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Since we published our first round of Christmas party outfit ideas, featuring that fabulous sequin skirt from River Island we’ve been getting a lot of searches for the same question: what to wear with a sequin skirt?

what to wear with a sequin skirt?

What to wear with a sequin skirt

Sequin skirts have been big news this season, and while the sparkly fabric makes them an obvious choice for Christmas parties, they’re not always the easiest items in the world to style. By their very nature, sequin skirts are fairly over-the-top, which means it’s very easy to end up looking like a glitter ball if you’re not careful. Obviously the question of what to wear with a sequin skirt will depend very much on the particular skirt in question: we’ve already shown how we’d style the skirt shown above (see our suggested outfit here), so here are some different styles of sequin skirt, along with some suggestions on how to wear them:

what to wear with a sequin skirt

What to wear with a sequin skirt : holiday party

As this gold sequin skirt is fairly attention-getting on its own, we decided to offset the sequins with a fluffy, short-sleeve sweater, which is still glamorous, but which doesn’t compete with the shine of the skirt. Although the gold shoes match the skirt in terms of colour, the “barely there”style stops them from being too much.

sequin skirt outfit

What to wear with a sequin skirt: daytime sequins


Outfit 2 offers a more laid-back approach to the sequin skirt, making it a little more daytime appropriate, although obviously that’ll depend on how you spend your daytime: there are some occupations in which a sequin skirt just won’t be appropriate attire at ANY time. You’ll need a coat or cardi if you want to try wearing this in winter, obviously, but, again, we’ve dressed down the sequins with a slouchy t-shirt and pair of ankle boots.

what to wear with a sequin skirt 3

What to wear with a sequin skirt: all-over-sparkle

Of course, you don’t ALWAYS want to dress down those sequins, do you? This outfit shimmers from head to toe, but by keeping the hem long, the neckline high, and the shoes simple (in shape, if not in sparkle), you can get away with all of those items being covered in a liberal dose of sequins.

So, those are our three suggestions on what to wear with a sequin skirt, but we’d love to see yours, too! If you’ve featured an outfit with a sequin skirt on your blog, please feel free to join the linkup below to show us your look (you’ll have to link back to in order for your linkup to be approved)!

What would you wear with a sequin skirt?


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