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      style stealer: Alice & Olivia vs Chi Chi London

      Style Stealer: Alice & Olivia Vs Chi Chi London

      OK, so one is a dress and one is a top + skirt combo, but if you’re looking for the same look on a budget (and we’ve no idea why you wouldn’t be, really…) you could do worse than compare Alice + Olivia’s ‘Justina’ skirt (£550) and matching top  (£225), with Chi Chi London’s Bobbie dress, which represents quite a saving, at just £65. These two outfits have a similar, but not identical look: if we’re being honest, we’d have to say the Alice + Olivia skirt has the edge on looks, with the gold embroidery making much more of an impact than on the Chi Chi London dress. Then again, the dress is that little bit more subtle, and…


      Style Stealer | Frankie Sanford’s (The Saturdays) bright yellow Zara coat

      Zara yellow piqué coat, £79.99 We loved this bright yellow coat when we spotted it on the Zara website a couple of weeks ago, and we love it even more now that we’ve had the opportunity to see it in action, as worn by Frankie of The Saturdays to the Kiss FM studios last week: (For those of you who’ve never heard of Frankie Sanford or The Saturdays, she’s the one in the bright yellow coat. Obviously.) This is a lightweight coat, suitable for the current season, and we love the 60s-style stand-up collar, and the causal-but-cool style. We also love the colour: yellow (especially bright yellows like this one) is a shade a lot of people hesitate to wear, fearing…


      STYLE STEALER | Jennifer Hudson’s polka dot skirt and red heels

      We loved this polka dot pencil skirt/ red heels outfit, which Jennifer Hudson wore to a charity event in London last week. On paper, this might not sound like anything to write home about, but this is the kind of classic look which never really goes out of fashion, and which has tons of impact, despite its simplicity. Polka dots and red shoes always create a vaguely retro feel, but we love the way Jennifer has given this look a contemporary feel with the slouchy t-shirt and zip-front coat. She looks effortlessly elegant, with the bright red lips providing the perfect finishing touch to an outfit which could be easily adapted to a variety of different occasions. If you want…


      Style Stealer | Grey pleated skirts by J.W. Anderson and River Island

      The Fashion Police are basically addicted to buying full skirts at the moment, and the bigger and more dramatic they are, they better. (We’re seriously not joking about the “addicted” part: we may need an intervention…) When we saw this full, pleated J.W. Anderson midi skirt at Shopbop, then, we knew we loved it. And when we saw it a few days later, on one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Atlantic Pacific, we knew we loved it even more. Well, there’s nothing like a big skirt to set Fashion Police hearts a-fluttering, and while grey isn’t generally a colour we lust over (Bad memories of too many grey school skirts), the fact that it’s just as versatile as black but…

      Kate Middleton portrait

      Kate Middleton portrait helps sell French Connection tops

        Let’s talk about that Kate Middleton portrait for a second, shall we? Now, we don’t advocate body/face snarking. At all. In fact, we find it totally depressing when we ask the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury what they think of a celebrity outfit, and get a bunch of comments on their face/figure/how old they look, etc, etc. These are things the celebrities (mostly) can’t do much about, you see, and as for the “OMG SHE LOOKS SO OLD!” comments, well, people get old. It happens. It’ll even happen to you one day, if you’re lucky. In this case, though, we feel no compunction about commenting on Kate Middleton’s face because, well, THAT ISN’T KATE MIDDLETON’S FACE,…

      Taylor Swift in Kate Spade Carolyn dress

      Style Stealer: Taylor Swift in Kate Spade’s striped ‘Carolyn’ dress

      [] It’s Taylor Swift, everyone! Looking… well, exactly like she always does! We jest, of course: we’ve defended Taylor before on the charge of being “too boring”, and we stand by our opinion that it’s unreasonable to expect celebrities (or anyone else, really) to be constantly changing their looks, chameleon-like. People don’t do that in “real life”, after all, in which most people work out what they like, and then more or less stick to it, so we don’t see why Taylor Swift should be any different. Especially when she looks so darn cute, with her bright red lips and her striped silk dress. The dress is Kate Spade’s ‘Carolyn’ dress, and we think it’s the perfect blend of classic…

      Lea Michele at 2012 Do Something Awards - Arrivals

      Style Trial: Lea Michele at the 2012 ‘Do Something’ Awards

      Did anyone order a buxom wench in a flowing white dress? Anyone? Well, looks like one showed up anyway, in the shape of Lea Michele, who wore this ruffled white gown to the ‘Do Something’ awards at the weekend. The plunging neckline and thigh-high slit mean Lea is in clear contravention of the “legs OR boobs” rule, but is she making it work, we wonder? This dress, combined with tumbling locks and “come hither” look is trying very hard to be sexy, but there is such a thing as trying TOO hard. Has Lea crossed that line, do you think? Is she guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion? [Images:]

      Angelina Jolie's Golden Globes dress replica

      Style Stealer: Angelina Jolie’s Golden Globes dress

      (Angelina’s always done the leg thing, hasn’t she?) Immediately after every major awards ceremony, The Fashion Police are always inundated with press releases from brand’s claiming that their dresses are exactly like the ones just seen on the red carpet, and will therefore allow us to “get the look” of the stars. We’re always a little puzzled by these messages: not just because the dresses in question almost never do look even remotely like the ones they’re claiming to be inspired by, but because, seriously: how many of you really NEED to look like you’re going to the Oscars on a regular basis? Not that many, we bet. Because Oscar dresses are really only appropriate for, well, The Oscars. And, we…

      Kourtney Kardashian in a horse-print dress from ASOS

      Style Stealer: Kourtney Kardashian ALSO wears ASOS horse-print!

      When we told you that horse-print would be taking over the world, you probably didn’t think it would happen quite this quickly, did you? Well, it is, and it seems that ASOS is mostly to blame for the high street version of the trend, because no sooner did we show you Jayma Mays in their horse-print sweater, than along came Kourtney Kadashian in a horse-print dress, also from ASOS. Kourtney’s dress is £40, and available here. It’s already sold out in a couple of sizes, though, so if you really want to “rock” the pony print, we also found this alternative from Oasis, which is a different colour and shape, but shares the same kind of print: So now you…

      Jayma Mays in a yellow horse print sweater from ASOS

      Style Stealer: Jayma Mays wears ASOS horse print sweater

      We love it when celebrities wear clothes from the high street: it allows us to pretend they’re just like us, really, even although we know they’re totally not. And it makes it much easier to copy them, if copying celebrity style is your thing. Is it? If so, you may be interested in rushing out and purchasing this ASOS horse-print sweater, as seen on Jayma Mays (Hey, remember when “ASOS” meant “As Seen on Screen”, and all of the clothes were “as seen on” celebrities? This was all fields, then. God, we feel old now. We bet there are people reading this who are so young they don’t even KNOW what “ASOS” stands for, just like there are people who…

      Green Diane Von Furstenberg 'Maja' dress, as seen on Kate Middleton

      Style Stealer: Kate Middleton’s green Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress

      Attention Kate Middleton fans, Royal watchers and people who are just a bit bored, and are reading this simply to pass the time: we interrupt our Emmys/Fashion Week coverage to bring you the news you’ve probably not been waiting for, which is that the Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Maja’ dress, as worn by Kate Middelton, is now available for us commoners to buy. The dress, which is so loved by the Duchess of Cambridge that she’s now worn it twice (a move guaranteed to rock fashion victims to their very core) is available for £375 at Net-a-Porter, and $398 at Shopbop. What do you think of it, though?


      Designer on a Budget: Red flared dresses from DKNY and Zara

      The bright red dress is something of a wardrobe staple for many people, and a great way to make a big impact with a really simple piece. We loved DKNY’s three-quarter sleeved version, with it’s flippy skirt and gorgeous, cherry-red colour… but then we spotted this very similar dress at Zara, which is £170 cheaper, leaving us enough left over to buy a pair of killer heels to go with it. Or a bag. Or a coat. Or… you get the picture… Which one would you go for, ladies and gentlemen of the fashion jury? DKNY Vs Zara?

      Kenzo 3 4 length trousers

      Get the Look: Betty Draper’s capri pants

      How cute are these Kenzo capri pants? Betty Draper would look adorable tottering around the pool in these, hair coiffed, kids at her heels, cocktail in hand… Unfortunately, Kenzo don’t come in cheap, and these babies will set you back a tidy £198.00 (from On the other hand, these retro floral print capris from Warehouse offer the same look for a far more reasonable £45.00. All you need is a halter top and a martini to complete the look! Or, if floral isn’t your vibe, you can always tap into the cool vibe beatnik look with classic black. These Love Label scalloped edge pants will take you neatly from office to evening, while the ASOS tailored capri trousers are…


      Designer on a Budget: Spotty wide leg trousers

      Well, would you look at that: Miu Miu include wide leg, polka dot pants in theor Resort 2011 collection, and the next thing you know, everyone’s doing them. Well, New Look and Topshop are, anyway. If Miu Miu jumped in the fire, would you jump too, guys? Huh? HUH? New Look have actually replicated the Miu Miu spot a little more little more literally than Topshop, who’ve gone for a small dot, and a wider leg, which almost leaves them looking like a maxi skirt. We’ve seen the New Look trews in store, and can confirm they’re nicer than they look in this image, although at first glance we did think, “Hey, why’ve they got pyjamas amongst the normal clothes?”,…

      Paris Hilton in Christian Louboutin Love Pumps

      Spotted! Paris Hilton in Christian Louboutin’s ‘Love’ pumps – and a whole lot of sequins!

      Shoeperwoman alerted us the existence of the flat version of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Love’ pumps back in November, and although we’re not normally keen on clothes and shoes with writing on them, we were fairly taken with the style. This is the heeled version, as worn by a very shiny looking Paris Hilton to the the Project A.L.S. 7th Annual Los Angeles Benefit this week, and we’d say more about them, but we’re too distracted by all those sequins. We’re more used to seeing baggy, sequined tops like this on the, er, more mature lady, shall we say, but Paris is presumably hoping that by pairing the sequined top with a pair of leggings, she can get away with it. Can…

      Eva Longoria in a Karen Millen dress

      Celebrities Shop on the High Street too: Eva Longoria Parker in Karen Millen’s graphic stripe dress

      It’s fairly unusual to spot a celebrity out at a function in anything other than designer duds, so it’s always refreshing to see the rich and famous wear the kind of clothes that are accessible to us mere mortals, too. Here’s Eva Longoria Parker, for example, at any event in California this weekend, wearing Karen Millen’s graphic stripe dress, £165. Looks like she went the designer route with the shoes, though…


      Style Stealer: Alexa Chung’s Chanel clogs on an ASOS budget

      Ever since Alexa Chung appeared on the cover of UK Vogue’s March issue, one thing was clear: clogs were on the way back “in”. Is this a good thing or a bad thing, we ask ourselves? Well, we’ve never really been huge fans of the clog, but at the same time, we wouldn’t slap these particular ones in jail either, so you could say we’re on the fence on this one. What we DEFINITELY wouldn’t do, though, is pay Chanel prices for shoes like this. So it’s a good job we don’t have to, because if we did suddenly decide we couldn’t last one more day without a pair of Alexa-like heeled clogs on our hooves, at least we know…


      Style Stealer: Sophia Bush’s polka dot jacket from… Dorothy Perkins?

      When we first spotted this photo of Sophia Bush wearing a navy, polka dot jacket at New York Fashion Week, we were sure the jacket in question was this one from Dorothy Perkins, which we’ve had our eyes on ever since it appeared on the website. A closer look at Sophia’s jacket reveals that she hasn’t actually been shopping at Dotty P’s: her jacket is double-breasted, and a little boxier than the budget version, but the look is definitely similar. Like stripes, polka dots tend to start flooding back into the stores at around this time every year, but there’s been a particularly large influx of them this year. If you want to steal Sophia’s style, this jacket is £40,…


      Lady Gaga’s girdle: $29.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

      We all know she loves Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela, but did you know Lady Gaga ALSO shops at Bed, Bath & Beyond? No, neither did we, but Kymaro, makers of the flesh-coloured body shaper you see above, claim it’s their product Her Ladyship has been wearing on stage recently, not some pricey designer number. Isn’t it good to know that Gaga is secretly as frugal and down to earth as the rest of us, even although she DOES use shapewear as pants? The Kymaro Body Shaper (As Seen on TV!) retails for $29.99 at the aforementioned Bed, Bath & Beyond, and you can see an infomercial about it here. One thing, though: if you do decide to make like…


      Style Stealer: Kelly Osbourne in Rare’s tucked jumper dress with big shoulders

      We love it when we spot celebrities wearing accessible fashion, although you may not love it quite so much, given the item Kelly Osbourne is wearing here is this grey jumper dress by Rare, which comes with the requisite giant shoulders. It’s a look that Kelly is clearly loving at the moment – she wore a similarly styled top earlier this week – and it’s also very much “on trend” (yeah, we hate that phrase too), but do you fancy stealing Kelly’s style? If you do, the dress is £35 from Topshop, and we think the addition of the belt is probably a very good idea!

      Style Stealer: Dorothy Perkins Vs Preen dresses

      Judging by the reaction this Preen mini dress got when Gwyneth Paltrow wore it last week, it's probably not something many of you are going to want to splash out, £1,280 on. Dorothy Perkins black insert panel tube dress, however, is only £30, and while it's by no means a copy of the Preen number, it does borrow that "someone just ripped the top layer off my dress!" feel, as well as the body-con shape and black/silver colours. Those of you looking for the Preen(ish) look on a budget can buy the dress on the right from Dorothy Perkins. If you'd prefer to stick with the origial, it's £1,280 at Net-a-Porter.

      Spotted! Scarlett Johansson in Christain Louboutin’s Bridget Strass booties

      Shoeperwoman spotted Scarlett Johansson at Comic-Con last week wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin's Bridget Strass booties, which come with a spectacularly be-glittered heel and lace-effect front. These come from Louboutin's appropriately named "Total Madness" collection and, well, that just about says it all, doesn't it? Nice work once again from ScarJo, though, who paired the elaborate shoes with a simole cream dress – image under the jump.

      Amy Winehouse wears Vivienne Westwood Anglomania to answer assualt charges

      Amy Winehouse is in court this week (again), answering charges of assault over claims she hit a fan at the End Of Summer Ball in Berkley Square last year. Still, on the plus side, that is an AWESOME suit she's wearing, isn't it? It's from Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania label, and we've had our beady eyes on the jacket for quite some time, which just goes to show that you can be in trouble with the law without necessarily incurring the wrath of The Fashion Police. And that even Amy Winehouse can scrub up good when she needs to. Buy the jacket for $1,115 and the skirt for $540, both from Net-a-Porter.

      Style Stealer: Kim Kardashian in Topshop’s ‘Cosmic’ shoulder dress

      Kim Kardashian has been looking amazing lately, and hey, isn't it nice to know that, just this once, you can actually buy this actual dress, rather than some cheap copy of it? Or you can if you have a Topshop within visiting-distance, anyway, because this is sold out on the website, which means that if you like it, you're going to have to run the gauntlet of the store itself, and have a good old rummage for it. It's Topshop's 'Cosmic' dress, which comes complete with some sticky-out shoulders which, as we're sure you all know, are this season's must have feature – thanks, Balmain! Luckily these ones aren't too extreme, and serve to give the dress some structure as…

      Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham’s red pencil dress

      We loved Victoria's Beckham's two dress collections, but with the dresses front them selling for around £2,000 each, we knew we'd never actually buy one. Luckily it's ASOS to the rescue, with this bright red pencil dress, which looks rather similar to the dress Victoria wore back in February this year, which was one of her own designs. Luckily the ASSO version comes without the hefty price tag. It's £38, and you can buy it here.

      Style Stealer: Drew Barrymore’s Guiseppe Zanotti heels from her David Letterman show appearance

      Our apologies for bringing you two posts about Drew Barrymore in as many days, but Drew seems to be really enjoying herself fashion-wise at the moment, and we happen to think she's looking pretty good. Here she is last night arriving for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, in a dramatic black dress with billowing sleeves and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals which are Shoe Porn at its finest. The shoes are £415, and available at Net-a-Porter. The dress, meanwhile, is Giambattista Valli, and has had mixed responses around the blogging world: what do you think of it?

      Wanted! ASOS heart top (lets you dress like Victoria Beckham. Sort of.)

      Remember Victoria Beckham's heart-embellished Marc Jacobs dress? It was pretty, but maybe just a little bit OTT for anyone who isn't also known as Posh Spice, which is why we think this top from ASOS is a much more wearable – not to mention affordable – version. This is £34.50, and has a one-shoulder design, with pretty little hearts holding it up, a gently draped front and a nipped in waist. It's also long-enough to let you wear it with skinny jeans or leggings without flashing too much belly/crotch. We like.

      Style Stealer: Peaches Geldof in Office’s ‘Late Night’ platform shoes

        It's London Fashion Week, which means The Fashion Police have been subjected to more than the usual amount of photos of Peaches Geldof this week. Peaches did take a break from fashion to attend the NME Awards on Wednesday night however, wearing these grey patent 'Late Nights' platforms from Office, which are £75. These are also available in black, which we would've preferred on Peaches, because we're not huge fans of the "pale shoes with dark tights" look, but we suspect we're in the minority on that one, because we see such a lot of it during the winter month, but whether you prefer grey or black, you can get them here.

      Style Stealer: D&G’s nautical dress/top, as seen on Alexandra Burke

        X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke is wearing it as a dress here, but D&G originally showed this piece on the catwalk worn with shorts, so if you’re looking for a super-cheap way to steal the style, Matalan’s £10 t-shirt could be an easy way to do it. Yes, there are obvious differences in the garments (not least the fact that one’s a dress and one’s a t-shirt!), but there are obvious similarities too, so if you’re into the nautical look that rears its head every summer, this might just appeal to you! The t-shirt isn’t currently available on the Matalan website, so if you like it, look out for in store.