Style Trial | Eva Green’s Elie Saab black and white mesh jumpsuit

Actress Eva Green wore this unusual black and white jumpsuit to the world premiere of Penny Dreadful in New York last night: we want to know what you think of it?

This is from the Elie Saab Resort 2014 collection, and features a black mesh top, attached to a white jumpsuit with wide sleeves. The trousers, meanwhile, are equally wide, and it would appear poor Eva was the unfortunate victim of that dastardly fashion criminal, The Foot Snatcher, because we can’t see her feet at all. Now we know why the Elie Saab presentation showed this collection in motion: an outfit like this is designed to flow, and we’re guessing it would probably look better with a bit of movement to it, than it does standing still on the red carpet.

Eva kept the rest of her look simple with this, going for a classic smoky eye and slicked-back hair. What do you think of the look, though? Does it get your seal of approval, or would you consider it a crime of fashion?

Elie Saab resport 2014 jumpsuit, as seen on Eva Green

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