Style Trial: American Apparel Disco pants

American Apparel disco pants

Fashion bloggers love them.

Celebrities love them.

The Fashion Police… are mostly just perplexed that we can’t seem to get through a full day without hearing someone gush about the wonder that is American Apparel’s Disco pants: glorified Spandex jeggings, right out of that final scene in Grease.

What is the secret of the disco pants, jurors? Why is everyone so infatuated with them: even people who would ordinarily agree with us that leggings are not pants, and that disco pants are dangerously close to being leggings?

Well, according to the style bloggers who love them (and seriously, a LOT of style bloggers love these things), the disco pants are awesome, precisely because they’re NOT like leggings. Nope, according to them, these are thicker, stretchier, and more flattering to the figure, and leave their wearer without the slightest hint of camel toe or VPL. They also like the high waist, which they say has an almost Spanx-like ability to hold you in, and conceal any lumps or bumps.

Are the style bloggers right?

We have no idea. That’s why we’re asking you.

What do you think of American Apparel’s Disco Pants, Fashion Police jurors. Do you agree that they’re the greatest thing since Jeffrey Campbell, or are you currently staring at the images above and muttering, “Are those Spandex leggings? Are you kidding me?”

Innocent or guilty: which is it?

[Click here if you just want to buy them.]


  • July 17, 2012


    In six months, those same bloggers will be complaining that these are not for every body style and some people should not wear them. They are just messing with us now.

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  • July 18, 2012


    I for one won’t be found wearing them because they are not for everyone specifically ladies with nice powerful thighs like myself. I think some people will be able to pull them off well but ehh…

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  • July 18, 2012


    Yea… no. Not really. I’d say: The 80s called, they want their Spandex back.

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  • July 19, 2012


    I don’t understand them at all. They’re shiny! Since when did people like to wear shiny clothes? Then again, I never understood the leather/’wet look’ leggings trend a few years back so maybe these will just never be for me. (They would probably struggle to accommodate my thunder thighs anyway lol)

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  • July 21, 2012


    I would wear the hell out of some disco pants with a crop top and I have a rear and a set of thighs in size “Coco”. And I would definitely wear a short top. And I am not skinny. At all. I have a tiny waist.

    But I could rock these.

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