summer piece. Either wear it Amy-style with peep toes and a little cardi (beehive optional), or dress it down for cooler weather with tights - it's £28 from New Look. 

Style on Trial (literally): Amy Winehouse wears floral mini dress for court appearance

  We’ve got to say, we actually think Amy Winehouse is looking pretty good here. We love that dress, for instance. And the shoes: how could we not love the shoes? But for a court appearance, Amy? Does this outfit really say, “No, m’lud, I did not assault that fan?” We’re just not sure it does. What do you think, readers? Amy is quite literally on trial today, for the alleged assault of a fan last year. The Fashion Police have no jurisdiction over her behaviour, but we are interested in her clothes, so whaddya think: appropriate for a court appearance, or… not?

Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Tricks cotton drill dress by Preen Line

  Today’s Dress of the Day is by Preen Line, and was nominated by Louise. Louise says:  “It’s very similar to the main line version that Gwyneth Paltrow wore earlier in the year in black and Amy Winehouse in a bright yellow, but a fraction of price.  I love the shape, the on-trend exposed zip and the fact that it’s sexy without looking cheap.” If you like it too, it’s £255 from NET-A-PORTER , and although it’s currently out of stock, there’ll be more in soon!

Link Dump: Five Links for Friday

Remember how we were talking about men in tights earlier this week? Well, it turns out it’s not just our tights men are interested in: they want our eyeliner and our false eyelashes too – as Dollface found out this week. Forever Amber, meanwhile, discovers that you really can wear black to a christening. And everywhere else, come to think of it… Think garden gnomes are a crime of fashion? Keeping it Realtor finds a hilarious way to arrest those bad boys. The Grumpy Old Bloggers have what may just be the worst picture of Amy Winehouse ever – and that’s up against some serious competition! And over at Shoewawa, we discover a way to protect your shoes from driving…

Wardrobe Malfunction: Amy Winehouse’s builder’s butt

We haven’t been paying much attention to Amy Winehouse and her many wardrobe malfunctions lately, for the simple reason that we reckon The Fashion Police are the least of Amy’s worries around about now. But even with the best will in the world, we just can’t ignore displays like this one, which, let’s face it, just aren’t the kind of thing we’d expect from a well-bred young lady, aren’t they? Amy, we’ve been turning a blind eye to your wardrobe malfunctions lately, but we’re starting to think you’re taking advantage of our leniency. And while we’re pleased to see that you’ve ditched the ol’ visible thong, its absence is raising uncomfortable questions about just what the hell you’re wearing underneath…

Amy Winehouse gets a new look. Well, sort of.

It’s not much of a departure fashion-wise, but at least Amy Winehouse seems to have ditched those ballet slippers along with the beehive.  Here she is with a new blonde ‘do – it’s not for us to critique the hairstyle (we’ll leave that to Dollface, thanks), but what I will say is that I wish she would ditch the headscarf and let us have a proper look: she’s looking scarily like Nora Batty with that thing wrapped round her head!

Victoria Beckham tops Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List

Poor old Victoria Beckham. She tries so hard to get it right, but according to Mr.Blackwell, who’s just published his latest Worst Dressed List, she continues to get it oh so very wrong. Victoria tops the list, making her officially the worst dressed woman of the year. Here’s the top ten in full, with our comments… 1. Victoria Beckham You know, I sometimes think that Victoria’s habit of trying too hard (OK, make that WAY too hard) makes her an eary target when it comes to these kinds of lists. It’s all, "Ooh, she thinks she looks good – let’s knock her down!" Sure, Victoria is far from perfect, but there are worst dressed women out there, trust us. Case…

Fashion Police issue arrest warrant for Amy Winehouse’s ballet slippers

It’s not that they look bad, because I don’t think they do, particularly. It’s not even the fact that when Amy Winehouse finds a style she likes, she sticks to it like glue (witness this summer’s ubiquitous white hotpants). No, it’s the fact that these are ballet slippers – with "slippers" being the operative word, here. They may be cute for wearing around the house, but can you even begin to imagine how those things would feel pounding the cold, hard streets of London? How they’d feel if you trod on a stone, or a piece of glass? I mean, you’d seriously have to be on crack to walk around in public in these. Oh no, wait… Amy? Sweetheart? A…

Amy Winehouse ditches the hotpants, goes for bra-revealling cardis instead

Amy Winehouse’s home was raided last night, but not by The Fashion Police. If we had raided Amy’s home, we’d almost certainly have been looking for those white denim hotpants she was rarely seen without this summer – and we’d maybe have taken her collection of beehive wigs off as evidence, too. Thankfully, Amy appears to have been surgically removed from the hotpants and is currently working a retro "sexy secretary" look, with pencil skirt and nerd-style cardi, opened up to reveal a bright red bra. I’d leave the cigarette at home, though, if you’re thinking of copying this particular look, kids.

Amy Winehouse to design clothes – Fashion Police on red alert

Now, is it just me, or does the news that Amy Winehouse –  who hasn’t been seen in anything other than the tiniest of denim hotpants, ballet flats and vest tops for quite some time now –  is to design clothes, make no sense at all? Specifically, it seems that Amy is to design denim, and is being "courted" by a range of designers, including Calvin Klein, who are desperate to bring her design skills to bear on their jeans. A mysterious "source close to the singer" tells the Daily Star (ah, now it all makes sense):"Amy is constantly being asked to create her own clothes range and the main area designers are interested in her working on is denims."…

Amy Winehouse is even scary from the back

I know hair usually comes under the jurisdiction of our beauty blog, Hey, Dollface!, but Amy Winehouse’s hair is troubling me, and it has been for a long time now. How does she sleep in it? How does she wash it? Doesn’t she have huge "hair down the plughole" issues? And if her husband catches her from the back, does he scream and think it’s a huge, hairy monster? These questions demand answers, folks. Or actually, maybe not, come to think of it. Maybe Amy should just demand a haircut? Go on, Amy, you’ll feel better for it, really… Guess Amy didn’t ask to borrow Victoria Beckham’s 350 degree camera before she went out of the house, though, hey?

Style Stealer: Amy Winehouse’s Terry de Havilland painted mule

Some might call these Terry de Havilland shoes a crime of fashion. In fact, let’s make no bones about it: some might say that almost everything Amy Winehouse wears is a crime of fashion. And, you know, if we wanted to be really mean, we could even suggest that Amy herself is a crime of fashion, with that big ol’ birds nest hairdo and that scary, skeletal body. But we’re not going to say any of that, because we can sort of see where Amy was going with these.  We can sort of see that , if  we  were "rock stars" , like Amy, and we were  looking for an unusual pair of shoes to wear with our little denim…

Fashion Criminal: Amy Winehouse’s hair

I know Amy Winehouse’s hair isn’t a person (although, to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was a person living in it), but I’m going to call it a Fashion Criminal anyway, because… well, do you really need me to explain why? Almost everything about Amy is criminal these days, from the tatoos to the scarily-skinny frame – the hair is just the crowing glory. Or not, as the case may be.

Survey says visible bra straps are the fashion faux pas of the summer

So, The Daily Mail have done some kind of survey which, they say, proves that visible bra straps are the fashion crime of the summer. They say Britney Spears is a chief offender here, which, I have to say, came as a bit of a surprise to me because it’s not often you see Britney wearing a bra (not unless it’s her only clothes, that is), but there’s no denying that when bra straps become visible, it’s not a good look. Yes, Amy Winehouse, we are looking at you… That said, one thing I hate even more than visible bra straps is those clear straps – you know, the ones that are supposed to be “invisible”, but are actually totally…