Style Trial | Boyfriend jeans

While the skinny still reigns supreme in the world of denim, this year skintight styles have found themselves a rival in the saggy, baggy shape of boyfriend jeans:

boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans available at Shopbop

Boyfriend jeans, of course, aren’t a new thing, so we very much doubt you’ll need us to tell you that they are exactly what they sound like: not your ACTUAL boyfriend’s jeans, but simply jeans that are designed to LOOK like they belong to your boyfriend. The idea is to create that , “Gosh, aren’t I cute, just wandering around in my boyfriend’s clothes!” look, so the jeans in question are intentionally oversized, slouchy and often (although not always) a little more distressed than regular jeans tend to be.

So, what do we think of them? Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Boyfriend jeans: the case for the prosecution

* Although boyfriend jeans are designed to make you look like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes, this isn’t always an easy look to pull off, and sometimes you can end up LITERALLY looking like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes, which you put on in a hurry, while getting dressed in the dark. Also, although they’re supposed to look oversized, there’s a difference between “slouchy” and simply looking like you’re wearing jeans that are too big for you. Boyfriend jeans can very easily put you in the latter group.

* No one really wants to make their butt look saggier than it actually is. Do they?

* They’re sloppy, and therefore only suited to very casual situations

* They require careful styling, so you don’t end up with the look described in the first bullet point.

Boyfriend jeans: the case for the defence

* They’re comfortable: that has to count for something, doesn’t it?

* They’re perfect for those days when you don’t want to look like you tried too hard

* They look great with heels, providing you with an excellent excuse to break out all of those OTT heels which would be too much with a dressier outfit, but which are the perfect foil for the causal boyfriend jean.

* It’s just nice to have an option other than skinnies sometimes, you know?

We’re sure you can come up with some other arguments for either the defence or the prosecution, and we’d love to hear them. Once you’re done debating, though, we need to hear your verdict:

Innocent or guilty?


  • October 21, 2013


    I had no idea that I was starting a trend when I used to swap jeans with a short boyfriend in college. So sorry.

    I personally think buying anything distressed is a stupid waste of money, so these belong in the category daylight robbery. If I want slouchy, distressed jeans, I will shop at Goodwill, thanks anyway.

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  • October 22, 2013


    I don’t really have a problem with them. It’s good to have an alternative to tight and unforgiving skinny jeans. Never been a fan of distressed denim, but the style itself is okay by me.

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  • October 22, 2013


    I wear them quite a lot, though I buy them undistressed, and they are sold as “straight-leg mid-rise” jeans. On my angular frame they hang exactly like boyfriend jeans. I cuff the legs, put in a fancy belt, am very comfortable – sans thong, but with cotton panties – and just pretend this is fashionable.

    They do not look as good as skinny jeans, though.

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  • October 22, 2013


    My hubby was wearing his work-around-the-house jeans (with a big tear at the knee) yesterday. As we were getting ready to go out, he went to change into better jeans. I told him he couldn’t wear those out, but if I did, I’d be fashionable. LOL

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  • December 10, 2013


    Innocent… for the most part. I would say this is all about fit. Don’t get them too loose, because like you said, saggy butt is sad butt. I would also NEVER pay anything other than Goodwill prices for jeans that are already “distressed.” I don’t pay more money for less fabric in order to achieve that homeless look. Some of the jeans are straight up destroyed. Say what?

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