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Style Trial: Christina Hendricks in purple at the Elle Style Awards

Christina Hendricks in purple at the Elle Style Awards

It’s the Elle Style Awards, everyone! That means that everyone will be super-stylish, yes? Well, that’s not necessarily a given, as The Fashion Police know only too well. But today we’re going to take a look at a few of the contenders, starting off with Christina Hendricks, who wore a  vintage Carolina Herrera dress with green suede shoes.

Any conversation about Christina inevitably seems to end up as a discussion about her breasts, which must make her want to drop-kick people, because honestly, look at that face! Too beautiful to be ignored, no? Christina tends to take one of two options when dressing The Girls: she either covers them up completely (“Who, me, busty? Why, I don’t know what you’re talking about?”) or she makes them the centre of attention. In this case, she’s gone for the demure, “covered-to-the-neck” look, which certainly makes a refreshing change from some red carpet looks we could mention, but does it work? Or does the pattern, which seems to be begging to be compared to the fabric on a 1970s bedspread, prove too much of a distraction?

Innocent or Guilty?

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