Suspect Roundup: dresses from the Erin Fetherston Resort preview

Erin Fetherston is previewing her Resort collection this week and since we love dresses and she loves dresses, we thought we’d show you some of her latest. We love the strapless/tank top hybrid dresses that are a cornerstone of the collection, especially the print version. The girlie one-shouldered dress verges on being a  bit bridesmaidish, but we’d still love to be a bridesmaid in that wedding.

If you’re loving the collection, be sure to check out the French film “L’Amant, which Fetherston names as her inspiration for Resort. “I wanted to capture an effortless, chic sesnsibility in an offering with lots of mix and matchability,” she said.

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  • June 22, 2010


    The first one does it for me. As for the others, they aren’t original.

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