Swimwear Trends to Avoid: The ‘Glamour’ suit by Baby Phat


We had hoped we wouldn’t have to point this out to anyone, but we think it’s become important to note that there is a difference between "swimwear" and "starring in a porn movie-wear". It seems that Baby Phat have yet to realise that difference, which is presumably why they’re selling their Glamour Jewel One Piece Suit under the "swimwear" section of this website.

Wear this and trust us: the freaky tan lines will be the least of your worries….

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Swimwear trends to avoid: the plunge one piece

Swimwear We were going to say that you’d need the body confidence of Elizabeth Hurley, who "designed" this swimsuit, to wear something like this, but then, even if you did, we can’t help thinking that there’s a time and a place for shiny swimwear that plunges almost to the navel, and that the beach/pool isn’t it.

Given the limited opportunities to wear it, then, this probably wouldn’t end up being the most useful swimsuit you’d ever buy, especially given the £120 price tag. Or would it? Would you wear something like this to the beach? And also: does anyone know if tit tape still works when it’s wet?

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