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Tacky Tees: Manoush’s fringed cotton t-shirt

This Manoush t-shirt has been reduced to just £42.91 at The Outnet.  Hey, we wonder why it didn’t sell at the original price of £122.61. Oh no, wait: no we don’t. It’s because it’s the kind of tacky tourist tat you tend to find on market stalls in tourist resorts, isn’t it? Or on “hilarious” novelty aprons, designed so you can cook dinner in the guise of a hot bikini babe.

We’ve always wondered just who it is that buys that kind of thing. Now that we’ve seen the DESIGNER version – which is no better than the regular old “two for $10” versions, we may add – we’re even more confused. Who pays £122 for something that looks like you bought it in a dollar store in Key West? Who pays even £42.91? And what will be next? Designer ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hats? Slogan t-shirts reading, “I went to The Outnet and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”? WHAT?

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