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We had a lot of love for Topshop’s fluffy knitwear a few weeks ago, but we’re a little less enamoured with some of the latest fluffy fashions to hit our favourite website.

With their lurid colours and long-haired wool, these pieces have more in common with The Muppets than they do with Lana del Rey and other fuzzy sweater-wearers: in fact the neon green number could work pretty well as a part of a last-minute Kermit the Frog Halloween costume, if you can just find some matching bottoms.

Do you hold it against them, though? Well, let’s see:

The case for the prosecution:

1. They’re (mostly) neon. Neon may well be fashionable at the moment, and God knows we’ve cried many a tear over that fact, but it can be hard to wear, and much too bright for some tastes.

2. The 90s are over: cropped, neon sweaters should be too.

3. Who really wants to be mistaken for a giant stuffed animal as they walk down the street?

The case for the defence:

1. They’re fun. We guess.

2. They’re “cosy”. (Ever notice that this is almost ALWAYS an argument for the defence?)

3. The fluffy fabric has a luxurious feel, and is a little more interesting than regular old knitwear.

So, three for three. Which side wins your vote, though? What do you think of these super-bright, super-fluffy sweaters and dresses, and would you wear them? Tell us in the comments section…


  • October 28, 2013


    Oh, man, I just got rid of a fluffy lilac sweater with just a little bit of silver lame in it. Dang!

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  • October 28, 2013


    I have one a cropped jumper in black and it is really practical. I totally love it!

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