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Suspect Roundup: Crocs attempts ‘stylish’ footwear

That well-known fashion crime ring Crocs is suddenly very active again for spring 2010 with their new line of “fashionable” options. We’ve locked up the Gretel fall clog, the bow-front summer slide and named them the biggest fashion crime way back in 2008. But this scourge cannot be kept off the streets! Now, Crocs has come up with a new line of rubber footwear masquerading at malls, tourist attractions and otherwise respectable suburban gatherings as real, stylish footwear with names like ballet flat, peep-toe slingback and wedge slingback. They are sure to lure unsuspecting mothers, daughters and sisters into thinking these are appropriate footwear options everywhere from your favorite restaurant to a summer garden party. That is, unless you help us put them away. We’re getting out the cuffs – but only you can make the verdict. Do these styles go down in the pantheon of worst footwear ever, or are they miraculously saved in another “Crocs shoes that don’t completely suck” shocker?

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