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Adult Onesie

Happy Thanksgiving from The Fashion Police

Stars and stripes adult onesie

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, who are probably all too busy enjoying/tolerating the holiday to even read this!

For those of you still here, we just wanted to let you know that we’re also taking a couple of days off: we leave you with this adult onesie from Topshop, which will be perfect for sleeping off the effects of a turkey dinner, and some links to our favourite older posts.

Enjoy, and we’ll be back as usual on Monday!

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Crimes of Fashion

Women’s Patriotic Clothing for the 4th of July

As some of you may know, The Fashion Police is a UK-based website, so we don’t celebrate the 4th of July. It would appear that many of our UK-based retailers DO, though, because over the past few weeks, we’ve been finding quite a few examples of Stars and Stripes patterned clothing on some of our favourite websites.

Where would you wear THIS little number, for instance?

(£75, ASOS: click here to buy it)

Even if we were planning to celebrate the 4th (And ASOS does deliver to the US now, so perhaps that’s why they’re stocking this), we can’t really imagine wanting to do it in a strapless, sequined dress, emblazoned with the stars n’ bars, can you?

Or, for that matter, in these, which we found at Topshop, where they’re selling for £34, and are sold out in UK sizes 4 and 12:

(American flag shorts, Topshop: click here to buy them)

These are getting rave reviews at the Topshop website, where they’re being declared a “must have” and a “summer essential”, so perhaps it’s just us who have an American-flag shaped hole in our wardrobes right now.

(Aside: we’re really loving Topshop’s new review function – great for helping you work out whether items are true to size, and what the fabric’s like if you’re ordering online without having seen the item in-store.)

Not to be outdone, New Look has a US flag top, which is only £9.99, although sold-out online: you may have better luck in-store, though.

(We can’t help but imagine this top worn with the shorts above it, now. Now THAT would be quite some outfit…)

Oh, and if you can’t find it in-store, don’t despair: Dorothy Perkins have an American flag shirt which is £18, and in stock. You’re welcome.

Across the pond, good ol’ Jeffrey Campbell steps up to the plate with these stars and stripes print Litas:

(Stars and Stripes Lita platforms, $144: click here to buy them)

Hey! You could wear them with the shorts and top! Please don’t, though.

If you’re willing to invest £195 / $309 in your flag fashion, meanwhile, Unconditional can supply you with this cardigan:

(Click here to buy it)

For some reason, Far Fetch is describing this is an “English flag”. England’s flag is the George’s Cross, which doesn’t have a single star to its name (or, indeed, any blue), so we’re going to assume they’re just confused with that. Either that or we are.

So, tell us, readers, what do you think of flags becoming fashion statements? Patriotic? Fun? OK if it’s your own flag, a bit weird if it’s someone else’s? And will you be wearing the Stars and Stripes on the fourth of July, or have all of these retailers started selling these items for some other reason altogether?

(Oh, and happy 4th of July, to those who celebrate it! How we wish we could join you in a day off…)

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends: the Midi skirt makes a comeback

midi skirts

Clockwise from top left: Chloe pleated silk-mousseline midi skirt, £1,455; ASOS midi pleated knitted skirt, £40, and ASOS pleated midi skirt, £35,; Marc by Marc Jacobs Mimi silk-crepe midi skirt, £475; Mid-length Accordian-Pleat skirt, £42,; Whistles coral Carrie pleated skirt, £95,; Florence Midi skirt by Annie Greenabelle, £52,; Love Label pleat midi skirt, £32,; Apiece Apart Tea pleat skirt, $390,

For a couple of years now fashion has been all about the maxi dress. Floor-sweeping, dramatic, romantic – this is a great look for floating around on a hot summer’s day, but not so practical when it comes to the office. When the maxi’s alter-ego, the mini, is equally office-inapproprate we’re left in something of a quandary when it comes to smartening up…

Enter the midi skirt. falling between the knees and the ankles, insuring us against flashing when our knee-length pencil skirt oh-so-inevitably ruches up as we sit down!

The midi certainly injects a fresh silhouette into this spring’s skirt-lengths, but it can be tricky to get right. The trend seems to have particularly embraced pleats, which certainly add a sense of structure and movement to an otherwise stiff shape, and the trick seems to be in the waist-line – skirts worn on the waist, with tucked-in or cropped tops for balance. Oh, and for those of us without a model’s calves or height, heels are a must!

But what do you think? Is the midi skirt an elegant look, or too frumpy to carry off?

Crimes of Fashion, Swimwear

Shocking Swimwear: Tie dye one-piece by Pistol Panties

“And this is what your swimsuit will look like AFTER the vicious shark attack that leaves blood and entrails dripping down your torso!”

Yes, we know it’s tie dye, and normally we’d be all over Pistol Panties for the Non-Hippie Related Use of Tie Dye, but actually, we’re much too distracted by the fact that this particular job looks more like blood n’ guts than a simple garish print, doesn’t it?

On the plus side, however, just imagine the fun you could have staggering out of the water in this, yelling, “OMG! SHARK! SHARK!”  That alone might just make this worth £59 to you, and if it does, head over to Topshop and make it yours!

Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Flying the Flag of Fashion Crime: Topshop’s pastel flag skinny jeans

Hey, American readers! Are you feeling patriotic, by any chance? Or maybe you’re just feeling indecisive, or bored with the sheer tedium of wearing jeans in which both legs are approximately the same colour? Either way, we have the perfect solution for you: Topshop’s pastel flag skinny jeans!

Yup, with stars to the left of you and stripes to the right, there you’ll be, stuck in the middle of the kind of fashion crime that will have motorists crashing their cars as they strain to get a closer look at what the hell you’re wearing on your legs. As for British readers, who’re perhaps more likely to shop at Topshop, even although it does sell internationally… well, we’ve no idea what you’d want with a pair of stars and stripe jeans, but if these have just made you gasp, “My God! Those would be perfect for [insert event here]!” you can buy yourself a pair for £45.

What do you think? Will you be flying the flag (on your legs) anytime soon?

Fashion News, Handbags

New suspect in town: Coach coming to the U.K.

Yes, wanted internationally for making shoppers love to hate and hate to love them, American accessories behemoth Coach is coming to the U.K. and France in the next 12 months. Arriving first in France via their Printemps department store, those in the U.K. can look out for a London flagship amongst other locations soon after.

Like many handbag brands, Coach often does best when it keeps its logo small and unobtrusive, like on the Floral Embroidery Audrey Bag above, $498. If even this pearlized Nappa leather is too much for you, there is a lovely classic version in cowhide leather for $398. The brand is definitely best positioned to avoid the Fashion Police when they stick to their classic, ladylike silhouettes and finishes.

[Source: WWD]

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Crimes of Fashion

Foil cycling shorts from Topshop: WHY?


The Fashion Police’s position on items of clothing that are both skintight and shiny is generally pretty clear cut: DO. NOT. WANT.

But then the shiny leggings came along, and all of a sudden we were forced to re-think that position, because, try as we might, we just couldn’t hate them. In fact, in certain situations, like when they’re being worn with a bit of a rock-chic attitude, and there’s absolutely no hint of crotch on display, we actually found ourselves liking them. We know!

What we’re trying to say here, then, is that The Fashion Police aren’t entirely against the shiny-skin-tightness. When Topshop decided to get all American Apparel on us, though, and brought out these gold foil cycling shorts, we found ourselves right back where we started with this one, in that we have absolutely no idea why these exist. Do you?

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends: Sequin and shiny leggings


Did you hope the legging revival that started a few years ago would be over by now? Dream on, folks: not only are our legging overlords still going strong, they’ve actually started to evolve and are now available in everything from basic black to crazy patterns, sequins and shiny fabrics. It’s the last two we want to ask you about today: the shiny or sequined legging is particularly hot right now, with the leggings in question used to create a bit of a rock-chic look when worn with ankle boots and long line tops, or to add a bit of edge to a girlie dress.

What do you think of the shiny/sequined leggings? We love them. There, we said it. We’re even surprising ourselves here, but when they’re worn right, we think they can look fabulous. Tell us, though: what do you think?

L-R: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sequin sprayed leggings, £165, Net-a-Porter; Super glossy leggings, £18, Topshop; Shiny leggings, £29, American Apparel

Fashion Police

Fashion accessories for 4th of July – American Flag 30 GB iPod Video Case

Fashionaccessories_8 Happy 4th of July to all our American readers and Fashion Police officers! If you’re looking for an appropriately patriotic accessory that won’t get you arrested by… well, by us, basically… try this one for size. It’s an American Flag case for the iPod video, and its made of soft, Nappa leather, just like a Prada handbag. Unlike a Prada handbag, though, it will only cost you $24.99.

Now, go eat some barbeque. Or something.

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