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Suri Cruise becomes Christian Louboutin’s youngest customer

Suricruisekatieholmes First up: isn’t this an adorable photo of Katie Holmes and little Suri? Second up: having got the matching haircuts, it now seems that Katie and Suri are going for the matching shoes, with Christian Louboutin apparently commissioned to make a pair of bespoke (well, they’d have to be bespoke, given that his line doesn’t generally go down to toddler size) pair of little shoes for Suri.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this. While there’s a tiny  part of me that wants to gasp "OMG! THE WASTE!", I think most of me just thinks, "Well, it’s their money, if that’s how they want to spend it, fine by me." And hell, if I had Tom’s millions, maybe I’d buy me a teeny weeny pair of Louboutins too, who knows? Also: I’d really like to see the shoes.

Where does everyone else stand on the buying of designer-duds for the not-quite-two-year-olds?

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