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Sweater Pants: not for shrinking violets

sweater pantsWe just spent way too long looking at the close-up of these pants on Shopbop, in a bid to establish whether or not this model is wearing underwear. Way too long. We’re never getting that time back, people, but it’s OK: we stare at the model’s butt so you don’t have to .


1. Yes, she is wearing underwear.

2. Pants that prompt people to stare intently at your nether regions because they can see right through them are an automatic fashion violation in our book. You may not pass ‘Go’. You may not collect $200.

Oddly, they look a little less see-through in white…

white sweater pants

Indah ‘Moreno’ sweater pants, $80.50 at Shopbop: click here to buy them.

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