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American Apparel’s suggestion for Nudist Halloween costumes


A flesh-coloured unitard, a box of sharpies, et voila – a nudist “costume” to amaze and delight your friends with. At last, we have an answer to that all-important question: what on earth is the point of American Apparel? It’s not just the home of slutty hipsters, folks: it’s also a source of cheap Halloween costume ideas. Well, there had to be some reason for them to be selling flesh coloured unitards, didn’t there?

Joking aside, you may not exactly be jumping at the idea of walking around looking like your naked – well, not until you’d had a few drinks, anyway – but American Apparel has come up with some fairly creative Halloween costume ideas over the years. Here are some of our favourites:

American Apparel Scooby-Doo Halloween Costumes

All created with items from our favourite hipster paradise, the upside of these Scoob-Doo costumes is that you can always wear the individual items again: just make sure you don’t wear them in the exact same combinations, or every day will be like Halloween. (You’ll have to find three friends and a dog yourselves, we’re afraid: American Apparel can’t help you there, and neither can The Fashion Police.)

American Apparel ‘Male Waiters’ Halloween costumes

We’ll be honest, we have no idea where they were going with this one, other than that they obviously wanted to stick with the “naked” theme (don’t they always?). American Apparel described these as “male waiter” costumes: we’d love to know which restaurants they eat in… This costume would, however, be excellent for those amongst you who work out a lot and just HAVE to show off your pecs. For the women, meanwhile:

American Apparel ‘Synchronised Swimmer’ Halloween Costumes

The problem with this particular Halloween costume idea is that you’ll only get the full effect if:

a) There are at least two of you

b) You’re prepared to spend the evening lying on the floor in various “synchronised swimmer” poses.

If not, you’ll just look like YOU’RE the person who buys those American Apparel unitards, and wears them in public. We’ve always wondered who did that.

American Apparel Halloween Costume: Troll Dolls

This is another Halloween costume idea that relies heavily on the idea of you being prepared to look like you’re naked in public. Well, if you can’t do it on Halloween, when CAN you dress like a naked troll doll, we ask you? Once again, you’ll need one of those flesh coloured unitards, a Sharpie, and a brightly coloured wig. Or you could dye your own hair, if you want the look to be totally authentic.

So there you have it: some classic American Apparel Halloween Costume ideas from the past. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with this year, because while it’s almost certain to include nudity – or at least, the appearance of nudity – it’s also certain to be pretty amusing.

Tell us: would you dress like this for a Halloween party? Or is it too scary even for that?

And while you are here check out this dressby Rodnik Band. And lastly American Apparel are at it again with this sheer dress
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