adult onesie

      Brown leopard print adult onesie

      Speaking of adult onesies….

      Following on from our roundup of adult onesies yesterday, we discovered this at River Island: We think they’re selling it as sleepwear, but the first rule of Fashion Policing is “never assume” (the second rule is “arrest anything that has a drop-crotch”), and given the current state of fashion, we’re honestly…

      Diane von Furstenberg Ceasar skirt-romper

      When is a skirt also a romper?

      No, that post title isn’t the opening line of some lame joke, but the answer can be found in the garment we present here.  When we first spied this skirt we thought it was a bit, well, odd, with its open sides and mini skirt underlay.  But then we looked…

      Toddler shoes collage

      Dressing Like A Toddler: Child-like shoes now available

      We have talked before about the fondness designers have for creating children’s garments in adult sizes: the proliferation of adult onesies, dungarees and pants with room for a diaper only serves to reinforce our opinion on this matter.  But now the footwear designers are getting in on the act too,…