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Survey says socks with sandals are the biggest fashion crime of the summer

Sockswithsandals Wait a minute – didn’t we just do this already? Um, yes. Yes, we did. It was but two short weeks ago that we brought you the “shocking” news (I was shocked. Were you shocked?) that according to some survey or other, visible bra straps had been found to be the biggest summer fashion crime you can commit.

Well, hold that result, folks, because according to ANOTHER survey – this time carried out by UKTV style – the REAL fashion crime of the summer is wearing socks with sandals. No way! Who knew socks with sandals looked rank? (Um, all of us, maybe?) This, however, is only the number one crime against fashion for men. Look after the jump for the top female fashion crimes – including one that has me shocked….

Top female fashion crimes, according to UKTV Style:

1. Streaky fake tan
2. Crop tops – with bulging fat
3. Oversized sunglasses
4. Ill fitting bikinis
5. Grubby Bra Straps
6. Fake Burberry Check
7. Hair braiding
8. G-strings bikinis
9. Anything Tie-Dyed
10. Cowboy Hats

Now, hold it right there. Most of these will get no argument from me but… but… oversized sunglasses are at number three? OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES ARE A CRIME AGAINST FASHION, only one step lower than the dreaded muffin top? Oh, say it ain’t so, because I? I love my oversized sunnies. I wouldn’t be without them – in fact, I just bought a new Gucci pair a few weeks ago. Does this make me a fashion criminal, I wonder? Or are UKTV Style talking crap? You tell me, folks…

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